Get EMF Radiation Protection for Your iPad Tablet

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Get EMF Radiation Protection from Your iPad Tablet

Did you know that microwave radiation is coming out of that tablet or iPad aimed straight for you if you have no EMF radiation protection? If you’re holding it in your lap, the radiation goes down into the pelvic area. What’s the harm in that?

What’s the Harm of EMF Radiation?

Dr. Magda Havas, Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University in Canada, is a leading researcher in this field. She states:

“The scientific evidence clearly shows that microwave radiation at levels well below [international] guidelines…with Wi-Fi routers causes cancer in laboratory animals, causes heart palpitations in sensitive adults, causes reduced sperm motility and viability, and is associated with symptoms of electrosensitivity that include – but are not limited to – cognitive dysfunction, pain, fatigue, mood disorders (depression, anxiety, irritability), dizziness, nausea, weakness, skin problems, and tinnitus.”

What’s a Safe Distance for your Tablet?

SYB Tablet Pad EMF protection

There is no “safe” distance for a tablet! Whether it’s an iPad or Samsung or any other brand, your tablet is producing EMF radiation from the battery,  and WiFi and BlueTooth are also blasting into your energy field. The best way to approach safety is by adding protection to your tablet.

The simplest approach is to purchase a radiation protection case or pad. SYB makes a great leather case for your ipad. This case allows you or your children to use an iPad safely because it provides EMF and heat protection, RF radiation from WiFi and Bluetooth, and electric field radiation.  This beautiful iPad case is made of thick, ruggedly strong leather, a natural and organic material.

If you have another tablet type or prefer something simpler, you can order a pad that goes under your tablet.

The manufacturer claims the pad blocks nearly 100% of EMR from entering your lap/core area. 

How does the Radiation Protection Cover Work?

The HARApad uses lead and tungsten-free, military-grade electromagnetic radiation shielding to attract the extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation emitted by laptop computers. The shielding creates a path of least resistance for the radiation to travel, allowing it to flow through the HARApad, instead of your body, and then back to the laptop to complete the path away from your body.

Proof It Stops the Radiation

This video shows radiation readings before and after using the Harapad protection pad. You’ll have to ignore or turn off the volume of the percussion if it’s irritating, but the proof is irrefutable. The readings drop dramatically when the pad is in use!


Links to the Case & Pad

ipad leather case


To get this case, click here: EMF Radiation Case for Tablets



 Click here for the Pad that goes under your tablet, laptop, etc




Another Protection option – plant-based spray

Spray on screen and back of the tablet, phone etc (recommended if you are on the device a lot and/or if you are extremely EMF sensitive)





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