An Empath’s Story and the Life-Changing BioShield

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An Empath’s Story – How the BioElectric was Life-Changing for me

by AnnaMariah “Carolyn” NauEmpath Story

A Life-changing BioElectric Shield gave me strength and calm I never would have imagined. I was skeptical, it just didn’t seem possible.

I’m AnnaMariah Nau, the Operations Manager for BioElectric Shield Company, but even more importantly I’m an HSP/Empath and former poster child for psychic sponge person.  If you’re an HSP – Highly Sensitive Person – or an empath, I understand your challenges, I’ve been there.

I’ve been studying healing, energy work, gemstones, and various modalities since 1988. The BioElectric Shield has been the most helpful tool of all the things I’ve learned over the years. Prior to getting a Shield,  I picked up everybody’s emotional and physical pain and had a hard time knowing what I felt or thought at times. When I found the BioShield, my life changed dramatically. I was able to feel that my sensitivity was often a gift instead of a curse.

I’m an empath, intuitive, creative, writer, designer, Reiki master, gemstone empath – I listen deeply to the stones and understand how they can support and transform someone’s energy. It’s an ability that helps me create powerful jewelry.  I’m passionate about sharing the BioElectric Shield with others because it changed my life.

BS – before Shield…I remember times when I’d go to a trade show, festival, mall, or other crowded places;  the overload of energy would be so great that I’d be spacey, have a headache, even have trouble breathing. One time I ended up out front of an event hyperventilating and crying hysterically. I was so embarrassed, but I felt like my entire being was shutting down or in overwhelm. I often had to forgo things I wanted to do because of my sensitivity. All the spiritual protection techniques I learned, just weren’t enough. I felt like I was at the mercy of the forces around me. I’m not a shrinking violet, nor am I weak or indecisive, but in the face of intense energies, I often was almost non-functional.

The Shield changed my life and has done so for thousands. That’s why I’ve been so passionate about helping others find the help and protection they need. I love knowing what I do makes a difference.

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I know what it is to feel slightly crazy and highly challenged when energy sensitivity overwhelms your life. I worked with Virginia Brown our company president who was an occupational therapist and a quiz designer, Ellen Kornet of  Lnk Creative to create a special quiz for other sensitives, with a large focus on learning more about what triggers you in six specific areas and how you can turn that around. We also worked to develop a quiz to assess your levels of EMF sensitivity and risk and give you a solid recommendation for the BioShield best matched to your needs.

Click to watch video of how the Shield changed my life.

The BioElectric Shield practically saved my life and sanity – it was life-changing. It was 1994 and what had been a dream was quickly becoming a nightmare. I was living in Montana working at what was supposed to become a healing and meditation center. I’d just left my marriage of 13 years and moved out to the middle of nowhere Montana to be part of this new venture. I’d left behind most of my possessions and was living in a little cabin on the property. This all seemed so idyllic. HAH. That was before I knew that my friend “Jane”, now my boss, was a raving maniac and worse (sorry, I know that’s not a nice way to speak of bi-polar people, but that’s how it felt at the time.).

Working with a bipolar boss. We’d be discussing something and making plans and suddenly a switch would go off and she’d be screaming at me or saying some of the most insane things. I’m naturally empathic and sensitive – these shifts always took me completely by surprise. The strength of her vehement negative energy would literally almost bowl me over. There weren’t a lot of options available out there in the middle of nowhere and I wanted to make this work. But I was beaten down, exhausted, scared, and depressed.

Finally, it hit the fan. We were talking calmly, laughing, and setting up a brochure and a mailing list. The next minute I had a crazy woman in my face, literally screaming at me, nuts, irrational, totally insane stuff. She went into a complete tirade insisting that I type it on a typewriter instead of on my computer. Huh, the computer makes more sense because if things change, it’s easy to update and reprint. But to type it over every time??  That’s bad enough, but behind the words was energy so intense that I felt that I was in a battle for my life – I think if it had been visible it would have looked like the wizard battle in Harry Potter. When she finally wound down, I stumbled away feeling like I’d just been in a fight with my worst enemy and lost. I literally couldn’t breathe.

Gasping for air, I went to another friend’s house who picked up the phone and called Virginia Brown. I’d met Virginia but didn’t know her well. I wouldn’t have thought to call her. But Lynn knew she was a good healer and adept at Therapeutic touch. Virginia told us to come over Now.

That’s when my life changed completely. Virginia did some energy clearing to help me release what I’d taken on. But then she did me the biggest favor of my life – she handed me a life-changing BioElectric Shield!

I’m open but skeptical. I didn’t see how this little pendant was going to make much of a difference when I seemed to be fighting with a force of darkness. I hate to use that term, but it’s all I can think of to really describe what I was experiencing.

I put the Shield on and didn’t feel a huge surge of energy or anything with the Shield. No “aha moment” – yet. But the next time I had a run-in with Jane, I didn’t feel the force of her energy, I was able to let her run down and just calmly tell her that this kind of behavior didn’t work for me and I’d talk to her again when she was ready to have a rational discussion The best thing was that I felt clear and strong this time, not at all like I had before the Shield.

Did the Shield save the day as far as our working relationship? Nope, I was out the door within a month. But I was able to do it calmly, on my own terms, and not out of fear, or in a knee-jerk reaction. Just that was life-changing, in the past when it was time to go, something dramatic had to happen to help me move on, but now, centered and grounded, I could take charge.

What I didn’t know back then was that I am an empath.  Highly Sensitive People, HSPs, are not necessarily empaths, but empaths are highly sensitive people.

Highly Sensitive Person Vs Empath

What’s the difference? HSPs are affected by the energies around them but they don’t “take it on”. Empaths actually feel fully that energy and are strongly perceptive about people in some way (e.g., how they physically feel, their emotional experience, or how they think)? Often after interacting with people, empaths experience anxiety, emotional pain, or physical discomfort, and guess what, it’s the other person’s stuff they’ve taken on. Empaths often appear as too sensitive, co-dependent, or neurotic. In my case, I often would walk away feeling extremely sad, upset, angry etc, and that would stay with me as if it were my own. I’d even sometimes get the other person’s headache or backache. I was actually relieved to find out what was going on, I must admit to being afraid I was crazy, or that I had so many unresolved issues I’d never be clear of all the stuff. Then the life-changing BioElectric Shield breezed in and protected my energy field, and I could breathe.

Would you be surprised to know that other people’s fear and negativity could be draining your energy?

I was stunned to find that other people’s fear and negativity can have a huge impact on your life – even world events, news, etc, doesn’t even have to be someone close. Read The Increasing Impact of Fear on Your Life

The Shield literally was life-changing in so many ways. I could probably write a book talking about how profound it’s been for me. Instead, I’ll give you the short version.

In addition to what seemed an almost miraculous ability to handle the energy with Jane, I started noticing that I could work at my computer without getting tired. Was able to go into town and go shopping without feeling “malled” i.e. tired, spacey, and truly awful. When I was around someone who was in emotional pain, I could feel it at the moment, but I didn’t “keep it”, it no longer became my pain as well. I felt much lighter, freer, and more focused.

Another life-changing BioElectric Shield moment of Increased Perception. Another shift happened in 1997 when I “moved up” to a 14K gold Shield. I was at an expo in Seattle talking with people and testing Shields. I’ve always been intuitive…well, yeah, that’s a big duh, I am an empath. I could often get a sense of how the Shield was making a difference for the person. As soon as I put on the gold Shield, my intuition increased 100%. I was feeling and “seeing” exactly what shifted when they put the Shield on. I could see the pain leave a neck, feel the energy go all the way from their head to their feet (grounding), backs straightening subtly, sadness and emotional pain either leaving or becoming softer, more manageable, thinking processes getting clearer, and so much more. I was stunned.

I soon learned that ability works over the phone as well. Most of the time when I’m talking with someone about a Shield, I can sense pretty accurately which one is going to be best for them. Most of the time, I’m happy to say, the people I’m talking to accept what I’m saying and seldom even ask me how I know. Initially, I was afraid to just blurt out my recommendations, but I know I have this gift for a reason, and I can definitely use it to help people.

A few years later I upgraded again to the 14k Gold Diamond Shield, which does all the things the other Shield did and it strengthened my connection to my life purpose. Anything that wasn’t in alignment with that purpose, just seemed to fall away naturally.

Gemstone Jewelry In the fall of 2008, I began to examine how various gemstones could enhance the protective and healing effects of the BioElectric Shield. After making a few “Shield energy necklaces ”, I was convinced that not only was my jewelry beautiful and fun to wear, it had additional healing qualities as well. Since then I’ve been immersed in studying stones and their properties, paying particular attention to the magical transformation that happens when stones are combined. Much like the Shield, the combined properties of the stones in my jewelry are more powerful than the same combination of stones loose in your hand. As I worked more and more with the gemstones, I could literally “tune into” the stones and know exactly how they needed to be combined and what they would do for the wearer.

To view gem properties and styles to complement your shield Click here. If you want guidance about which stones to choose, email me [email protected], or call my direct line 541-727-7322 (Pacific time Mon-Fri 9-5)

I am honored to be able to help you be more empowered. The life-changing BioElectric Shield does that by deflecting inharmonious energies, helping you establish healthy boundaries, and finding more peace and balance in your lives.


TAKE THE QUIZ   – Take our EMF Protection Quiz to help you determine the Shield level that will be best for you. Take the HSP/Empath quiz to find out more about how you are dealing with five specific areas of sensitivity….and get a lot of information to help you shift your sensitivity from a curse to a blessing.

Imagine what it would be like with a life-changing BioElectric Shield.

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