Electromagnetic Sensitivity Recognized as an Illness by World Health Organization

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

EMF Sensitivity WHO

Electromagnetic Sensitivity Is Recognized as a Serious Health Issue by World Health Organization – (WHO)

The World Health Organization has released their findings that between 3 and 6% of the population is ill from electromagnetic sensitivity, but these numbers are growing continuously and upwards of 30% are affected and don’t even know it.

This is good news. I know it doesn’t sound like it, but our hope is that people will start taking the subject seriously, but also that those who are being impacted will begin to discover the causes of their problems and be able to find healing. EMF sensitivity is a serious issue with symptoms that are so wide ranging it’s staggering to think of.

SUMMARY OF THE MEETING AT THE GENEVA, MAY 13th 2011, and the findings and concerns of the experts at the World Health organization.

In May of 2011, the IARC – International Association for Research on Cancer declared Radio Frequency radiation as a possible cause of cancer. In this video, you will listen to excerpts from the press conference and the related microwave Radio Frequency radiation emitted by cell phones and cell towers. You will then be able to determine for yourself that living close to cell towers might be a possible risk to your health.

Click Here to watch the virtual press conference for the Research on Cancer. Dr. Jonathan M. SAmet, M.D. He will summarize the research presented by 31 international scientists at the W.H.O Working Group meeting.

This acknowledgment from WHO is great news for people who have been severely affected by EMF and have been trying desperately to find an answer or even someone who doesn’t think they are crazy. Imagine being truly ill and not having anyone believe you, or if they believe you they think the cause is false or that it’s all in your head.

Millions of people have been fighting this battle and may feel somewhat vindicated by this recent report from WHO.

Another similar report was released in May 2011, Parliamentary Assembly – The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment

It’s not just cell phones – it’s also DECT-portable phones

Also of note in this article, it’s not just cell phones and wi-fi that are an issue, but also DECT-type wireless telephones, baby monitors and other domestic appliances which emit continuous pulse waves, and all electrical equipment that is left permanently on standby.

Empower Yourself – Learn More about EMF Protection

Click Here to read more about the symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity EMS

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