Did you know, you can "Trade-Up" and get a Stronger Shield?


Anytime within a year from purchase, you can return your original Shield and Trade-up to a higher level Shield.

There is $35 fee to refurbished Shield into new condition, plus $10-15 for shipping. ($10 under $500). 

We give you full credit for your original Shield minus the refurbishment fee and any repair fees if there is any unusual wear, dents, pitting or scratches. Tarnish is not an considered unusual wear.

Why would I want to Trade-up or Upgrade my Shield?

You may have....
  • purchased what you could afford, knowing you would eventually want a stronger Shield.
  • been skeptical and not wanted to spend money on a higher level until you found out if the Shield worked.
  • Now you know it works and want to invest in your future well-being with a stronger Shield.
  • gone through emotional or spiritual shifts that would benefit from a higher level Shield.
  • realized the Shield you have is not the best one for you and/or you simply feel that you need a little more (protection, balancing, support....)

Your environment:

  • changed jobs or moved and are feeling more impacted by stress, EMF or other people's stress and negativity.
  • may have new stressors or factors that are causing you to go from "Fine to Meltdown" in your home or work.
  • a Smart Meter has been installed in your home.


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  • Email us a photo of the front and back of your Shield so we can see the condition. That way there won't be any surprises when we receive it.
  • The Shield needs to be in good condition - no dents or scratches that cannot be buffed out, or other signs of excessive wear.
  • If the Shield is damaged in any way - we can have it repaired, and bill you for the repairs. Or we return it to you, and charge you shipping and charge back any refund we'd given you.
  • You are responsible for shipping your original Shield back to us - be sure it's packed properly and insured.

We aren't trying to make this complicated, but depending on how you pay and where you live there are different ways the invoicing and crediting are handled.

  • OPTION 1 - Return original Shield after you get new Shield - Credit Card Payments Only 
  • You order your new Shield.
  • We credit your original purchase price less the refurbishment fee and shipping of $10-15, higher charges if your order is shipped outside the USA - this is applied towards the cost of your new Shield.
  • We charge your credit card 
  • NOTE: The above terms apply if you using a credit card. See below if you prefer to use PayPal.
    The Upgrade Policy: If you don't mail your Shield back within a reasonable time, we will charge you what we credited you towards your upgrade (since you didn't return the Shield). Or, if you return a damaged Shield, we will charge you for repairs. If your original Shield is not repairable to sellable condition, we will charge you for what we credited you, plus return shipping, and send the Shield back to you.

  • OPTION 2 - Return your Shield first, then we send your new Shield  - PayPal or other non-credit card option 
  • Necessary if you pay via PayPal or another method in which we don't have a credit card on file.
  • You order your new Shield.
  • You pay only the difference in price 
  • We will deduct your original purchase price less a $35 recharge/repolishing/restocking fee. - This covers recharge, repolish, have Shield checked over, put in a new box, new pouch, new cord and send new full-color flyer and instructions and shipping new Shield to customer (if outside US there will be shipping fees).
  • We send your new Shield only after we receive your Shield in good condition.

  • OPTION 3
  • You order new Shield and pay full price (less any discounts)
  • We send out Shield immediately
  • You return original Shield when you receive the new one - you are responsible for shipping and insurance.
  • We refund you your original purchase less the $35 fee listed above - less any repair fees if necessary

  • Pay for the new Shield, less original purchase price, less the $35 fee detailed above and shipping.
  • You then mail the Shield back you are responsible for shipping and insurance.
  • We send out your new Shield.
  • International Option 2
  • See Option 3
  • If you wish to contact our accounting department, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 541-727-7322.

If you've had your Shield for over a year -  We allow some lee-way. If you've had your Shield for up to 18 months and it has no deep dents or scratches, you can still use it as a trade-in. If it's older than that, or noticeably damaged, you can't send it in for credit, but you can send it in to get it recharged and repolished and then sell it, or gift it to someone else. You can also clear the energy before gifting it by hanging the Shield in a window for 6 days. Click for more details on how to clear a Shield.

If you ordered through a distributor: Contact us and give the name of the distributor, your date of purchase and the price you paid and we'll take it from there. Sending a copy of your original invoice would be helpful.

STEP 3: NOT SURE? Call us or try some of these options.

Do you have specific health, emotional or energy issues?

Click Here Free Photo Analysis -Get a free individualized recommendation We’ll let you know which Shield is best for you, or inform you if a Customized Shield is going to give you the best protection and balancing.

Want to contact us?

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 541-201-8878 if you have questions. (Monday - Fri 9-5 PT) If you want to give your Shield to someone else, it must be cleared of your personal energy. (see below).


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If you want to pass on a Shield you are no longer using (you upgraded, or any other reason), you need to clear the Shield of the energy of the person who has worn it. To do this, follow the recharge instructions, but do it for 6 days in a row. Please make sure you bring the in Shield before dark to avoid the moonlight shining on it as that drains the Shield. Once this has been done, you have both cleared and recharged the Shield. It is ready to be given to the next person who will wear it.

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