Anytime within a year or so from purchase, as long as your Shield is in excellent condition (no dents or scratches), you can return your original Shield and trade-up to a higher level Shield.


  • Initially you may have purchased a lower level than what you knew you needed.
  • Now that you After wearing it for several months, enjoying the benefits, perhaps you are ready for even more protection or balancing?
  • Has your life changed so that you either have more EMF or more stress? A Smart meter installation, changes at home, with a job or relationship can all trigger a need for more protection and balancing.
  • Whatever you paid for your first Shield will be applied towards the cost of your new Shield for only a $35 upgrade fee!

HOW TO UPGRADEtradingup_copy

  • Upgrade within one year of your purchase. Please give us the approximate date of original purchase.
  • All upgrades must be in excellent condition with no dents or scratches that cannot be buffed out, or other signs of excessive wear.
  • Contact our business office (541-727-7322). Please mail us your current Shield.
  • If we accept your Shield for an upgrade, you will receive a credit based on your original purchase price less a $35 recharge/repolishing fee.
  • You will receive an invoice via email and once it is paid, we will mail you your new Shield.


What if I’ve had my Shield for over a year? Occasionally exceptions are made if your Shield is in pristine condition. Shields that have been worn for more than 18 months are not eligible. A Shields that is damaged can not used for an upgrade, but you can send it in to be recharged and repolished and then sell it, or gift it to someone else - or use it as an auto or room Shield. You can also clear the energy by hanging the Shield in a window for 6 days. Read below for more details on how to clear a Shield.

What if I ordered through a distributor: Contact your distributor and they can arrange the trade-in for you. If they are unable to help, contact us and give their name and your date of purchase and we'll take it from there.

Not sure you should trade up? We can help...

We can help you decide is trading up is right your for you .

Do you have specific health, emotional or energy issues?
Get an free individualized recommendation using our free Photo Analysis service. We’ll let you know which Shield is best for you, or inform you if a Customized Shieldis going to give you the best protection and balancing.

There are also 4 articles listed below you can read to learn about the benefits of trading up.


For those who want to do more research about upgrading...

Read more Is Upgrading your EMF Protection Right for You?

Read more Why upgrade to a Level 3 Shield? Can that little bit of gold really make a difference? The truth is the gold tabs in the level 3 Shields increase the strength of the Shield and deepens the way it works with your energy field to give you more of what you want a Shield for, and often much more than you expected or dreamed possible.

Read more Increase your Clarity and Focus with a Diamond Shield

Click Here Does everyone need a Level 4 -Gold Shield?

Please clear your Shield before gifting it to someone else

If you want to pass on a Shield you are no longer using, you need to clear the Shield of the energy of the person who has worn it. To do this, follow our recharge instructions which are for one day of recharging, but do it for 6 days in a row. This clears the Shield of your energy so it's "brand new" for the next person.

Please make sure you bring the Shield before dark to avoid the moonlight shining on it. Once this has been done, you have both cleared and recharged the Shield. It is ready to be given to the next person who will wear it.

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