Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Put your Oxygen Mask on First

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Mother’s Day is almost here. Normally I write a post suggesting that you buy a gift for your mother, wife, sister, daughter, and other women in your life, but this year I want to change this a bit. Buy a Shield for yourself first.

The Ties that Bind

Janice Masters posted an article “Women’s People-Pleasing and the Ties That Bind”  Is it possible that you’re allowing the expectations of others to determine whether or not you move forward toward your dreams? Sometimes people that we love have ongoing expectations, or even demands of us that kind of hold us hostage…because we allow them to.

In fact, this pattern can be so powerful a deterrent that we don’t even allow ourselves to KNOW what those withheld dreams ARE!! Can you imagine! These are the ties that bind us and keep us from our true personal freedom.”

Develop Sacred Selfishness

She goes on to talk about the need to get out of these patterns and develop a little “Sacred Selfishness”. I know this isn’t how you were probably raised, but before you recoil in horror, think about it; if you give everything to everyone else, you end up without enough energy to keep going, and they suffer too.

You need to take care of yourself first

The reason I’m talking about this here is regardless of whether you’re a mother or not, or even a woman, you do need to learn to take care of yourself – and put your oxygen mask on first so you can help others. This isn’t always easy to do. But we may be able to help you. If you are exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed you have less to give to others.

Your ability to think and react may be affected by other people

Did you know that other people’s thoughts, expectations and needs of you can actually affect your ability to think and react?  That’s where the Shield comes in. The BioShield strengthens your energy field so that you aren’t as affected by other people’s thoughts, fears, negativity and all the other ways they can drain your energy.

Use Technology Wisely and/or protect yourself to improve health and well-being

The other issue here is that our technology the cell phone, the wi-fi and everything else around us is putting out electromagnetic radiation that can have mild to severe health effects and we simply don’t know enough usually to tie these wonderful gadgets to Oxidative stress which is considered to be the main cause of exhaustion, headaches, inflammatory diseases, all the way to heart attacks – read more  about the dangers and safer usage of cell phones.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity is a silent epidemic

We’ve pulled together a lot of articles about electromagnetic sensitivity and ways it can be affecting you. Take a couple of minutes and just look over this long list of symptoms – if you can say yes to more than a couple, a Shield would very probably be very helpful for you.

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Get your Shield first, and then order one for your spouse, sister, mother, daughter, grandmother, niece, aunt…..

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