Self-care isn’t Selfish, it’s an Act of Love

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self care is an act of loveLet’s face it. 2020 probably wasn’t your favorite year, it called for a lot of Self-care and changes. You may just want to put 2020 behind you and move forward.  Before you throw out the past year, take a few moments to reflect on what you learned or gained. 

Were there positive things that happened? Did you find out you’re more resilient than you thought? Perhaps you found new reserves for being okay alone (or in very close proximity to your family for months on end).  You may have to dig deep but take time to search for those silver linings. When you can find gratitude, and the positive in every situation, your experience of it changes.

Regardless of your circumstances, 2020 required that you make adjustments in all aspects of your life; social life, work-life, home life, entertainment, shopping, running errands, etc. You were forced to really think about what you need (or don’t need), and either let things go or find new ways of getting things done and caring for yourself.

Self-care and Lessons on Love Learned during the Pandemic

One of the biggest changes for many of us was the need to do a lot of Self-care in order to assure we stayed healthy and sane.

Self-care may look different for each of us, but most people I talked to spent more time meditating, took more vitamins (especially those to boost the immune system), reduced their exposure to EMF, wore their mask, and ordered a good share of their daily needs delivered to their doorstep.

We practiced social distancing and missed out on gatherings, workshops, conferences, dinners out with friends, and many other activities that define our lives. We learned to connect on Facetime, Zoom, and in many other creative ways.

Did you Struggle with Feeling that You Were Being Selfish?

This is a common refrain, especially for women but for many men as well. You spend a lot of your time giving to others, loving, nurturing, hugging, cooking, just being a warm presence, or showing your caring in myriad ways.

You may have felt selfish by staying away, taking time out for yourself, doing your best to stay healthy.  You may have even had pressure from others to do things differently. You may have managed to persevere, and you may not have always been able to withstand it, but congratulate yourself for doing your best and getting to the beginning of 2021.

Taking Care of Yourself is an Act of Love

When you take care of yourself, you are showing that you value your life and plan to stay healthy for years to come.  You are also declaring your love for family, friends, and the world.

When you say “No” to doing things that put you at risk, you are showing courage and love in assuring that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy. Instead of feeling guilty for all the times, you weren’t there, give yourself a pat on the back for your commitment and resolve in doing what you felt was right.

It wasn’t easy saying “No” to family gatherings over the holidays. If you didn’t say “No”, you most likely took extra safety measures that may not have always been easy or popular. You may have given up many things that make your holidays merry. Staying firm in spite of invitations, guilt trips, and cajoling couldn’t have been easy.

If you just couldn’t manage to say “No” or felt that celebrating together was important, that’s okay too. When the world is in chaos and life is difficult you are the only one who can decide what’s right for you.

Wearing a BioElectric Shield is also a form of Self-care

Wearing your BioShield helps your body, mind and emotions stay strong. It protects you from EMF and also the negativity, opinions and wants of others. It helps you stay strong in what you know and feel. The Shield can even help you make clearer decisions

Give yourself a hug! Self-Care isn't selfish note next to coffee cup

Acknowledge your struggle, your successes, and let go of your shortcomings. You’ve been immensely strong to get to this point.

Focus on Your Emotions and Feelings of Hope and Gratitude

Use these insights and new coping skills to dig deep to find what you’re grateful for. Then take it a little farther – start allowing your mind to wander and visualize the sun coming out from behind the clouds (either figuratively or even literally), let that light illuminate what you would like to see come about in the coming year.

This may be difficult when there are many unknowns – I won’t even try to innumerate all the what-ifs. Instead of trying to pin down exactly what should happen in your life, consider stepping away from your normal Goal Making and just let your heart lead you into a positive space.

There are many unknowns – Allow for flexibility.

Although 2021 doesn’t kick off with “Life back to normal”, at least you know where you are and know what to expect for the short term.

Start the year with the knowledge that you may have to adjust and adjust again. When you do Happy New Year - sun coming up over earththat, you won’t be as thrown by unexpected events, but have a space in which you can move into or through with grace and positivity.

Let’s welcome 2021 with Hope.

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