How to Unscramble Your Brain – EMF & Your Health Series #7

Picture of sculpture with loads of wires circling head in chaos

Have you been feeling like it’s difficult to think clearly? Do you know that feeling when you’re trying to figure out something and it’s just not making sense?

Are the signals to your brain getting scrambled?

Do you feel like your brain is just a little foggy and isn’t “computing” correctly? It seems to be going around. Some people describe it as difficulty focusing, but others say they can focus and concentrate just fine; it just doesn’t feel like things are coming in clearly…almost like the signal is a bit scrambled.

Mind-fog, depression, Alzheimer’s or EMF?

I have a friend who has been really concerned lately about mind-fog and depression and a constant feeling of slight confusion and “offness”.

She’s a smart cookie, eats well, lives in the country and spends a good share of her day outdoors in her garden. She normally doesn’t have problems like this. She was getting scared that there may be something seriously wrong with her brain, possibly even Alzheimer’s.

Because of her lifestyle, I didn’t immediately think “aha, EMF”. But, I was strongly guided to hand her a Level 3 Shield. As an empath, I can often see or sense energy. Instantly I could feel/see her brain rebalancing and the energy moving throughout her body. Within 5 minutes her brain not only cleared up but rewired itself so the connections were working again. She could feel a huge difference within minutes and was nearly in tears of relief and gratitude.

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and your brain

All those gadgets you love – cell phone, WiFi, BlueTooth, tablet, computer, etc are putting out frequencies that are not in harmony with your body. (This also includes the things like Smart Meters that you don’t love.) All this is interfering with the way your brain normally works; scrambling and interrupting the normal healthy functioning. There are many studies linking it with anxiety, insomnia, ADD, ADHD, Autism, emotional issues and a host of other symptoms.

Your brain is being bombarded with ever-increasing levels of radiation from all sources – one of the ways it shows up is in those moments where you just can’t seem to think.

Your energy field and brain just can’t cope

Even if you were previously not really affected, you may be having unexplained physical, mental or emotional issues. Your energy field just can’t cope with the EMF, stress, and fear coming at you. That’s where the BioShield can make a life-changing difference.

If you are a highly sensitive person or empath the breakdown can be even worse

If you are an HSP or Empath, energy worker, healer, psychic, or intuitive you may be more greatly impacted. The very thing that makes you able to sense and “read” energy, also makes you more vulnerable to be impacted by these frequencies and it may be interfering with your “gifts”.

Find our about yourself. Take our EMF exposure quiz.

The quiz will give you a real-life assessment of your EMF risk. It’s not even necessary to score high in order to be feeling the impact.

Put your mind at ease with a free EMF consultation

It may be hard to choose the best way to protect yourself if your brain isn’t working well.
Our a free photo analysis is a unique opportunity to received a recommendation from our own energy consultants. Sending in your photo may also be helpful because we can see if the issues you are having are something the Shield can help you with and will tell you honestly what to expect. That and our guarantee assures that you have nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain.

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