If WiFi affects Seed Germination what’s it doing to Your Body?


Denmark Experiment

In Denmark, in 2013, a science teacher had noticed his students were nodding off in class and found out that many students were having trouble sleeping after keeping their cell phones near their heads at night. They conducted an experiment in which cress seeds were exposed to WiFi. The experiment showed, to statistically significant levels, that the exposed seeds did not grow, mutated or died. They even replicated the experiment to see if this was a fluke. It wasn’t.

More Proof from Sweden

In 2015, Dr. Olle Johannson and Dr. MC Cammaerts replicated this experience but used cell tower radiation as their source of microwave radiation. The exposure of 70-100uW/cm2 was lower than the US government exposure limit (which allows 1000uW/cm2 for 30 minutes). The seeds exposed to the cell tower did not germinate!

The Experiment Done by the 8th Grade Class from Maine

An eighth-grade science teacher in Maine decided to replicate, with stricter guidelines, an experiment that was originally done by 9th graders in Denmark The study is Maine is explained in this video. Of interest is that some kids thought there were be no effect of the WiFi, others said they didn’t know, and a few lone rangers said they thought the seeds wouldn’t grow in the WiFi box.

Pioneers Of Science – Part 1 from Smooth Feather on Vimeo.

What happens to cells are when exposed to WiFi?

When cells are exposed to 2 hours of cell phone radiation (1800 MHZ) from a real cell phone in talk mode, cell membranes became more permeable. Increased cell permeability has several consequences (see work from Martin Pall and others). Effects include negative impacts on DNA replication and repair, immune syste4m response, lipid metabolism, carcinogenesis (Study by Fragopolou et al

How is all this affecting your body, brain & emotions?

The same kind of damage is being done by our always-on WiFi. But it’s not just the brain being affected, it’s your body, your immune system, even your mind, and emotions. Click here for a list of 35 symptoms of EMF exposure, more are being verified and added to the list as things intensify. You might be surprised how many you have, and just thought it was “getting older”, or “stress” or something else.


Because WiFi is invisible, it is a natural human reaction to assume there is no harm to us to humans or other living things. In this simple seed sprouting experiment, we can see that WiFi can profoundly disrupt normal biological processes. If you are interested in your own exposure levels to EMF, you can take a quiz we have created so you can see how much exposure you have in your life. Go to the Quiz.

The Good News

You don’t have to be seriously impacted by the forces that you can’t control. We do have solutions and have been helping people regain their health and energy since 1990. The Quiz will give you an idea of how much exposure/risk you have. Then you can begin to take back your power and protect yourself and your family.

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