Wearing and Caring for your BioElectric Shield

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General Instructions including how to wear, how to re-tie the cord, showers, washing machines, etc. Read more...

Caring for the Shield

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WEARING Your BioElectric Shield - THE BLACK CORD

  • Wear your Shield during the day or all the time. Most people take it off at bedtime and place it on their bedside table. As long as it is within 2-3 feet of you, it is still working with your energy field.
  • Occasionally it is good to leave it farther away at night. It allows your energy field to remember the pattern the Shield is providing during the day, reinforcing the pattern.
  • The Shield is often worn on a cord, chain or beaded necklace at the heart level. However, as long as it's on your body somewhere, it will do its job.
  • PLEASE DO NOT YANK THE CORD OVER YOUR HEAD TO TAKE OFF YOUR SHIELD. Pulling hard on the cord will eventually cause your top loop to bend away from the back of the shield - and YOUR SHIELD WILL EVENUALLY FALL OFF THE CORD.
  • You can wear under or over your clothing with equal effectiveness.
  • Instead of wearing it, slip your cord or chain around your belt loop and place it in your pocket, attach to swivel key chain,or pin it in your bra. You can use any chain or cord you choose. Wearing the Shield closer to your heart is the ideal. We have some excellent chains and beaded chains available on our web site, as well as silk and leather cords with sterling hooks.
  • Click Here to visit our accessories for emf protection pendants


  • How to re-tie the cord: Our product manager now reveals the secret of how she ties the butterfly knot."I put the shield onto the cord first and make sure it is exactly in the middle then I make the loops large enough to fit the shield into them. I also put the loops directly below the shield loop and after I push the shield through the loops I slowly pull both cords equally until the knot is directly over the shield's top loop then I snug it up tight." Watch Video instructions on for the butterfly knot http://www.videojug.com/webvideo/how-to-tie-an-alpine-butterfly-knot-2 or http://www.netknots.com/html/butterfly_knot.html photo instructions or http://www.ehow.com/video_4956115_tie-alpine-butterfly-knot.html video
  • How to tie an adjustable, sliding knot in Your Black Cord: It seems complicated at first, but once you get it, it's really simple. You can tie as show with two wrap around, or just do one if you want a simpler know. Click here for Instructions You can do this with either a leather or satin cord or any other material you have.
  • TIE CORD SECURELYEach and every time you put your Shield on you should pull on the cords to make sure the knot is tight.  The cord can become loose with wear, so please protect your Shield by making it a habit to pull tightly every time you put it on.  Also check for wear and if your cord is worn don’t use it! You can get replacement cords from us for only $2, or go to a craft store and they usually have similar cording. For greater security using a chain is best. We have some good options in Stainless Steel, Sterling and Gold Fill.
  • Hint for cord tying You can get a very secure knot by holding both cords together, and looping them both through the same loop, then pull tightly.


We carry silver, gold-filled, and stainless chains. We also have a full line of beaded necklaces and energy necklaces to enhance your experience of wearing the Shield.

Click Here If you would like to view these options


  • The Shower - Your Shield is soldered together at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit! It's waterproof. You can wear it in the shower, or in the ocean or a lake. Chlorinated pools will tarnish a silver shield in minutes!
  • Washing Machines - If your Shield goes through the washer, simply recharge it the next day. The crystal matrix is embedded in a holding material that cushions it and makes it resistant to high heat or extreme cold. Running the Shield through a dryer isn't a great idea, though and can be hard on the finish.
  • If you do this, or have washed your Shield a bunch of times, consider sending it back for a RECHARGE

POLISHING Your BioElectric Shield

  • When to polish: We recommend that you polish your Shield occasionally. Tarnishing doesn't affect the performance of the Shield, but naturally, it looks nicer when it's not tarnished. The most important thing you can do is recharge your shield regularly.
  • Do not use ultrasonic cleaners. The vibration can damage the crystals.
  • What kind of polishing cloth should you use? The cloth we carry came recommended by the largest jeweler supplier in this country. We agree after trying a few others. It does not leave a residue on your hands, but can quickly polish your Shield, and any other jewelry you have. Most people order 2 kits at a time. They are not washable since the cleaning compound is part of the cloth. Order the Polishing Kit (many people get 2 at a time)
  • If you prefer, you can use an ordinary silver polish or natural methods for removing tarnish from silver. To obtain the mirror finish on polished Shields you can use a dip, but we recommend a cream polish or polishing cloth instead as they leave a protective finish behind.
  • How do I polish a satin finish shield? To restore the satin finish, you will need to get our Polishing Kit. The kit contains the buffing pad that will restore the satin, textured finish of your Shield after you have used the cloth to remove tarnish. You can use other abrasive pads, but they may make your Shield look gray. If you don't use the matte buffing pad, your Shield will gradually get more shiny over time which is also a good look.
  • Watch a video of how to polish your Shield
  • Tarnish - Does the Shield Tarnish? Why does my Shield tarnish so rapidly? Brass and silver Shields do tarnish and can be cleaned with our Sunshine polishing cloths which are the best available. The rate of tarnish is affected by many things. Lotions, perfumes and even your body's PH level can cause the Shield to tarnish more quickly. Humidity and heat also greatly affect tarnish rates. Another, possibly surprising, factor is your stress level and the amount of balancing the Shield is doing - many people find that during times of initial balancing, or during times of stress that their Shields tarnish more quickly - this may be because the Shield is working so hard, or perhaps it's just that stress affects the PH balance of your skin. The tarnish doesn't affect the way the Shield works. You can use the mentioned polishing clothes, or use commercial silver or brass polish.

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  • 3 hours if it's sunny
  • 6 hours if it is cloudy
  • Add 2 hours to each of the above conditions if you hang it inside a window.
  • You can charge it more often if you feel


  • The Energy of the sun will come through the clouds so you don't have to wait for a sunny day, but full sun is optimal.
  • The Shield IS DRAINED BY MOONLIGHT. If you do leave it out in moonlight, simply re-charge for double the number of hours it was exposed to moonlight. You CAN wear it during the moonlight and your Shield will not be affected.


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  • Hang it outside. hang your Shield where it is continuously exposed to natural light. If it's sunny, hang it outside for 3 hours, if cloudy charge for 6 hours. If you are lucky enough to have a secure outdoor space, hanging it outside is ideal. Be sure to Secure Shield by tying or looping it around something: squirrels and birds have been known to take unsecured Shields. (In the above photo, the black cord is looped through itself so that even if a bird grabs it, it would have to lift the entire chair to fly off with the Shield.)
  • Hang in Window: If necessary, install a hook in your window so the Shield can dangle freely inside your window, not flat against the window or on a window sill. We recommend 8 hours if recharging in a window.
  • Wear your Shield outside your clothing on a sunny day. Your Shield will charge while you are outdoors. We recommend doing this every few months.


  • Charging it more often is fine!
  • Keep your Shield at 100% power for the rest of your life either by charging regularly at home, or send to us every few years for a Recharge, Examination and Repolish.
  • The Shield cannot be charged with a grow-light, full spectrum lights, pyramids or salt water. Your Shield does not absorb negative energy, so it never needs to be cleared or cleansed – only recharged by exposure to natural daylight.


  • Is charging the shield for 2 hours over 3 days have the same effect as one 6 hour charge?
    It's best to do it for 3 continuous hours if it's sunny - and 6 continuous hours if it's cloudy.
  • Does the Shield benefit from random charging....hour here, hour there?
    Answer: Yes, now you can wear it outside your clothing and charge it. We still recommend hanging it outside for several hours at a time once a month.
  • Is it moonlight(dark) that drains your shield or should you avoid charging it when the moon is out during the day? Or visible during the day? Or not behind the Horizon?
    Answer: It's better to do it when the moon is not visible during the day. That being said, the sun energy is stronger than the moon when the sun is out, but the optimal charge will occur when none of the 3 conditions you mention exist.


  • You can request that our consultant personally examine your shield to make sure it is at 100% power after it's been recharged. If it's not, it will be placed in the Crystal Room until a full charge is achieved. (If this is not possible we will call you, but this seldom happens!)
  • If you have any doubt about the strength of your shield, you can make sure it's working at maximum efficiency by sending to have re-polished and re-charged in our crystal room.


  • Can I charge it with salt water or full-spectrum lights? No.
  • Does the EMF Protection Shield have to be cleansed? Does it pick up negative energy?Answer: When you are wearing a Shield, it is focused on balancing and protecting your energy. It does not pick-up negative energy - it deflects it away from you.


Many people find they want to trade-up to a higher level of protection.

Click Here To learn how to trade-up from one level to the next.



Each Shield is lovingly handcrafted. Our Shield Makers stamp their unique symbol on the back of the Shield opposite the top loop. The .925 stamp signifies pure sterling silver, and the 14k or .585 symbolizes pure 14k gold. The ADD/Focus Shield has an A on the back; custom shields have a C.  Shields not from North America will also have a number.


Anytime within a year from purchase, you can return your original Shield and Trade-up to a higher level Shield. You may have purchased what you could afford, knowing you would eventually want a stronger Shield. You may have been skeptical and not wanted to spend money on a higher level until you found out if the Shield worked. After wearing it for a while, you know it works and are ready to invest in yourself and your well-being

Click Here Read more about how and why you may want to Trade-Up to a Higher Level Shield.

GIFTING THE SHIELD: Instructions for Clearing and Recharging a Shield Before you give it to someone else

If you want to pass on a Shield you are no longer using (you upgraded, or any other reason), you need to clear the Shield of the energy of the person who has worn it. To do this, follow the recharge instructions above, but do it for 6 days in a row. Please make sure you bring the Shield before dark to avoid the moonlight shining on it. Once this has been done, you have both cleared and recharged the Shield. It is ready to be given to the next person who will wear it.

RECHARGE IN MONTANA -Recharge and Re-polish Your EMF Protection Shield in our Montana Crystal Room

montana skylineIf you feel your Shield may not be performing at the same strength it was when you first received it, you can send your Shield back to our product facility in Montana to be recharged and re-polished. If a Shield is especially depleted, we may put it back in to our charging room for a few extra days. If this is the case, we'll let you know.

Please allow 7-10 days for recharging and re-polishing, and 7-10 days for return shipping. (Total time 2-3 weeks. Less time if you choose faster return shipping.

Click Here To order a Recharge

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