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I love my BioElectric Shield!

Julie: relief from computer fatigue, other people's energy

Bobby: How it helps with other people's energy

Cristen - had difficulty with wireless, cellphone and computers

Acupuncturist reports more energy and energy stability after treating patients all day. Commented on benefits during menopause - particularly when around the computer.

Australian wearer discusses how the quality of his life is different wearing the Shield - talks about going beyond fear

Medical technologist works in hospital environment - discusses benefits - works with wireless technologies, sick patients.

Dr. Brown discusses how he invented the Shield

Energy gained - a feeling of being in a forest despite of his typical day which includes car travel, computer use

Technician works around high voltage, carries walkie-talkie in amusement park in So. California.

Was is the energy issue with ADD and how the ADD/ADHD Shield works with the energy field

HSP businessman enjoys more productivity and focus with EMF blocker.

Why Wayne Dyer wears a Shield to protect against harmful EMF.


Health Professionals Comment on the Shield


David Getoff, Naturopath | As a Naturopath, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionalist and educator, I have investigated many "energy devices". During all the years I have been testing people for these devices, the only one which tests as best is the BioElectric Shield.
I keep 4 different company products in my office, but when I test each patient to see which is the most supportive to their own energy field, the BioElectric Shield tests best in 95 out of 100 times. I have seen true miracles with my more sensitive patients who are now often able to go into department stores, or work in front of their computers a great deal more than they ever thought was possible. Others have been helped by rarely ever getting sick even though they work around equipment which generates harmful energies. This product has my highest endorsement."

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patients- Part 1

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patients- Part 2

Dr. David Getoff, Shield Experience and Success with Patients- Part 3


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