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Satic USA, of Helena, Montana, manufactures efficient energy management products. Their products have 3rd party evaluations that have been shown to reduce electromagnetic field radiation.

The power that comes to from power lines into your home has energy spikes, called harmonics, which create a large amount of EMF, also known as "dirty power or dirty electricity".

Dirty power causes wear and tear on electronics and appliances as well as all your home electronics.

Dirty electricity comes from:

  • power delivered from your utility pole
  • smart meters (yours and your neighbors)
  • underground EMF carried via water lines
  • all plug-in or battery-operated devices and appliances
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How do the Satic "Pure Power" products remove dirty Electricity and EMFs from your home?

emf protection plug-in for homes

Every home is wired with single-phase electric power that is divided into Phases A and B. If you go to your breaker box, you should see each circuit breaker is usually labeled with the area it serves (bedroom, kitchen, etc.). If you trip a breaker, you'll be able to go to your breaker box and see which one tripped, and then you can flip it back on. (Most of us have had this experience.) When you start at the top left of your breaker box, the first breaker is operating on the A circuit, the next one down is sending electricity to your B circuit. They go down in that same order A, B, A, B, etc. If you have a left and a right side of breakers, the same pattern applies to the right side.

Whole Home Application - Wire-in unit

The Pure Power Whole-Home Wire-In unit is designed for the common home owner who has pretty average electrical usage and easy access to your breaker panel. It this is true, this is the best solution for you.

ABC News Report on the Satic USA Power Perfect Box An ABC News Broadcast about the Satic Power Perfect Box and its ability to reduce EMF and save money on electric bills.

Plug-in Units - ES120

The ES120 plug into a wall socket (120 volts). If you rent or your home is under 1,600 sq feet, you can use a pair of these to eliminate dirty electricity. If your home is larger in size get 4 or 6 plug-ins. If you are a home owner, we recommend the ESPN1, but the ES120's will also do the job, just in a different way. In this case, you make sure you plug in the ES120's into sockets in both an A area and a B circuit area of your home. Eg. If your kitchen (see photo) is on the A circuit and your living room on a B circuit, plug one ES120 into a plug in each area. Repeat in other areas if your home is larger. Can also be plugged in to increase efficiency of a refrigerator, dryer, home stereo area, hot tub or any appliance that uses a large draw of power.

Real Benefits for You

Benefit #1 - Reduces EMF

  • Negative harmonics filtration which lowers EMF
  • Prevents dirty power from power pole, neighbors, and Smart meters from entering your home
  • Protects sensitive electronics - increases lifespan

Benefit #2 - Lower Electrical Bill

  • Increased longevity of electronics and appliances
  • Power factor correction up to .99%
  • Between 5%-30% energy savings per device (up to 60%)
  • Powerful built-in surge protection

How the Pure Power Technology Works:

1 electrical sine wave interference 320The GES corrects the electrical system in a home or office in real time, reducing heat, lowering amperage and lessening the harmful effects of "electric noise" and negative harmonics in the system (fig. 1). This results in decreased consumption of electricity.

Visualize the electric power coming into a home or business in the form of waves that are slightly askew (fig. 2). The GES utilizes proprietary harmonic-resistant power factor correction modules to correct the electrical phase, causing the waves to move in synergy with each other (fig. 3).

Satic units also protect against power surges and increase the capacity of the electrical panel by lowering amperage and lowering temperature. The combination of the above factors creates less waste of electrical energy while increasing the life of inductive devices, resulting in a lower energy bill and lower maintenance costs for the equipment.

2 real versus reactive power waveform 320

Capacitors have been around for 250 years. What's different about the GES units is that instead of using a traditional capacitor bank design, Satic has incorporated cutting-edge technology, creating a compact, integrated energy management system with the use of new X2 Harmonic Resistant power factor correction modules (Fig. 4).

3 capacitor to circuit board

This allows the GES to use smaller, higher quality components that are able to switch on and off in the nano, making them more efficient and effective than traditional capacitors and increasing their accessibility for more applications, more businesses and more consumers. Because energy usage is regulated by these compact, multi-board smart capacitor banks, home and business owners achieve greater than 95% optimization.

Normally, there is excess non-working power coming from the electric panel that electronics and motors shrug off as heat, causing them to work harder and shortening their effective life span.

The GES turns this wasted excess energy into real working power, thereby reducing heat, prolonging the life of electronic devices, lowering the electric bill and providing a safer environment by reducing the electromagnetic field emitted by the motors.


Testimonial from an Electromagnetically Sensitive Person

Dear Virginia,

I am so, so excited to report to you the results of the circuit box, Satic Whole House Filter on my ridiculously overly sensitive body to electrical fields. I can live, work and sleep in our house with all of the electricity turned on!!

The filter has removed what I have been unable to tolerate for all of these years in residential wiring. I am amazed and pleasantly surprised that this worked for me since I have not been able to tolerate devices that are supposed to help because some of these other shields and treatments cause even more of an immune response.

Instead of the oppressive 'thickness' of the air that I usually feel, there is a clean thin air even in the worst conditions in the house. After having to live without much electricity for several years because my son and I were so ill from the disabling electrical fields, this filter has taken all of the illness out.

Now that we moved in yesterday and plugged in our TV and Computer, what additional outlet filters will I need to purchase? I will get my daughter's permission to purchase and have this filter installed on her home circuit box, she may have more than one box.All of the electrical stuff is on ONE WALL and two outlets of our entire house. We don't have lamps or anything else plugged in. Our lighting is all overhead, which seems to be doing pretty well with the circuit box whole house filter.

Thank you so much for all of your interest,

Roberta Lambert

*We wrote back and suggested she use Stetzer filters on that one wall. In our own home, we use both the Satic Home system and have the Stetzer filters plugged in near our home entertainment area, home offices and kitchen.This has resulted in a very natural, light feeling in our home. We notice the before and after feeling both times we made additions. We had the Stetzer filters first and then installed the home system, but would recommend you do it the way this customer did - home system first, then add the Stetzer filters where you need them.

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