Shield Recharging and Repolishing Services

Does your Shield need to be repaired?

(Check to be sure top loop hasn't worn thin)

Click here if you need a repair.

What does a recharge service include?

Your Shield will be recharged and then examined to make sure it is operating properly. It will then be polished to as close as possible to the original finish.

Does your Shield need a repair? Top loop?

Before sending, double check the top tab, if it's worn we highly recommend ordering the repair instead of just a recharge. (The repair includes the recharge cost.) Click here if you need a repair.

Choices you have when ordering a recharge:

  1. Finish - mirror or satin
    Please choose the same finish your originally ordered.
  2. Insurance Fees
    There are additional insurance fees for the gold tab, all gold and gold with diamond shields. You will note the extra charge when you choose your Shield style to cover insurance.
  3. Gift Pack
    If you are giving this Shield to someone as a gift, you can purchase a gift box, an anti-tarnish Shield pouch, cord, and instructions.
  4. Satin Cord
    Has your original cord worn out? You can purchase extra cords using this option.
  5. Polishing Kit
    If you have never tried our polishing kit, we invite you to do so. Included in the kit is the finest polishing cloth in the industry. It will polish not only your Shield, but any of your jewelry.
    If you have chosen a satin finish on your recharge, we will also include a satin buff pad and instructions of how to use it when you rebuff your own shield. Order Polishing Kit or selection Polishing kit when you order recharge.
  6. Please include a physical address for FedEx return shipping or a PO Box for Priority Mail.

Instructions for Packing and mailing your Shield

  1. Information Please! Please include a note to us that includes your contact information as well as the (polished or satin)finish you have ordered. Please put this inside the package WITH your Shield.
  2. Remove your cord or chain before shipping it to us. Please do not send them with your Shield. If you need a new cord or polishing kit, you can order it with your recharge for a reduced fee.
  3. How did you pay for this service? If you are sending
  4. Pack your Shield is a very sturdy BOX with ample packing materials. As a socially responsible company, rather than using new packaging materials, we will return your Shield to you in the SAME box in which you sent it. Thus, a STURDY box is requested. (the flat rate priority mail box, or padded envelope or both good choices as long as you also wrap the Shield.)
  5. Insure your Shield: Occasionally Shields will get lost and unless you insure it, we can not be responsible for Shields that do not arrive.Check the current value on the website for your Shield and insure for at least 60% of the current retail price. (this is especially important now due to the ever changing price of precious metals)

Mail Your Shield to:

Via Mail/USPS
BioElectric Shield Co
ATTN Recharge Department
PO Box 107
Lavina MT 59046

Via UPS, FedEx
BioElectric Shield Co
ATTN Recharge Department
110 First Ave West
Lavina MT 59046

When will you get your Shield back?

Please allow 7-10 days for recharging and repolishing, and approximately 3-4 days for return shipping. (Total time 2 weeks. Priority Mail is normally only 3 days so honestly - it doesn't make much sense to choose FedEx) Less time if you choose faster return shipping.)

Your Tracking Number

You will receive a tracking number by email from the carrier you selected, USPS or FedeX. If you don't see the email, please search using the term USPS or Fedex.

When you find the email, click their tracking link. It's easy and it's immediate. This will be faster for you than contacting us. After checking online, if there are delivery issues please EMAIL US This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you locate your package.


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