Level 1 Essential EMF Protection

Level 1 Essential Protection

Ideal Protection for rooms, cars, infants, young children or as a starter shield for adults

How and what does a BioElectric Shield do for you?

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All BioElectric Shields contain a physics-based matrix of crystals that generate a strong shielding energy field. The BioElectric Shield deflects EMF as well as negative energy from people, situations or places. (See how it works)

Why do you use different metals for each level?

The outside metal used in each Shield (brass, silver, gold) is used to AMPLIFY the Shield energy. Level 1 Shields use brass. Level 2 uses silver. Level 3 uses silver with gold tabs. Level 4 uses gold. Brass is a good amplifier, silver is better, gold is the best amplifier, so the higher level Shield you get, the stronger protection you will enjoy.

What is a Level 1 Shield?

A Level 1 Shield is a brass pendant with the crystal-matrix inside it. There are 2 types of Level 1 Shields: our "Room" Shield which is hung in an auto or room and our Personal Energy Protection Shield is worn or carried in a pocket. These are the same Shield, just used differently, You can alternate usage if needed.

How are Level 1 Shields used? - Room and Personal Versions

  • Auto or Room Shield: It is used to clear EMF from any space in which it is hung. If you also get the optional stand, it can be moved from room to room. It can be used in a home office during the day, media room during the evening, and then moved to the bedroom at night. It protects 30 feet in all directions but does not go through walls.
  • For children or adults: A Level 1 Personal Protection Shield will support your body as you navigate out in public where others are using their cell phones (mobiles), or a wireless network is active. If you live in a suburb or city, you have moderate to high EMF exposure even if you do not even own a cell phone!
  • 5G and Smart meters: Both technologies are very hard on your immune system.  The Level 1 Shield will help protect you, but to withstand the intensity of radiation, you will need to eventually wear the Level 3 Shield.
  • For infants or children: Hang a Level 1 Room Shield wherever they sleep. It is critical to development that children be free of EMF interference during sleep, which is when the majority of their development occurs.
  • If your child is very sensitive that energy, we suggest you take advantage of our free photo analysis. A specific Shield will be recommended, depending on their sensitivity and school environment (WiFi, for example)
  • School-Age Children: When your child starts using computers at school or is using a tablet at home, we suggest they wear a Level 2 Shield (pendant or bracelet).
  • Focusing Issues or ADD/ADHD: Read about our ADD/ADHD Focusing Shields or indigo children too. Both children and adults enjoy increased focusing ability wearing this Shield. We do not put the focusing matrix in the Level 1 Shield. To be effective, a person needs to be using a Level2 or Level 3 Shield for the ADD/ADHD matrix to make a significant difference.


  • Personal Shield: Will deflect unhealthy energy including all types of EMF Radiation or even other people's negative energy. Considered a "starter Shield" because the levels of radiation have increased so much over the past few decades.
  • Autos: Will continuously clear EMF from the vehicle.
  • Smart Meters: Defects EMF from Smart Meters
  • Reduces EMF from indoor living spaces like a home office, media room or bedroom
  • Allows for growth and development for children without being bombarded by EMF
  • Provides essential, basic EMF protection when worn as a personal Shield

Where to Use a Level 1 Shield

  • Adults - personal energy protection - will boost your immune system, deflect EMF and other people's energy. Most people upgrade to higher levels of protection as the budget allows.
  • Autos - attach tightly to the rearview mirror.
  • Rooms - any and all rooms of your home
  • Smart Meters - hang on inside wall across from wall where Smart Meter is installed
  • Babies/Children - Hang in their bedroom or over the crib

Choose Your Shield Based on Your Lifestyle - Learn the Difference in all 4 Levels of BioElectric Shields

After you read over this chart, you'll probably find yourself in one of the categories. To confirm this, you can take our free 10-minute EMF Exposure and Recommendation Quiz. You'll answer questions about your EMF exposure and reaction to various energies and end up with a specific personal energy protection recommendation. We also have a quiz for people who are sensitive to other people's energy. It's called the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) quiz.



Low Exposure

Ideal for: rooms, cars, infants, young children or pets.

• Can be used as a Starter Shield as part of your Pathway to Protection.

• Excellent for use as a room shield: to hang over the crib, near a sleeping child, or in entertainment rooms. Hang in car to reduce EMF from electronics.

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Essential +

Moderate Exposure

Ideal if you carry a cell phone, use a computer daily, live in a city, have WiFi or work or live in an area with WiFi or WiMax.

• Strong protection for you from all kinds of negative energy - including other people's stress or bad moods.


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High Exposure

Ideal if your screen time is over 6 hours/day, have a Smart Meter, or 5G, or are sensitive to EMF or other people’s energy.

• Even stronger physical and emotional protection. Wearers love this Shield because it reduces stress, enhances intuition, internal calm and a sense of well-being.

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Total Protection

Ideal if you do not want to take any chances with your health.

• You spend 40+/hrs per week in front of a computer or travel frequently.

• If you are energy sensitive and want maximum protection. You live in a large city or live in close proximity to a cell phone tower.

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