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Full-body BioElectric Shields offer the highest possible level of protection against EMFs, but adding extra layers of EMF protection is a great idea for the connected user.

Targeted protection, such as cell phone and laptop radiation shields or sprays are sometimes necessary for people who are either highly connected or especially sensitive to EMFs.

Today's Culture is Electronically Driven

Today more than ever, our societal culture is dependent on technology. Whether it's for work or leisure, we use our cell phones, laptops, and tablets wherever we go.

We rely on appliances like microwaves and electronics like our televisions or tablets to start and end our days. More and more, our electronic devices are becoming more connected, more pervasive, and quite possibly, more dangerous.

Do electronics produce EMF - electromagnetic radiation?

All of these appliances, large and small, contribute to electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation in our environment, which some studies suggest may be toxic to our health. EMF exposure has been linked to behavioral problems in children, internal cellular stress, and even certain types of brain cancer. While EMFs are a product of our environment no matter where we go or what we do, some devices emit higher concentrations of EMFs than others.
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Perhaps the two biggest culprits in the current EMF climate are our cell phones and laptops, because we interact with them at such close proximity to our bodies. Both also carry high radiation frequencies, which can result in lasting physical and emotional damage.

Safety First!

There are ways to use modern technology safely while reducing your exposure to potentially harmful EMF frequencies, both at home and at the office.

Targeted blockers such as laptop radiation shields (case or waveshields), EMF protection blankets, or radiation shield spray may all be useful for the modern family that wants to enjoy the benefits of technology without the negative consequences.

Three ways to learn more about laptop radiation shields

1. Visit our laptop radiation shields product section.

2. Click here to take Our EMF Protection Quiz - You will learn what level of EMF protection would be best for you. Your answers about your exposure and sensitivity determine what recommendation you will receive.

3. Contact us at BioElectric Shield (541-201-8878 or 866-567-8909) to learn more about full-body protection, targeted protection, and room shields to keep you and your family healthy and happy for life.

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