Ultimate Protection

The 14K Gold Tri-Gem BioElectric Shield blocks EMF, and offers the ultimate in personal EMF protection in addition to providing additional, extraordinary vibrational radiance. For a shield that blocks EMF, and offers the ultimate impersonal EMF protection, the all natural 14K Gold BioElectric Shields are unsurpassed.


  • It shields you from all energy negativity: from people, all electromagnetic devices (portable or cell phones, remote controls, etc.), or negative situations. You will enjoy essentially "perfect" energy protection, balance and strength when facing the energy onslaught of today's world.
  • We recommend any of our Level 4 Gold Shields to anyone who can make this investment. The return to the wearer is immense and immeasurable.
  • If you work on a computer or carry a cell phone, you are exposing yourself to large amounts of EMF, electromagnetic radiation.
  • When you strive for high performance or life demands a lot of you, then simply put, you'll want to go for the gold. The Tri-gem Shields accomplish ALL the same things as a gold shield PLUS they add the different energy qualities of each gem. The Tri-gem shown here includes the ruby, sapphire and diamond. Visit our store to view the Emerald, Diamond and Sapphire style.

You can request other gemstone combinations. If you have a combination in mind, please send in a photo for analysis.


The Diamond is associated with intensity, radiance, and sovereignty. It adds personal clarity and intensity to your experience of life. The Emerald facilitates hope, love, and compassion. The Sapphire is associated with awareness (intuition) and discipline. It is recommended for people who wish to receive Divine Guidance. The Ruby is associated with life force, courage, strength and protectiveness.

Together the stones are even more powerful: 

Tri-Gem with Emerald, Diamond and Sapphire: The TriGem Shield with Emerald, Diamond, and Sapphire offers powerful protection as well as personal clarity, radiance, and Divine Guidance. Shield comes with a black silky cord. Please allow additional 2-3 weeks for delivery

The TriGem Shield with Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire offers powerful protection as well as personal clarity, greater intuition, compassion and abundance. The shield comes with a black silky cord - Please allow additional 2-3 weeks for delivery. Read details of the Tri-Gem with Ruby Shield

SPECIAL ITEM ISSUE: Because of the fine quality of gems we purchase to make these shields, there is a small inventory on hand at any given time. There may be a time delay while we make this Shield for you.

  • Because these Shields are not a match for everyone's energy field, we ask that you simply email us your photo so we can assure compatibility. This way our consultant can choose the specific gem or gems that most match with your energy field. These are gems that would be on the outside of your Shield, for energy as well as beauty.


  • Strongest Energy Support- protection, strengthening and balancing of energy at a 99.99% level.
  • Very Strongly Protects your brain and body from radiation from cell phones, computers, wireless networks, etc.
  • Deflects unhealthy negative energy including negative emotional
    energy from situations or people. You'll find you can just step back and observe the negativity without being swept up in it.
  • Many people wearing an all-gold Shield notice a wonderful opening, strengthening and balancing in the heart chakra.
  • Balances your energy (including your chakras) - you'll enjoy the smooth, happy feeling that comes with this level of balance
  • Sharpens your mental skills, including focus and concentration - helps you come up with new ideas and easier ways of doing things
  • Boosts your immune system - enjoy greater resistance to "what's going around". Heal faster.
  • Tremendously lowers your stress by deflecting any unhealthy energies that deplete your physical and emotional reserves.

International Customers

  • If you live outside of the USA or Canada, once you have chosen your Shield style, you must also order the international gem matrix. We will put the correct crystal matrix in your Shield as long as we know where you live, so please add this information in the notes section of the shopping cart as you check out.
Available in White Gold: If you like the look of silver but want the strength of gold, you'll enjoy this as a White Gold Shield. NOTE: White gold isn't quite as silvery and has a slightly yellowish cast, but makes a nice alternative.


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level 2

Energy Protection*:

Total Protection

Ideal for:
• people who do not want to take any chances with your health.

•Energy sensitive adults who know they need maximum protection

• Adults who simply want "total" protection

• Professionals of all walks of life

• People who travel all the time - especially internationally

The person who wants to experience vibrational enhancement from several gemstones


  • Handcrafted in Montana, USA
  • Each Shield is 1.18" /2.99cmdiameter, weighs .5 oz./14 grams/Waterproof
  • Comes with a 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.
  • Ready to wear, it is packaged in a lovely gift box which contains the Shield in a black tarnish-resistant pouch, instructions and a silky black cord.
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