Why do doctors, therapists, coaches & healers wear and recommend the BioShield to their patients/clients? – BioElectric Shield

5G, Smart Meters, Cell Phones, WIFI

Shield recommended by health professionals

Life Changes, Healing and Energy Work Go Better with a BioShield.

There’s a phenomenon that most people are unaware of that is making it extremely difficult for people to step beyond fear or to get clear about their lives, their emotions, even their own thoughts.

Actually the issue is two-fold. Electromagnetic radiation and the vibration of fear.

Electromagnetic radiation is affecting our energy fields – creating a disharmony that has far-reaching effects:

  • Foggy brain affecting your ability to think clearly
  • Digital Dementia a new syndrome that is non-reversible.
  • EMF Sensitivity – Up to 6% of the world’s populations has been diagnosed with electromagnetic sensitivity illness with symptoms ranging from fatigue and CFS, ADD/ADHD, mood swings, headaches and a long list of other hard-to-pin-down symptoms

Fear and Anxiety – There is a growing level of fear on the planet that is putting us into constant levels of stress and anxiety. I’ve covered this at length in Fear and the Highly Sensitive Person – The increasing impact of fear on your life so won’t go into detail here. These frequencies are spread and increased by reactions from other people, news of all kinds, internet, stuck energy in places of violence or war … and the list continues to grow and they affect everyone, not just those who are especially sensitive.

When you are open to the fear around you, your defenses begin to crumble. You are more and more at the mercy of those around us who would seek to control.

When you are in fear you tend to have a variety of reactions depending on the intensity of the fear. Fear has effects we have only begun to understand. It can hide behind addictions, violence, poor relationships, depression, lack of enthusiasm or commitment, hopelessness, apathy, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, hyper-vigilance, anger, rage, powerlessness, confusion, indecisiveness, loss of creativity, hatred, distrust, self-doubt and inability to feel love, joy or happiness.

You can’t change things if you are stuck in Fear, anger, apathy or hopelessness. By wearing a Shield you may be able to rise above all these negative emotions and begin to make positive changes from a place of greater clarity and freedom.

The BioElectric Shield is an all-natural pendant that will support your energy field, deflecting and neutralizing the EMF and negative energies bombarding you. The Shield can also help to improve clarity, intuition, balance mood swings, reduce hypersensitivity and so much more. Your body, mind and emotions get a chance to heal making other therapies and modalities more effective.

A very intuitive friend of mine who is a massage therapist and energy healer got a Level 3 Shield and said that it felt to her as if it was “supporting her on a very deep level to be who she is.” Read more about the Level 3 Shield and how it can make a difference.

Order a Shield for yourself  – stay balanced and clear of the energies of the people you are working with, may even increase your intuition (your field is clearer and more balanced).

Recommend it to your clients/patients who you feel may benefit. Check out our affiliate program.

Life Changes, Healing and Energy Work Go Better with a BioElectric Shield.

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