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Trade up to improve clarity and IntuitionWhich Shield is best? I talk to people all the time about which Shield is best for them, and sometimes the answer is two-fold. A silver/gold may be great for them giving them what they need, but it’s possible that a 14k may be even better for other reasons.

I just got off the phone with a customer who had sent in her photo and a Level 3 Shield was really good for her, but she asked if it would be okay to order a diamond Shield instead. The answer was that she could do that for even more support and protection, but that she didn’t actually “need” the extra strength. So why would she choose to spend all that extra money?

Why upgrade when your current Shield seems to be working fine?

Let me explain from my own experience. I had a gold-tab Shield and it was doing a really good job of Shielding me, an empath , from other people’s energy and the EMF around me. I was really happy with my Shield, it had already changed my life. AND THEN….we got the first of the 14k gold Shields made and I put one on to wear at an expo in 1997. At the time I didn’t think much about it, we didn’t yet know how much more powerful the gold Shields would be.

Something amazing happened, as soon as I put on the 14k gold Shield, my intuition increased two-fold at least. I was feeling and “seeing” exactly what shifted when someone put the Shield on.Previously I just had a sense it was a good match, but nothing specific. Now I could “see” the pain leave a neck, energy go all the way from their head to their feet (grounding), backs straightening subtly, sadness and emotional  pain either leaving or becoming softer and more manageable, thinking processes getting clearer, and so much more. I was stunned.

Why would the Gold Shield increase intuition?

I was also puzzled. I knew the gold Shield was stronger but didn’t understand why my intuitive, feeling senses would be strengthened. It wasn’t until 2009 that I discovered the answer. I was reading a book by Russell Tarq about the remote viewing experiments he pioneered for the US intelligence community, including the CIA, Defense Intelligence, and Army Intelligence. They found that remote viewers were much more accurate in a completely EMF Shielded room.

Viola, I had my answer. Wearing the 14k gold Shield I was totally EMF shielded, no outside influence except for what I chose to allow in. Because I was focusing on the person during the testing process, I was able to accurately see what was happening for them.

I had known how well the Shield worked, but truthfully this blew me away. I was getting a first-hand experience of how the Shield was working for hundreds of people and how it was supporting their bodies and energy fields.

Then the diamond Shield –  laser focus on purpose

A year later we created the first diamond Shield and, of course, I volunteered to be a “test subject”. I felt even clearer and more focused wearing the diamond Shield. It wasn’t as dramatic for me as the shift to 14k, but then, I was moving from a 14k to a 14k diamond, not as big a jump as Level 3 to Level 4. I had a dream about the diamond Shield as an enhancer of destiny and purpose. I later checked this out with our consultant who confirmed that is exactly what the diamond does – it increases clarity on all levels and helps you stay on-path.

In less than a year, I’d picked up and moved to California where I eventually met my husband. Anything not in alignment with what is mine to do just falls away. It seems like there are very few questions that I puzzle over or debate – it’s Yes or No. I won’t say I never struggle with a decision, but it’s not often, and I seldom second-guess myself. Will that happen for you? Possibly, or maybe it’ll shift things for you in yet another way. If you already have a Shield find out how you can Trade-up to a stronger Shield. (Note: I currently wear the tri-gem Shield as shown in the photo above)

Photo Analysis to help you choose

Not sure what to do? Order the diamond Shield and you can then have the clarity to figure it out. Just kidding. You can send in your photo and ask if a 14k Gold or Diamond Shield will be even better for you, or you can call me at 541-727-7322 – I can often “feel” the answer over the phone.

Is a 14k Shield Right for Everone?

You might be surprised to hear this, but we sometimes turn people down on a 14k Shield. Honestly, if it’s not right for you, we won’t sell it to you. Sometimes a Level 4 can be too strong, and if that’s the case…we won’t sell it to you even if you beg. It’s happened, really. There are also times when someone needs to start with a level 3 Shield, but can trade-up in a year or so. The Shield does a lot of energy rebalancing, thus starting with a level 3 and then moving up allows that process to be more gradual and more gentle.

Other times a level 2 or 3 Shield will work for what you actually need but it’s okay to go with a Level 4 Shield and you’ll get the additional support of the increased strength, when that’s the case we’ll tell you that as well. You can make a decision based on that information and the level of energetic support you want.

If you are drawn to either a 14k Gold or 14k Diamond Shield, there might be a reason. Give us a call 541-201-8878 or send in a photo today and find out if this is a great choice for you.

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