Too much to do – too little time? Try these Adrenal Stress Solutions!

Stress Vs Empowerment

Adrenal_Stress_SolutionDo you get the feeling that many people are suffering from overload? We do. We talk to them every day! It seems that adrenal stress is becoming an epidemic. Here are some solutions – and even a questionnaire to help you determine if this is something you have – and would like to handle!

There are several reasons why we feel tired, stressed out, run down, and in dire need of coffee or other stimulants along about 3pm. Many people have adrenal fatigue and don’t know this is what is going on.  In the first part of this blog, we discuss adrenal fatigue – and give you links so you can take a quiz to find out if this is something your body may be experiencing.

Adrenal Stress can be caused by several factors:

  1. The stresses of daily living – the job, raising children, daily responsibilities
  2. The impact of food that isn’t   very nourishing – like GMO food – so the body isn’t really receiving the nutrition it needs
  3. The impact of daily electromagnetic radiation, and invisible stress on your entire body. It can fracture DNA, exhaust your adrenals, and produce a low-level exhaustion that is non-stop.

In this article, we are going to deal with physical solutions for Adrenal fatigue.  Item #1 and #3 can be helped considerably by wearing a BioElectric Shield. It will balance and strengthen your energy field as well as protect you from the majority of electromagnetic radiation.  Item #2, which involves supporting your body is addressed below. Obviously, eating non-GMP organic food is ideal, and it may not happen all the time.  There are supplements that can help support your adrenals.

Adrenal Fatigue: Do you have any of these symptoms:

  1. Tired for no reason?
  2. Having trouble getting up in the morning?
  3. Need coffee, colas, energy drinks, sodas, salty or sweet snacks to keep going?
  4. Feeling run down and stressed?

Dr. James L. Wilson, a naturopath, has investigated this difficult to diagnose, but very common health condition. In our fast paced world, it’s acceptable to use caffeine to keep us going during the day. People live like this for decades, but at some point, symptoms overwhelm the person.

You can visit his website, and take the questionnaire to see if you fit the profile.  I think his book, Adrenal Fatigue, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome is even more helpful, and it’s available, used, for under $10 including shipping.  (I have to say that his supplements are caplets, so unless you grind them up, you’ll miss out on most of the benefits.  Hard pills can pass through your body and not be absorbed much at all. So, you can do that, or investigate other companies who sell adrenal support supplements. We found a good one made by Apex called Adaptocrine K2, 90 Capsules, Apex Energetics– but this link goes to a page that will give you several choices.)

Adrenal fatigue is not something that requires, or is even diagnosed with blood work. All you have to do is read the book and answer the questionnaire and you’ll know if it’s something that is contributing to how you feel every day.

If you do have mild, moderate or severe adrenal fatigue, there are very specific suggestions in his book as to how to gradually lift yourself out of this syndrome. It’s something that requires a gradual lifestyle change. If you decide to use his supplements, please know that you need to either chew them up or use a coffee grinder to make them into powder. Hard caplets really do not dissolve well in the body {Professionals who pump septic tanks will tell you they can typically find hundreds of hard prescription drugs or vitamins still in one piece after going through the body if the family has used these types of products.)

Stress and Estrogen Dominance – Cause Belly fat – PMS- Menopause issues: This is a problem for women and MEN!

Stress can also come from estrogen dominance too – and it’s not just women who experience this – it’s men too. Men and women are picking up “fake” estrogen from eating meat from cattle who were given growth hormones, and other supplements in their feed that mimic estrogen.  Dr. John Gray has created an incredibly clear 10 minute video that explains why myomin, a supplement, can alleviate the fake estrogen that causes increased PMS, belly fat, menopause issues, and an increase in cortisol (which feels like stress in the body). You may have to watch this video a few times to take in all his information, but it’s worth the time and effort!

Electromagnetic Radiation also causes stress in your body

Your increasing exposure to EMF radiation from cell phones, computers, wifi, technology etc is also a huge factor your body handles stress. Reduce your load with a BioShield. Take both our quizzes. EMF Quiz one for a recommendation for a Shield based on your current exposure levels. HSP Quiz to see how your levels of sensitivity may be impacting your life – and get loads of tips on how you can de-stress and find more ease.

Stop Energy Drains, take the quiz


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