Protect Your Children from EMF Radiation & WiFi – A Parents’ Guide

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Guide to Protecting Your Children from EMF Radiation Protect your children from EMF Radiation & WiFi
Protect Your Children
from EMF Radiation & WiFi –
A Parent’s Guide

Protect your children from EMF Radiation & WiFi because they need even more protection from WiFi EMF radiation than adults. Their developing skulls are thinner and more vulnerable to EMF penetration.

Are you concerned about the potential health risks of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) and want to make sure your children are protected? If so, you’re not alone. A growing number of people are worried about the potential dangers of EMF exposure, and many parents want to take steps to reduce their children’s risk.

Why are parents concerned about EMF protection for their children?

Children are More Sensitive to EMF radiation

It turns out that children are far more sensitive to the absorption of EMF radiation than adults. Because their skulls are softer, the radiation penetrates their brain far more deeply than it does the adult brain. A study in 2011 found the specific absorption rate was 153% higher in a 10-year old than in an adult. (1) For this research, model heads were used, not living humans!. However, the point was demonstrated that children need more protection from EMF radiation from all sources than adults do.

EMF Radiation Exposure and Damage is Cumulative

Your children have been absorbing radiation since birth. One thing most people don’t realize is that the cellular damage from EMF exposure from Wifi, Cellphones, tablets, the dirty electricity in our walls, smart meters, etc., is cumulative. Because we’ve only been using cellphones on a regular basis for twenty to thirty years all the results aren’t in about long-term effects, but like smoking, asbestos, and so many other toxins, the full impact doesn’t show up often for decades.  Help your children stay healthy now and in their future as adults with EMF protection.

The Bioinitiative Report details some of the findings of the risks of EMF radiation. Read more of our blogs about children and the issues involved.

Symptoms Associated with EMF Sensitivity

Anyone, child or adult, who is sensitive to EMF Radiation will show certain symptoms. A new term has emerged over the past several years to define this sensitivity: it’s called EHS, or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Common symptoms include:

  • headaches, difficulty focusing, memory issues, feeling like you have the flu, severe fatigue, poor sleep at night, high susceptibility to infection, ringing in the ears, difficulty thinking
  • More symptoms include: anxiety and tension, nausea, mood swings, depression, inability to heal from a viral, bacterial or parasitic infection

Steps to Take if You Suspect Your Child (or you, as their teacher) has EHS

Get evaluated

If you suspect EHS even slightly The Shield has been proven to help in most cases. Your next step is to get evaluated via our EMF Quiz or choose to do the Free Photo Analysis. When you complete the quiz, you will see a recommendation for one of the Shield types. We suggest you have the results emailed to you as well. And then take steps to reduce exposure.

ADD/ADHD – Attention Deficit Disorder?

Does your child have ADD/ADHD issues or ASD? We have added specific gems to the standard matrix to assist anyone with these issues. We designed a wristband-style Shield with children in mind (although adults wear them too!). you can get the special ADD/ADHD or ASD matrixes in a wristband style or the classic round or heart Shields.

Children playing Video Games Require EMF Protection

A growing body of evidence suggests that video gaming can make significant changes in the brain, some positive and some not. Video gamers show increased skills in attention, such as sustained attention and selective attention, and visuospatial concepts. However, “In gaming addicts, there are functional and structural alterations in the neural reward system – a group of structures associated with feeling pleasure, learning, and motivation. Exposing video game addicts to game-related cues that cause cravings, and monitoring their brain responses, highlighted these changes – changes that are also seen in other addictive disorders.” (2)

WiFi radiation is hard to detect, but it has the potential to do a lot of harm. We’ll discuss how to protect your children against WiFi radiation in this article. The complication can occur when you have a child who enjoys computer games, but hours of playing these games also increase their amount of radiation.

We have divided Wifi radiation protection into several categories, including

emf protection for children playing video games

WiFi EMF Protection for Children is based on Exposure Time and Distance from the source of EMF Radiation

1) Lower WiFi Exposure: Turn off all WiFi signals when not needed – especially at night! This is easily done by simply turning off your modem and router. Use a simple electronic timer to turn your WiFi off at night and turn it back on in the morning. WiFi radiation can interfere with the body’s ability to perform rest and repair during sleep. Thus, turning it off at night will help your body recover from the day’s stresses.aegis anti-radiation spray for emf protection You can add even more protection by spraying your router with the Aegis Anti-Radiation Spray that blocks 99.% of the radiation coming out of your router. One application is usually all you need! Only friction removes the layer of protection you spray on, so unless you handle the router regularly, the spray will keep doing its job indefinitely.

2) Lower WiFi radiation exposure by only using one WiFi-enabled device at a time. If your children are playing with their iPad and cellphone, ask them to choose only one device at a time. Having multiple items streaming or downloading content from the internet can seriously intensify their radiation exposure. The other devices can be turned off if they are on a laptop. If they must keep a cellphone nearby – it’s best to keep it at least a foot away, and/or use the spray or pouches we recommend.

3) Add WiFi EMF protection to your “smart” appliances in your home. EMF radiation exposure, like smoking, can be a cumulative issue for the human body. It’s great to protect from WiFi radiation from your router, but your appliances emit EMF radiation too!

Any device with the word “smart” emits radiation, including microwaves, TVs, refrigerators, etc. If you want to purchase one of these types of products, make sure that you buy a microwave oven with a lead shield around the inside. To make these devices safe for your children and you, use the  Aegis Anti-Radiation Spray. This spray provides 99.9% protection from WiFi radiation. This is the same spray you use on your WiFi router.

You will respray only the devices that are handled frequently and only the parts that are touched because the spray only comes off from friction (such as a hand touching the door or the microwave pad), or it comes off if you use a cleaner on it. Instructions come with the spray to tell you when respray is needed.

4) To Protect Your Children from EMF radiation & WiFi teach them to put their phones in airplane mode as often as possible. For example, at school, temf phone protection pouchhe phones can be in airplane mode the majority of the day, reducing the amount of radiation they are exposed to. Several WiFi protective products will reduce or virtually eliminate the EMF from your devices. The best WiFi protection for their cell phone is the SYB Anti-radiation Cellphone pouch, and it’s inexpensive and provides 99.9% protection from EMF radiation when it’s in the pouch.

5) Your kids should not carry their phones in their pocket or even in their pack without the use of a WiFi Anti-radiation protection product.  You can get a WiFi EMF 5G protection cellphone pouch that provides 99.9% protection from WiFi radiation. They also offer radiation-free earbuds. If you do not have this kind of protection, it is best to place all mobile devices in a bag or purse. Many people have been diagnosed with tumors on the opposite side of their body from where they carry their phones.

6) Never sleep let your kids sleep with their phone or any other type of WiFi-connected device in your bed, under your pillow, or in the bedroom at all! If you need an alarm clock, plug-in clocks are inexpensive and will not generate WiFi and EMF radiation.

7) bioelectric shield EMF protection Wristband shield for ADD focuIf you know or suspect your child is sensitive to EMF, explore the option of getting them full-body protection in the form of a BioElectric Shield. This WiFi EMF protection pendant or wristband-style device offers full-body protection.

8) If you have a Sensitive, intuitive Child a BioElectric Shield can help so they aren’t as bombarded by energy, emotions, stress, and negativity from those around them. There are many children right now with special gifts. They go by many names, crystal children, indigo children, intuitive children, empathic children, the highly sensitive child is a term coined by Elaine Aron….they are highly sensitive and are affected differently by the world around them.

Take our free EMF exposure & risk Quiz. You will get a recommendation for specific WiFi radiation protection based on the answers you provide concerning your child.  If you have specific concerns, take advantage of our free photo analysis service. You will be hearing back from Virginia Brown, the company president. Virginia draws on a previous career working as an Occupational Therapist working primarily with children with ADD/ADHD and sensory integration issues.

Apps and Games – WiFi EMF Protection for your Children

1) Please advise your children to avoid downloading any apps or games on their phone or tablet that are marked as being ” for WiFi use only .” These are known as Lite Apps, and they have the ability to use WiFi signals even when you are not connected to any type of network.

2) Encourage face-to-face social time for your kids instead of just screen time. Discuss social media and texting, including the downsides.

Anytime your child is using an app, make sure it is one where they have time limits. Social media is a black hole that will swallow your child alive. Even Elon Musk is warning us that technology, especially A.I., is starting to replace the social skills that make us human. Texting and games where we get to be someone else provide hours of EMF radiation exposure and hours of non-human face-to-face interactions.

A Deadly Wandering” by Matt Richtell explains how prolonged use of games and other screen-driven activities such as texting, gradually train your brain to crave the “feel good” neurotransmitter called dopamine.  Dopamine is triggered by bells, dings, beeps, and all the typical sounds with these apps. This then leads to ADD and ADHD in all ages or at the very least, a strong addiction to being near their cellphone or tablet.

3) WiFi EMF protection includes limiting screen time. It is generally not recommended that your child sits in one spot for hours playing games. This is especially true if they involve WiFi signals. Not only does their brain get sucked into one repetitious activity, but over time, they may not desire to do much else with their life. It’s easier for parents to ignore this, but research is showing that the long-term issues can be concerning.

4) If you play online games, make sure to take a break every hour or so. Set an alarm on your phone when you know it is time to stop. This will help reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to and give your brain a break from game addiction. If you have purchased the Aegis anti-radiation Spray, you can also spray your monitor to reduce the WiFi EMF radiation coming from the monitor.

5) Protect your children from EMF Radiation & WiFi at home: your children will inevitably be using tablets or notebooks at school. Since it’s not practical to single our your child by sending a WiFi protection laptop pad to school, the other less obvious solution is the EMF WiFi protection BioElectric Shield Level 2 Shield. The wristband style is the most practical style for kids and can be ordered with a crystal matrix that addresses issues with ADD/ADHD.   However, if this isn’t quite in your budget yet, we’d recommend the SYB WiFi EMF protection cell phone pouch. You can have them place their tablet or notebook on the SYB WiFi protection laptop pad when at home.

6) Encourage your children to spend time outdoors! Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to protect against the harmful effects of EMF exposure. The fresh air and natural sunlight can help improve your child’s mood and overall health. As parents, we probably all remember playing outside after school, and it’s a great way to balance the body’s energy.

6) Get EMF Radiation Protection for your iPad or Tablet  Did you know that microwave radiation is coming out of that tablet or iPad is aimed straight for you if you have no EMF radiation protection? If you’re holding it in your lap, the radiation goes down into the pelvic area. What’s the harm in that?

WiFi EMF Protection for Babies and Pregnancy

Some studies suggest that women who used cell phones throughout their pregnancy wound up having children with more issues. We believe it’s vital forpregnancy studies show more emotional issues you to know what to do about pregnancy and EMF Protection – protecting yourself and your baby’s health and well-being.

It’s important to look into EMF protection for yourself now, and for your baby in the future. Studies have shown the use of cell phones resulted in

  • 25% more emotional problems
  • 35% more hyperactivity
  • 49% more behavior issues
  • 34% greater peer problems than mothers who had no cordless phone radiation exposure.
    Click to read the full article

1) We recommend full-body protection for pregnant women, and everyone else. If you are pregnant it’s even more important than ever that you be fully protected. Take our free EMF Exposure Quiz for protection recommendations based on your exposure and need.

2) Moms, If you need to carry a phone or tablet, please make sure you get WiFi protection for any of these devices (phone, tablet, notebook). Children absorb WiFi EMF radiation far more easily than adults from electronic devices and get a very strong dose in just a few minutes.

3) If you are expecting a baby soon, it is best not to have any electronic devices close by – and make sure all of them have WiFi protection on them when you must use them. The transmitting signals from WiFi can affect the fetus at any point during pregnancy. If you need to carry a phone, please make sure you get the SYB WiFi Radiation Protection Pouch or other related products for any of your devices. Another wonderful WiFi radiation protection product is the anti-WiFi-Radiation SYB blanket. It is portable but large enough to drape over a pregnant woman’s belly when using any electronic device that emits radiation and at other times to protect from the EMF and electrosmog in the room. When the baby is born, you can use it to protect your sweet baby.

4) Either get the SYB WiFi EMF Protection cell phone case or please avoid carrying a mobile device close to your body if you are pregnant, especially in your pocket or bra.  If you do not have a protective case on your phone or tablet, many experts recommend placing your phone in a purse or bag that you can then set on a table or desk.

5) WiFi EMF Protection for your baby.emf protection for children with BioElectric Shield Room Shield

To reduce EMF WiFi radiation, you can hang a BioElectric Room Shield near their crib (or on a stand that can be ordered with the Shield). This Shield significantly lowers the amount of WiFi radiation in any room. Read about Room Shields for Children.

6) If you have a wireless baby monitor, It’s particularly important to use the WiFi protection BioElectric Shield Room Shield to protect yourself and the baby from the radiation it emits. It seems harmless, but its radiation is similar to that of a cordless phone.

7) Please do not let any WiFi signals near the crib. Instead, use an analog alarm clock and keep your cell phone away from the baby’s room at all times. This will help reduce exposure to radiation from WiFi signals.

8) Turn off WiFi at night. See above where we discuss this. The more the house-wide WiFi is off, the better for everyone.

emf protection blanket for your baby9) Get an SYB anti-WiFi radiation protective blanket for your baby or toddler. SYB makes a 99.9% WiFi radiation protection blanket that can either be wrapped around your baby or placed in a stroller. 

10) Once your child reaches school age, make sure to teach them all about the harmful effects of WiFi radiation. Let them know it is not safe and explain why. If they carry a cellphone in their pack (for security and communication with parents), we strongly recommend that it has an SYB Cellphone pouch

Summary of WiFi Radiation Protection

It’s important to protect your child from WiFi radiation. We’ve covered the issues of exposure and distance, as well as the precautions about apps and games.

Last, we’ve highlighted WiFi protection issues for pregnancy and children. To find out more about protection for yourself, we invite you to take the EMF Exposure Quiz to provide specific suggestions for personal protection from WiFi radiation.

Talk to someone who knows about children and their protection needs.

If you’d like to speak to us about your child’s EMF Protection needs, please call Virginia Brown, who treated children in the public school setting as a pediatric Occupational Therapist for sixteen years. She can be reached M-F, 9 am – 4 pm PST by phone. Her direct line is 541-535-2214 PST or via email: [email protected]


  1. Exposure Limits: The underestimation of absorbed cell phone radiation, especially in children, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.3109/15368378.2011.622827  Om P. Gandhi,L. Lloyd Morgan,Alvaro Augusto de Salles,Yueh-Ying Han,Ronald B. Herberman &Devra Lee Davis  Pages 34-51 | Published online: 14 Oct 2011
  2. How video games affect the brain

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