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Technology and Pregnancy

Some studies suggest that women who used cell phones throughout their pregnancy wound up having children with more issues.
bioElectric shield emf protection to protect from cell phones and reduce emotional problems
Pregnancy is one of the greatest joys of many people’s lives. It’s also a time when you may pause to reflect on your own personal health, habits, and rituals. Perhaps you never thought about how the electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, from common electronic devices such as laptops, cell phones, and other large appliances might be affecting your health. Now that you’re pregnant and caring for two, you may be concerned about the potential effects on your unborn child. It’s important to look into EMF protection for yourself now, and for your baby in the future.

  • 25% more emotional problems
  • 35% more hyperactivity
  • 49% more behavior issues
  • 34% greater peer problems than mothers who had no cordless phone radiation exposure.

Protect yourself and your baby with EMF protection

There are ways you can protect yourself and your baby from the high EMF side effects throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

We offer a range of products that allow you to lead a normal life while still putting the safety of you and your child first during the time you’re pregnant and after birth as well.

  • A BioElectric ShieldUsing applied physics, the Shield offers you:
    • ENERGY PROTECTION: Blocks, Deflects, and Neutralizes the impact of EMF radiation
    • ENERGY REGULATION: Reduces the impact of unhealthy energies from people, places, and devices
    • ENERGY AMPLIFICATION: Resonates, amplifies, and strengthens your energy
  • An EMF blocker lap blanket can be worn over your belly while you use a laptop or sit at a desktop computer. This will shield the additional EMFs coming from the computer and laptop radiation.
  • Add a Room shield to your baby’s nursery area and other living areas to offer additional protection even after your child is born.
  • Use the AegisGuard Radiation Shield fabric rinse to wash clothes in a radiation shielding solution. This doesn’t affect their color, appearance, or texture. Wearing garments infused with this rinse will deflect 99.9%
  • Apply our plant-based radiation shield electronics spray directly to devices to help minimize their radiation potentials and reduce the overall EMF risks of exposure in your home.

You don’t have to take any unnecessary risks concerning the health of your child-to-be. Keep mom, baby, and the rest of the entire family healthy and happy with the proper EMF protection throughout your household.

Take our EMF or HSP Quizzes for a BioShield recommendation based on your exposure and sensitivity levels

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