Paying it Forward can be an Immediate Mood Booster

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Pay it Forward

2020 has been a difficult year on many levels. and most people seem to be struggling to maintain a positive attitude. Many are finding that’s nearly impossible and are fighting just to hang on until things get better. Simple things like Paying it Forward can be an immediate mood booster.

Daily Gratitude Practice Brings Perspective

Taking time on a daily basis to find even very small things to be grateful for helps to bring the positive to the forefront, allowing you more energetic space to hold a vision in your heart and mind for better things to come.

There is a lot of uncertainty and sadness right now. With Covid on the increase again and restrictions tightening up again, many will be missing family and friends over the holidays. Let’s face it Video chats aren’t nearly the same as hugging each other, laughing and telling stories and sitting down to a good dinner,

How do you cope?

Did you know that the Shield helps to keep your energy balanced and resilient even in the face of stressful times like these? I know I’m thankful for the many ways my Shield has helped me to stay healthy and to keep finding a way back to gratitude and positivity.

Paying it Forward

Another way to increase the gratitude in your life is to “pay it forward”. I remember when that book came out, there it was sitting in a prominent position at the airport bookstore. I already had a book to read on the plane, but something drew me to it like a magnet. I did something (gasp) almost unheard of for me, I bought the hardcover book at full price.

That book Pay if Forward has inspired me at different times to pay it forward, and give someone else a helping hand. The best thing about the idea of paying it forward is that you aren’t simply repaying a favor to the person who did one for you, you are doing something good for someone else, thus paying it forward rather than paying it back in what can turn into a long tit-for-tatt situation. Instead, you are keeping the chain of generosity going.

I always feel so good when I can do something that I know is going to make a difference for someone else. I’ve been the recipient of good deeds and know how good it feels to be able to accept what is offered with gratitude in my heart.

Did you know that it’s also Blessed to Receive?

I know, I know, you find it hard to accept favors from other people. I heard something once that made a profound difference in how I responded to gifts or favors. If you allow someone to do something nice for you, they have a chance to feel a sense of satisfaction and that you know you are loved. If, however, you refuse the favor, you are depriving that person of the chance to feel good and to give back to you in a loving way.

How many times has someone offered to help, and you’ve said “oh no, I can do it myself?” Truth is, you very probably would have loved the help, but think you’re showing weakness by accepting (or whatever your reason is). In truth being able to graciously allow someone to help you shows a certain amount of strength, and it enriches both the giver and receiver.

Need Some Ideas on how you can Pay it Forward?

I looked and found a lot of sites featuring ideas, especially for the current times. One of the biggest things you can do is simple – Smile and say thank you.

Pay It Forward Challenge – A lot of simple things you can do that could make a difference.

Ways to Help Small Businesses Many businesses especially personal services and restaurants are struggling.  They can use our help. This wasn’t mentioned in the article, but buying gift certificates, or paying for services in advance might help.

How to pay it forward during lockdown – a simple list of ideas, along with some more helpful links

Random Acts of Kindness Bring Back our Humanity

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