3 Reasons Why Parents Should Protect Children from EMF

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Family using technology EMF protection Shield BlockerAlthough it has become more popular a topic in recent years, many people are still completely unaware of the dangers electromagnetic fields (EMF) can have.

Cell phones, radio towers, microwaves, even the WiFi enabling your laptop are all sources of this invisible, silent menace. Because of the potential risks associated, it’s especially important to protect children from EMF. Children, like the elderly, do not have the same level of strength in their body and immune system as the average adult.

How to block EMF is a difficult question to answer as there is still a lot of uncertainty in the field, but here are three reasons every parent should recognize to protect children from EMF.

1.) Exposure: The vast amount of EMF dangers children face on a daily basis is disturbing, to say the least. With the explosion of mobile phones for instance, many cell towers have been placed in places like pre-schools, church day-care, and school grounds. It’s estimated that children today receive 1,000 times more RF exposure while at home and school than they did 20 to 25 years ago. More and more kids having access to cell phones and laptops of their own at an early age makes it hard to quantify just how much a child is exposed to on a daily basis, but research suggests quite a lot.

2.) Symptoms: You may not be able to feel it seeping into you as it’s happening, but the results EMF can be serious. A study of children and adolescents in 2010 found that even short-term EMF exposure resulted in headaches, irritation, and concentration difficulties in school. It’s important to protect children from EMF because preventing as much as you can early on will help combat more serious effects in the long-term. Chronic EMF exposure caused psychological stress in cells in just one and a half years, according to a 2012 study.

3.) Science: Just this past May over 190 scientists from 40 countries called for more protection against non-ionizing radiation from the United Nation and the World Health Organization (WHO). Examples sources of this include microwaves and wireless technology. While there is still some debate over the specifics, the potential dangers seem to be universally accepted and EMF protection awareness has increased drastically over the last few years alone.

Products and services are available to help protect children from EMF, and at this point, if you’re not taking advantage of them, you’re putting them more at risk every day.

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  • […] a recent study pointed out that chronic EMF exposure causes cells to experience physiological stress after just 1.5 years of exposure, and in today’s world, it’s impossible to not have […]

    • Thanks for sharing this. EMF Electrosensitivity is getting more and more prevalent with some researchers stating that up to 6% of people are actually so sensitive they are experiencing moderate to serious effects, but that up to 30% of people are being affected in some way without knowing it. Many people believe that having a foggy brain or being tired most of the time is normal and would never think to attribute it to WiFi or other EMF sources. One part of the battle is public awareness until this happens steps won’t likely be taken to lessen our constant exposure. The BioElectric Shield has helped a great many people get their health and lives back.


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