Why You Should Opt-Out from a Smart Meter

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Smart Meters Crash Appliances, Catch Fire and Explode and May Endanger your Health.

Smart meters are dangerous – they can catch fire and explode and worse yet, may present serious health issues. or mysterious symptoms and heart arrhythmia.

In a recent article from the Activist Post, very valuable information has been released to the public. It turns out that problems with Smart Meters are being reported all over this country! Smart Meters were first installed by PG & E. in 2010 in Northern California. Cordless phones, crib monitors, patio speakers and wireless headsets were emitting static, pops and crackles. Imagine your baby attempting to sleep with all that racket.

Consumers complained these new Smart Meters were interfering with wireless microphones, security systems, remotely controlled garage doors and motion detectors. So much for home security. Huge increases in their electric bill accompanied all these other problems. Did PG & E respond?

Why yes, they responded by saying they were working on a solution. Period. In 2011, there were more complaints. Same Issues. Fast forward to 2017. Travel to North Carolina. In a quick ABC news segment, we hear from a family that after a Smart Meter was put on their home, several electronically run appliances began to malfunction including their dryer and TV. When the repairman came to fix the dryer, the electronic board had to be replaced. Guess who paid for that? (It wasn’t PG &E). Duke Energy claimed they inspected the locations with similar problems and voltage was fine. What they don’t say is that Smart Meters can emit high voltages and then emit nothing so to minimize the voltage output rating, they average the emissions, creating a false number!

Have Smart Meters Come to your Neighborhood?

If not, get ready. They are being rolled out across the USA over the next 4 years. May we suggest that you opt-out if you can. Utility companies are required to send a notice informing you that Smart Meters are being installed in your area. They will not specify a date but will give you a range of weeks. It is imperative that you act immediately to opt-out of the Smart Meter. Further, it is advised that, once you do this, you type up a waterproof notice and tape it to your meter. The notice is to the independent contractors who have been hired to install the Smart Meters. They won’t have your information, so it’s

Do Smart Meters Affect People’s Health?

We get calls every week from people who are experiencing symptoms from either their own Smart Meter or, if they opted-out, their neighbor’s Smart Meters. Headaches, extreme fatigue, anxiety, sleep issues, nausea, flu-like symptoms, leg cramps, concentration, and memory issues, just to name a few of the problems. Oftentimes, the addition of a smart meter tips the scale from being able to mostly handle the EMF from cell phones, wifi etc to an overload situation

To read more about this, read “Smart Meters Trigger Mysterious Symptoms“. We know Smart Meters can produce irregular cardiac rhythms so if you wear a pacemaker or are experiencing arrhythmia, please make sure you have personal energy Shielding.

Opting Out

If you have already opted out, call your power company and ask when Smart Meters are being installed in your area. Ask for your work order number and post that along with a sign saying “DO NOT INSTALL A SMART METER – WE HAVE OPTED OUT.”

If you have an Analog Meter, also state “LEAVE THIS ANALOG METER in PLACE” on your sign.

If you have not yet opted-out, call the Smart Meter line at your local utility company. Tell them that you want to keep your ANALOG METER (if you still have one) OR that you want them to install an ANALOG METER and NOT a digital meter with a “switching mode power supply” (SMPS) that has been well documented to emit sharp spikes of millisecond bursts of high-frequency microwave radiation back in to the electrical system of your house (sometimes called “dirty electricity”).

You can get more advice from Take Back Your Power on how to opt out from ‘smart’ meters.

What else you can do

If you do have any type of Smart Meter, and can’t get rid of it for any reason put a Premium Room Shield on Stand on any piece of furniture that is close to the inside wall of where the Smart Meter is installed on the outside of that same wall. Ideally, the Room Shield will sit on a surface directly across from the Smart Meter, but if this is not possible, you can also hang 2-3 feet from that wall, at least 12″ down from the ceiling. Click here for more smart meter options. 

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