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If you want to protect yourself from electromagnetic frequencies, or EMF, you should start at the most important of all places: your own body. EMF blockers designed to provide full-body protection are the most basic, and perhaps most crucial, way to protect yourself and your family members from the potential damaging effects of our radiation-filled world.

What research shows about the need for EMF Blockers emf blockers for electronics

Many recent studies have suggested that the EMFs emitted by electronic and wireless devices such as cell phones, laptops, microwaves, smart meters, and more, may have permanent, lasting effects on our health. The consequences of chronic, prolonged EMF exposure may be both psychological and physiological: from an inability to concentrate and emotional sensitivity to migraines, infertility, and even cancer, EMFs may be disrupting your body's ability to function at a micro cellular level.

Living in a modern society where everyone is always "tuned in" via electronic devices means that we are constantly surrounded by EMFs, even when we make attempts to limit our own personal use of cell phones or WiFi signals.

Life is Good with EMF Blockers!

Fortunately, our EMF blockers can offer you protection and peace of mind, while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of modern technology. Our shielding pendants are equipped with a crystal matrix of quartz to deflect electromagnetic frequencies, stabilize your core energy frequency, and enhance your own unique energy vibrations.

With four different levels of protection, you have the option to choose the EMF blockers best suited for you and your family. Start by taking our EMF quiz to learn about how your environment may impact your EMF protection needs, as well as our HSP quiz to discover whether you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) when it comes to picking up on other people's energy frequencies.

What Level of EMF Protection is Right For You?

Click Here To take an EMF Protection Quiz to see kind of EMF blocker will be best for you. This quiz was developed by a Research Methodolist who has served Fortune 500 companies since the early 1980's. The quiz uses your answers in the areas of use of electronics, exposure to EMF as well as your own assessment of how much EMF bothers you to determine how strong an EMF blocker you need. Time needed for the quiz - about 10 minutes.

Or make the call to BioElectric Shield today for more information on safeguarding your health. (+1-541-201-8878). Our team can help you decide which EMF blockers are right for you.

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Energy Protection

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  3. Reduce EMF in your home

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