Cellular Phone Radiation - World Health Organization Facts and Safety Tips

Who is the World Health Organization, WHO/ IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) and why is what they say important?

WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.

To learn more about the agency: http://www.who.int/about/en/

The world’s health communities look to WHO for guidance. When WHO comes out with an acknowledgement of an issue it gives a lot of credibility to it. Until now WHO hasn’t been willing to state that there are any negative effects from Cell phones or EMF, they Had been saying that there just wasn’t enough evidence. They have now reversed that and said there is a preponderance of evidence that cell phones are very possibly cancerous and we should take precautions. They have further gone on to state

“Between 3 and 6% of the world's population is ill from electromagnetic sensitivity, but these numbers are growing continuously and upwards of 30% are affected and don't even know it.”

What's the evidence?

Scientists, worldwide, have completed study after study for the past 50 years, linking cancer rates to the use of not only cellular phone radiation, but electromagnetic radiation in general. We have posted the most recent studies in our News and Views section of this site under the title of Cell Phone Safety and Dangers. Read the World Health Organization Press Release stating cellular phone radiation as a possible carcinogen to humans



teenagers cellular phone radiation danger I have personally heard people say they are ok using a cell phone because they live in a less populated rural area where there is less exposure to cellular phone radiation. Yet, this reason is flawed! The farther a signal has to travel from the base station, the stronger it must be for you to receive your call.

Quoting from article by Nic Fleming, Science Correspondent, The Telegraph - UK "Prof Kjell Hansson Mild, a biologist at ÷rebro University, Sweden, said:

"Mobile phones can use up to 1,000 times more power when they are far away from a base station. 
"Our research suggests that you are more at risk of a brain tumor if you live in the countryside and are consistently using a mobile far from their transmitters.

  • Among those who had used a digital mobile for more than five years, those in rural areas were three-and-a half times more likely to have a tumor than those in urban areas.
  • When those in both groups who had used their phones the most were compared, the risk was four times greater in rural areas."

The Dr. Oz Show Reports Link Between Cell Phones and Cancer

Mon 11/16/2009 :The industry says there’s no connection, but experts are raising the alarm. Here’s how to play it safe.

We rely on them to connect us to the people we love, to help us stay organized, and, in an emergency, to keep us safe. But more and more experts are saying that cell phones may pose a very serious health risk – increasing your chance of developing a brain tumor.

A group of researchers from South Korea and California analyzed 23 studies that looked at the association between tumors and mobile phone use.

This study examined a decade’s worth of research and concluded that people who use cell phones for more than 10 years are up to 30% more likely to develop brain tumors than people who rarely use them.


Do you have EMS - Electromagnetic Sensitivity?

If you have started to notice symptoms when you are around various devices that product electromagnetic radiation - like cell phones, computers, places where wireless is used - you probably have EMS. Read more about electromagnetic radiation sensitivity.

Cell Phone Radiation Dangers and Safety Tips

Every time we use our cell phones, we use are emitting radiofrequency radiation. It affects our DNA. In fact, animal studies have shown that the radiation from cell phones can change the cells inside their brain. "But because cell phone use is a relatively recent phenomenon, and brain cancer can take many years to develop, some scientists warn we will not see the results until it is too late.

Who is Most at Risk? - Your children

Children’s brains are thinner and contain more fluid than adult brains, which means they can more readily absorb electricity. Mathematical models show that when children hold a mobile phone up to their ears, the brain surface they expose to radiation is more than double that of adults. Some countries, including Finland and Israel, have already issued warnings that children not use cell phones, and Maine recently passed an emergency bill mandating warning labels about children and cell phones.

Steps to Staying Safe

  • Wear an EMF Protection Pendant What Level of Protection will fit your lifestyle? Consult our EMF Protection and your Lifestyle Chart
  • Put it on speaker. Because your exposure drops exponentially as you move the phone away from your head, you don’t have to keep the phone very far away to reduce your exposure by 1,000 to 10,000 times.
  • If you must use a wireless headset, turn it off when you’re not using it.
  • Put Cellular Phone radiation protection directly on your cell phone. This will redirect some of the radiation. If you are wearing a BioElectric Shield AND use the WaveShield you have extremely strong protection from the cellular phone radiation.
  • Store it. Unless you’re on it, stow the phone in your purse or bag. If you keep it on your waist, keep it turned off. Studies have shown that keeping a cell phone in your pocket can decrease sperm count.
  • Save it for a strong signal. When reception is bad (such as in a rural areas or when you’re driving) use your phone for emergencies only. The weaker the signal, the more the radio frequency has to boost itself to get connected, increasing your exposure.
  • Protect the kids. Do not let children use cell phones next to their heads. For older kids, it shouldn’t take much encouragement to get them to text more than they chat.

Read our Ultimate Guide to Cellphone Safety

Powerful Cellular Phone Radiation Protection

Since 1990, the BioElectric Shield Company has provided people with cellular phone radiation protection via their EMF Radiation Protection Pendant, called the BioElectric Shield. Research studies have shown this all natural pendant not only balances and strengthens your entire Biofield, but also deflects any energy that is incompatible with you - including cellular phone radiation. They also recommend specific radiation reduction accessories for the cellphone in addition to wearing the Shield. Remember - the Shield will deflect 90% or more of the radiation and the other tools will finish the job with their lesser, but important deflection technology.


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