Can Morality be Affected by Electromagnetic Pulse?

MoralBeliefs copyA study conducted by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that the ability to evaluate other people's actions as right or wrong can be disrupted with an electromagnetic pulse to the brain.


Click here to download and read the rest of the article and the research

This article gives me chills. How much of the increasing violence and seeming lack of moral judgment could be attributed by disruptions in brain waves from our wi-fi, cell phones, and constantly increasing technology? Obviously we can't know the answer to that question any time soon.

In the meantime, we believe that wearing the BioElectric Shield for EMF Protection is going to help your brain be less affected by potential harm from the electromagnetic radiation.

(Yes I realize the study was about a specific post, but since our news is continually filled with articles about people who seem to have a seriously impaired view of right and wrong, just maybe the Electromagnetic radiation that's bombarding us is having some effect).

Read our article about Fear and the increasing impact on our lives and how we feel the Shield can help.


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