National Toxicology Report Links Cell Phone Radiation with Tumors

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cell phone radiation blocker tumors cancerResearchers from the National Toxicology Program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have uncovered new evidence about the links between cell phone radiation and cancerous tumors — links so strong that they decided to release their preliminary results before the entire study was completed.

In a long-term experiment using laboratory rats, the animals exposed to the same kinds of low-level radio waves emitted by cell phones developed significantly more cancerous tumors than those in the control group who were not exposed.

The findings support the notion that electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, could cause cancerous tumors in humans, though the researchers themselves admit that there is still a long way to go before determining definitive causality of these tumors.

Even so, the drastic results of the study are a call for the public to wake up to possible EMF dangers and effects, says Dr. Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust.

Our grandchildren could pay the price, if we don’t take steps now

“If we treat this as we did the early studies on passive smoking, asbestos, or hormone replacement therapy and wait for more proof of human harm before taking steps to reduce exposures,” she told the Wall Street Journal, “our grandchildren will pay the price.”

Cell phones and wireless phones emit radiation around the clock, even when they’re not in use.

Even if you hold a phone an inch away from your face to try and limit radiation exposure, many scientists believe it’s not enough.

With these alarming new findings, it’s more important than ever to invest in a cell phone radiation blocker for targeted protection from cordless phone radiation and even more importantly EMF full-body protection. An EMF neutralizer or cell phone holder can help limit radiation exposure to you and your family. Read more about using your phone safely

Brain tumors have increased 30% since cell phone use exploded in 2008

The National Toxicology Program’s report confirms what we’ve already long known or suspected: the 30% increase in brain tumors of an “unknown nature” since 2008 could be the direct result of EMF.

Don’t take chances. Children are using wireless electronics at younger ages now than ever before, which means they’re more likely to be exposed to chronically high levels of radiation throughout their lifetimes. Protect children from EMF with a cell phone radiation blocker before they get exposed to dangerous levels. You’ll be protecting the future health of society, too.

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