Is Upgrading Your EMF Protection Right for You?

EMF Dangers & Research

Upgraded EMF Protection Pendant to Level 4 BioElectric Shield

You are unique! Your exposure and sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR), stress and the stress and fear around us varies widely including how it affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Below are questions that you can ask yourself to decide when a higher level EMF protection BioShield will benefit you.

  • Do you find yourself wondering frequently if you should upgrade? I’m a firm believer that your intuition can guide you very clearly if you listen and that “nudges” like this are often your intuition urging you to make a change.
  • Have you changed either your exposure or lifestyle in some significant way?
  • Have you moved, gotten a new cell phone, smart meter, cell tower close by….etc? More EMF radiation means more EMF protection is needed!

We have found that in many cases just one such change can throw your system into overload putting you into the extremely sensitive category. In this case, a stronger Shield can be a huge help, or perhaps even adding multi-level protection like a room Shield or Shielding on your electronic devices. Our photo analysis can help you make these decisions.

  • Has your Home or Work environment changed recently?
    Are you spending more time around confrontational, negative or stressed out people? Or have your taken on new responsibilities that are causing extra stress? Again, often just a small change can create a lot of impact and a stronger Shield can help you deal with both internal and external stress.
  • Have you moved to a larger city? Moving to a big city adds a great deal to both the EMF and energy and stress from other people, traffic etc.
  • Are you experiencing health, emotional or mental challenges? This can also be a sign that you need an upgrade, or perhaps even a Customized Shield.
  • Are you traveling more frequently – especially international travel? Travel subjects you to large doses of EMF, other people, and shifting time zones. Many wearers have found relief from all these when upgrading to a Level 4, 14k gold Shield.

Want to confirm your intuition with a free consult?

You can send in your photo for our free analysis  and by answering some questions and letting us know what you’re hoping an upgrade will do for you. We can give you feedback on whether this is the right choice for you and how you might expect to benefit.

How does this trade-up/upgrade work?

You might be surprised to hear this, but if you send in a photo, we won’t automatically recommend a Level 4 Shield – we recommend what fits your energy needs! Read more

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