How do we protect ourselves from WiFi and other cool technology?

EMF Dangers & Research

HowDoWeProtectFromWiFiWell, first of all, let’s face it – we have a problem. Research has been done for at least 50 years (the Swedish researchers were at this before most of us were born!) showing some clear health issues when someone is exposed to electromagnetic radiation on a regular basis. We LOVE our iPhones, iPads, Androids, tablets, laptops…. but, ah um…. are they wreaking havoc on our bodies?

Some say yes, some say no.  Although research is being done by hundreds of researchers now, it’s still not at a point where it can be said it’s absolutely conclusive with no doubt at all.

Why not ignore these warnings if you feel good?

This might sound shocking to you and truthfully many people are looking at the building evidence and deciding to wait to make changes in their habits until the links between cell phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters and the rest of the electromagnetic radiation from our technology is fully known and written up by all the reputable researchers.  Lots of people we know say – “no big deal – I’m cool”.

Well, maybe you are cool right now. We don’t want to spoil your joy – at all. But at our company, we hear about the people who are no longer cool with exposure to EMF.  Just yesterday I got an email from a very old friend, who informed me that her husband is undergoing treatment for lymphoma. Not fun. Their 2 kids who are 11 and 13 are probably not too thrilled to have a Dad who feels really crappy after chemo for about 10 days – just in time to get another treatment. We’re not going for bumming you out – we just want to ask you something.

Are you willing to be a lab rat for the next 20-40 years before the proof is solid? What if you become one of the statistics?

Many people respond with – If it hasn’t been Proven, I don’t need to worry about it. Surely if it were dangerous our government would tell us or stop the industry from selling harmful devices? Really?

So – here’s some data for you:

  1. Damage is cumulative – just like smoking – it often takes 10-20-even 40 years before the damage is indisputable and can be attributed to the cause. Most people in the US have been using a cell phone for only about 10 years – early adopters 20.
  2. Although the research has not been conclusive, even the World Health Organization has changed their stance. Our point is that since the effects of toxins accumulate over time – then it may be 10-20-30 years before we know fully how we have been impacted, and EMF is a toxin. Do you or your children want to be one of the test cases that proves the danger?
  3. The world’s health communities look to WHO for guidance. When WHO comes out with an acknowledgment of an issue it gives a lot of credibility to it. In 2011, WHO said there is a preponderance of evidence that cell phones are very possibly cancerous and we should take precautions. They have further gone on to state in a separate release that “Between 3 and 6% of the world’s population is ill from electromagnetic sensitivity, but these numbers are growing continuously and upwards of 30% are affected and don’t even know it.”
  4. 4.    A major new report on EMF by 29 independent scientists and health experts from around the world finds a link between EMFs, cancer, and other health problems.

OK, what can I do to enjoy my cool stuff and be safe?

>>Take charge of your health and well-being now. Read our  Ultimate Cellphone Safely Tips

>>Look into EMF protection devices – there are lots of them on the market (although we think ours is best)

>>Get Informed – read some blogs that summarize important stuff  – Here are some examples:

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