Tips for the Highly Reactive Highly Sensitive Person

Do you notice these things about yourself?


Your nervous system is easily triggered into a fight or flight reaction to the energy and circumstances around you.

You may be easily frustrated, upset, angry or irritable in new or unusual situations. It may be helpful before going into an unusual situation to get as much information about it as possible.

You may find that you are often highly anxious and concerned with the opinions of others. You feel criticism very deeply especially if it’s not phrased as helpful but seems more like an attack.

You may also have a tendency to imagine worst-case scenarios or focus on the negative.

You are also very possibly quite sensitive to the thoughts, emotions, and fears of others, making it hard at times to know what are your own thoughts and fears or those coming from others. Read more here about the impact of Fear on your life.

You may have become shy and reclusive as a way to protect yourself from what may feel like an unkind or unsafe world.

NOTE; If you haven't already done so, please take our HSP/Empath quiz for more information on your sensitivity types which will be followed up with tips to help ease your life.

Tips for Highly Sensitive People that are known to work!

frog 885732 1280Meditation or Quieting Activities

Learning to meditate or other techniques for finding your calm, grounded center may be extremely helpful.

Your system is geared to react strongly and that it’s not a character flaw, or something wrong with you, but it is something that may be causing issues in your life, so learning ways to react in more positive ways may be helpful.

Be Kind to Yourself - Get Energy Protection

Be kind to yourself, and yes, wearing a BioShield could be a huge help because it reduces the impact of all the energy flooding your system from the people and technology around you.

I hope you will consider getting a BioElectric Shield - the Shield balances and strengthens your energy field, deflects much of the energy coming from other people and technology, and can be an HSPs best friend. The BioShield changed my life and it may do the same for you.
Most HSPs will do best with a Level 2 or Level 3 Shield 

Read More About Who You Are

Check out this article Click Here to read - What Does it Mean to Be a Highly Sensitive Person?

Find Out More about the Impact of EMF on your sensitivityquiz

Click Here Take our EMF Protection Quiz to help you determine the Shield level that will be best for you

Click Here to consult our Shield Buyers Guide - This chart will help you match up your lifestyle, energy sensitivities, and EMF exposure to help you decide which level of Shield will be best for you.

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The 6 HSP Subtypes 

When you take the HSP Quiz, you will learn your level of sensitivity overall as well as for the following six subtypes we have identified.  Click here to learn more about each subtype:

Sensory Sensitivity

Intuitive sensitivity

Electromagnetic Sensitivity 

Highly Reactive

Permeable Boundaries 

Emotional Sensitivity (Empath)

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