The Depression, Angst and Loneliness You Feel During the Holidays May not All be Yours.

Deppression-Angst holidays-HSP_Emf_Protection_PendantEvery year I hear this question over and over - Why are the holidays so difficult? I am feeling great, them feel blindsided by emotions that I can't even figure out as they don't really seem to have any connection to my life.

Many people find that they are depressed, anxious and overly emotional during the holidays. Oftentimes they can't relate it to anything going on in their lives. When this happens, the chances are pretty good that what you're feeling isn't really your own emotions.

The holidays are especially difficult for many of us because there is just too much free floating angst, loneliness and pain in the air for our normal filters to deal with. It can become overwhelming and overtake even the strongest of us.

Luckily wearing the BioShield, I only get a slight dose of it, and it never gets to fully sink in. When it comes on, I found that sending out love helps it release. Perhaps I feel it simply as a reminder to be especially conscious of sending love out at this time of year.

Of course, most of us are also especially sensitive to the fears, needs and wants of our friends and family, making this an important time to remember to take care of ourselves.

Ways to cope

  1. Get plenty of rest

  2. Set boundaries

  3. Decide how much time you have to spare, and stick with it.

  4. Don’t accept every invitation.

  5. Guard your personal time – as empaths and sensitives we need alone time to regroup and regenerate, without that we can go downhill fast. When we’re down, we aren’t any good for anyone.

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