Strangling-co-workerIf you’re like a lot of us, a big part of the stress comes from dealing with differing personalities. We focus a lot on those special difficult people as the stressors, but the truth is the other person doesn’t have to be especially difficult or negative to cause you stress or anxiety; they simply have to be very different than your own.

Here are some examples of personality differences that can cause stress.

You love quiet – the person in the next cube/office listens to talk radio – or music you find irritating. You are super cheerful and laugh a lot – the guy nearest to you scowls every time you laugh.

In meetings you get excited by the ideas being discussed and love to throw out ideas as they come to you – management wants you to present every idea in writing. For you this loses spontaneity and you benefit much more from instant feedback which gives you a better feel for if you even want to proceed further with the idea.

Then, of course, there are the toxic people – they put you down, they say No to everything before even considering. They just seem to have a life filled with stress, negativity and trauma or they don’t take anything seriously, or they take everything too seriously….fill in the blanks, you know who they are.

What you may not realize is that part of the issue can be that you have energy fields that are like oil and water. They just don’t play nicely together.

I have an example from about 15 years ago. I was sharing a small office space with a woman who tended to just rub me the wrong way, and vice versa. Yes, we had very different lives and backgrounds but it was more than that. We’d worked it out and were doing really well…until one day we both just blew up. I swear every word out of her mouth, every movement she made had me ready to scream and I could tell she felt the same. By the end of the day we were in a shouting match, if we’d had guns…well, I’m just glad we didn’t.

The following day we both were extremely apologetic but better than that, we had a solution. We had both realized the previous evening that neither of us had worn our Shields that day, we’d left them home recharging. It was obvious to us both that without our Shields we just couldn’t seem to energetically find common ground. Wearing our Shields we were able to be much smoother and allowing with each other – even finding each other’s quirks rather amusing. Well sometimes. Wearing a Shield can help in several ways.

  1. The Shield deflects the EMF from all the technology around you, which allows you to be more focused and your energy stays more relaxed, coherent and less chaotic.
  2. The Shield deflects other people’s energy, stress, mood, so you’re not in reaction against it.
  3. The Shield also pulls you out of the general layer of fear on the planet that is often an underlying, constant stressor. Read more about the how other people’s fear affects you.
  4. The Shield balances your entire energy field, making it easier for you to bounce back after being stressed. Read more from other energy sensitive people
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