How can you make this vacation RELAXING, not one you need a vacation to recover from?

It’s summer and hopefully you’re taking some time off to enjoy some travel, family, or just to rest and recuperate.

Most of us spend our time planning What we’re going to do and give little thought to How we’re going to do it. Whether you’re a highly sensitive person or not, oftentimes just a few changes in your vacation plans will give you a much more enjoyable time and leave you actually feeling like you don’t need a vacation to recover from your vacation. I used to feel like that a lot after a vacation, but I finally learned a few things that work for me and I find myself looking forward to the summer a lot more than I used to.

  1. Here’s a time/stress saving tip - Did you know you can put a hold on your mail online in about 1 minute? You tell the post office when to start and stop your mail, easy. Just go to and click on Hold Mail

  2. When you’re traveling chances are you’re going to be flying and possibly changing time zones. Wear your Shield and enjoy your trip more than ever. How can the Shield help?

    • Your shield will protect you from the electromagnetic bombardment at the airport and on the plane. Even if you have to take your Shield off to go through security, put it right back on and it will immediately begin helping your body release the effects of the radiation.

    • Your Shield also helps to re-set your body clock. 

  3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, airports, strange cities, hotels….all are awash with other people’s energy, it may be happy and joyful, but chances are many of the people are stressed, worried about how to get where they’re going, dealing with family or work situations, or any number of other emotional issues.

    • Your sensitivity to these things is even greater when you travel because you too are dealing with having to figure out new places, situations, directions, etc. So the less you have to deal with their energy, the more relaxed and focused you can be.

  4. Hotels, we don’t normally wear our Shields at night, except when we’re staying in a hotel.

    • That hotel room is filled with different energies, even emotional baggage left behind by many of the other people who have slept in that bed. The hotel maids clean the room physically, but they can’t do anything to clean the energy. Either put your shield on the nightstand near you, or even wear it during the night and you might just sleep better.

    • Take your Room Shield - Hang your room Shield from the knob on the lamp...but be sure to put a note on the door to remind you to take it with you when you leave.

  5. Jet lag and time zonesjet lag is partially caused by the EMF load in the airplane.

    • The Shield naturally helps with that issue. Jet lag and time zone shifts also throw off your body clock. Because the Shield is balancing your energy field, you’ll find that you’re able to adjust more easily when wearing your Shield.

    • Read more about the BioElectric Shield and jet lag.

  6. Get clear about what's relaxing for you - You may find laying on the beach relaxing, or maybe hiking in the mountains or kayaking nourishes your soul. You're the best judge of what's going to be best for you.

  7. Put on your Shield and have a relaxing summer.

We found an excellent article about Sensitive Summer Travel on Elaine Aron’s website, although it’s meant for highly sensitive people, we think most of us can take a few pointers from it to assure an enriching, self-nourishing vacation.

 Read these Summer Travel Tips for HSPs and Empaths - by Elaine Aaron




 Read More about Highly Sensitive People and the BioElectric Shield












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