MiketheMailman-Nice-SneakersI regularly watch the CBS show Sunday Morning. I hate news shows and all the exposes that focus on the negatives, the fear, the painful; this is one show that looks for positive news and interesting people. This morning’s post was extremely uplifting and encouraging. They showed Mike the Mailman at a post office at Penn State who has spent the last 38 years spreading sunshine by finding something positive to say to every single person he encounters during the day. “I think if you’re going to be someplace for eight hours, make it fun not only for yourself but the customers,” says Mr. Herr (aka Mike the Mailman).

The show took the step further and interviewed a man who’d been voted teacher of the year. The one person he thanked, Mike the Mailman. Mike’s example stuck with him as a lesson in understanding that you never know when one small thing you do or say makes a difference in someone’s life. He now shares that positive message with his students. The internet is full of these touching stories of a good Samaritan or chance encounter in which is a person is about to give up, then they are touched by someone’s words or kindness and the world seems a much different place.

I frequently talk to people who are thinking about quitting their jobs so they can do something meaningful and make a difference in the world. Somehow a lot of people think that in order to be “spiritual” and make a difference they should become a healer, a coach, or in some other way have a “spiritual” job. But what if you could make a much bigger difference by bringing the spiritual and sacred into your everyday life, into your work place?

I have a friend who works at a high level government post and for the last several years she has felt that she needed to quit that job in order to live her purpose. Recently in a consultation with a coach she got a whole new perspective and realizes she is exactly where she needs to be and she is living her purpose every single time she walks into her office building of 30,000 government employees. You may or may not know this, but your very presence can have an effect on the people and spaces around you. By staying positive and in her heart “Audrian” brings a sense of peace and oneness to a government agency that is about anything but that.

You don’t even have to be physically present in order to make a difference. If you’ve read Lynne McTaggart’s work, “The Intention Experiment” or “The Field” or any of the other studies out about intention or prayer, you know that what you put out there does make a difference. Think about this: If you hold the intention that positive energy and love will be shared with every email you send, every word you put up on the internet, every product you sell, every blog, Facebook post, Pin you do either in your work or personal life the people who see or read your words will on some level be uplifted by what you have sent out.

Did you know that in wearing a Shield your positive energy is enhanced? The Shield helps you stay more centered, focused and in your heart. How? Why? Partly because it’s Shielding you from the Fear around you, but also because it brings your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies into alignment allowing who you are to be more clear and balanced, which lets other people have a sense of what that can feel like and often they realize they’d like to feel that way too.

Think about your job or your personal life; whose lives do you touch in some way? Could your positive influence and love just possibly make a difference? You will probably never know…but I guarantee you that if you are holding that intent in your heart, it will make a difference and you will feel happier than you’ve ever felt in your life.

Imagine…just holding up a sign saying “Nice Sneakers” can make someone’s day. It’s not What you do, but How you do it.

Go “postal” but in a good way.

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