WhatsKillingYouTodayYou are bombarded day in and day out with alarming news of all the things that are killing you.

Do you still read them, Or do you just click "next" and bypass that bit of anxiety-producing news?

Oh yeah, I just posted another article “Smart Meters, 4g Cell Phones, Cell Towers, WiFi  - Big Deal, Who Cares Anyway.”  The question is…how do you respond.

There are two responses. Okay I'm probably simplifying, but simplicity can be refreshing at times.

Going Numb.

You glance briefly, then turn it off, go to the next article, or don't even let it register at all.

You can only respond to so many things before your mind numbs it all out.

Your fight or flight mechanism was designed to deal with one or two threats at a time, but today you're bombarded with so many that if you tried to respond to them all you'd be in a constant state of anxiety.

As a defense mechanism, you begin to simply not respond to most of these bits of news.

Your inner dialog may go like this:
"Well yeah, something else is going to kill me, but that's today, tomorrow it'll be something else. It's impossible to keep up. Besides, half the time they'll change their minds in a few years and decide it's not a threat at all or that it's worse than they thought and we should have all taken immediate protective measures."

"Really, am I supposed to quit eating, drinking, breathing, driving, flying, taking my clothes to the dry cleaners, using detergent, talking on my cell phone, using my laptop, using a baby monitor..... There are so many warnings out there, and to make it even worse they contradict each other and even the experts can't decide which things are deserving of immediate attention."

"It's all just too much, apparently everything is killing me, so what can I possibly do about it, I give up."

Sound familiar? If so, you're in good company, probably 70% of people have come to the same conclusion and just stopped hearing all but the most in-your-face strident warnings.

What about the other 30%?

Fearing Everything.

This group is in a constant state of anxiety about it all. They are trying to keep up, eat right, not eat or drink the things that are dangerous; they are convinced that if they work hard enough they’ll get it all right.

The inner conversation may go something like this.

“Is that on the ‘I can eat it’ list this week, or is it on the caution list? Dang, trying to keep up with all this is making me crazy. I'm always worried and upset, I can’t even sleep at night, but I try so hard to do it all right. Should I order that water filter, or is the other one better, or is bottled water best? Oh no, but then I'm harming the environment with all those plastic bottles! Oh, goodie, here's something I can order and take daily that helps remove toxins. And here's something else I can do or take that will help improve my immune system. Hmmm is boosting my immune system enough to deal with this kind of stuff? Do I need to do something more? But what if I missed something important? I keep waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing, is that from my wireless router, should I have turned it off, but oh no, I can't turn off the cell tower down the road or my neighbors WiFi or maybe I'm just worried, should I go to the doctor for new anti-anxiety meds? I am so scared for my kids, the world sure isn't the same as when I was growing up.”

You get the idea, I'm sure. These are two very different ends of the spectrum. How do you decide which response you'll take? Most of us have our reactions more or less hardwired in to our brains, going always to our usual reaction.

That may be so, but we can take steps to modify some of that knee-jerk reaction by doing a little deductive reasoning or learning more about how our minds work to evaluate threats. Oh and just a note, some of the fear you're feeling may not even be yours.

Changing Our Response

I've been reading a fascinating book, well listening to it on audio really, it's all about how our brains react to stimulus and makes us afraid of the things that we shouldn't be and has us terrified of things that are actually much less threatening. "The Science of Fear" by Daniel Gardner, opened my eyes to how media is used to manipulate our responses. With a little more information we can more wisely question what we're reading or hearing and make more intelligent choices based on deductive reasoning.

I was stunned by some of the tricks used to assure a certain response from most people and at how easily it works and we never even question it.  Why? We didn't even know what to look for, or what questions we should be asking.

Example, above I used a percentage of 70% of people who have gone into numb mode. Did you ask where that figure came from? Probably not, we're so used to reading stats we just assume there's truth in it. Well, guess what, I made it up. But it stills rings true doesn’t it?

The truth is I’m not trying to manipulate your response but I do want to get your attention. Would we like you to buy our product? Yes, of course.  However, we don’t want you to buy it if it’s not the right thing for you. We even offer a FREE photo analysis to determine if a Shield is going to help you, and which level of Shield is going to be best for you. We won’t sell you a Shield that is stronger than what you need. Seriously, we have been known to refuse to sell a gold Shield, even a tri-gem Shield. Yes, we turned down thousands of dollars because it wasn’t the best solution for the person.

Why do we offer a free analysis? Why would we actually refuse to sell a $4500 Shield and instead sell one that is only $350? We care about you. We love all our customers and we want you to be healthy, focused and balanced in your life. If the BioShield  or one of our other products can make a difference, we’d like to see you make that choice. If you’re not sure which Shield is right for you then check out this free service.

Do your own research about the things affecting your life today, then decide which ones are your top priority, then do something that makes sense to you.


Note about punctuation and run-on sentences…these were on purpose just to highlight a point about how your brain can just spiral into a fear cycle. I do know better.

Do you care about what's killing you today? 

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