Fall Harvest, Equinox, Balance and Life-Affirming Choices

Fall Leaves featurepics-B1573FE8-0E81-4976-833B-D0D26469B99AIt’s Fall - leaves are starting to change in many areas. which puts many of us in mind of the changes of the seasons and in our lives. This past weekend (September 29-30) was the annual harvest moon. Both the start of autumn and the harvest moon bring a natural shift in our thinking and focus even if we don’t really notice it at the time. The Fall Equinox is about the balance between night and day, and also about the balance within your life. This time of year calls us to go within and deepen our awareness of our lives and consciousness. Utilize this energy to consider how you contribute to the harvest in your life, the life of your family, community and even the world.

What in your life “no longer bears fruit”? Are there things that simply don’t serve you any longer? Are there friendships that have turned toxic or are draining your energy? Are there old habits that are dragging you down? Do you wake up in the morning happy to start your day, go to work, interact? Or do you constantly feel a sinking feeling when you focus on certain areas of your life.  

Now is a good time to give yourself some space for reflection and focus on the things that energize you and bring you joy and also bring awareness to those that don’t. Some people tend to never focus on the latter as they don’t want to give energy to the negativity. Let me just say this, you’re giving plenty of energy to the negative even when, or sometimes especially when, you ignore it. It’s there, it’s draining, it’s toxic; whether you choose to bring it into your thoughts or not.

If one of the areas where you struggle is around relationships you might want to check out some of our articles about Highly Sensitive People. If you aren’t currently wearing a Shield, I’d like to recommend that you try one and see how you can benefit from the Shield’s ability to deflect other people’s stress and negativity.

If you do have a Shield, and not finding it to be helping as much as it used to, it might be time to “trade-up", with the ever-increasing levels of EMF, WiFi, smart phones, smart meters and other sources of radiation what used to be enough protection may not be doing the job as well as it once did.

What do you want to release from your life and what do you want to take into the winter months to sustain and nurture yourself?

Be honest with yourself and get clear on what is life-affirming for you, and take steps to bring more of that into your life and you’ll be wrapping up 2012 with more balance, joy, and love.

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