Should You Be Concerned About Radiation Levels from Japan?

Relieve yoGeigercounterur mind with Real-time information on radiation levels in the US.

We feel that having this information is very empowering, you can check what's going on at any time

This information was forwarded to us by "The Order of the Earth" .

This Real-Time, L.A.-Based Radiation Monitor Says Stop Freaking Out

March 17th, 2011 by Celeste Fremon

This radiation freak out reality check is courtesy of GOOD magazine. Here's the heart of it.:

For anyone terrified that radiation from Japan is coming to cause devastation in America, something the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has already called "very unlikely," keep an eye on this real-time radiation detector courtesy of

According to EnviroReporter, the detector is located in the organization's Santa Monica office (that's right next to the beach, for out-of-towners) "approximately one meter off the ground in a wood-floored structure with built over crawlspace with soil foundation."

What the detection unit is measuring is the Counts Per Minute of iodizing radiation, which EnviroReporter says is between 40 and 46 CPM for their site. Some sites have higher normal background CPM, while others are much lower. And when you're on a plane, the CPM level can climb up to 200 for hours at a time.



Now click and look at the streaming video of the actual monitor for yourself - and best to put away your potassium iodide pills for the moment.

PS: A UCLA prof has answered reader questions over at the LA Times


Radiation-Danger-Cell PhoneThat's the good news.

However, You do still need to be concerned about the radiation from our technology.

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Compound the EMF danger with the media hype and fear and you're being bombarded at unbelievable levels.

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