At school I learned the natural laws of the universe. Like my wonderful new age friends I was predominantly fascinated by the law of attraction. I firmly trust that this law and its energy force guide humans in all their interactions.

The law of attraction states that like is attracted to like, and this includes the images you hold in your mind.

This law is obedient and so the world is a slave to your thoughts ~if only you can master them. Free roaming in negative frequencies your thoughts create the environment you live in. With some control and training you can over through the limitations the world would like you to believe you have. The same world has an agenda and often you are coerced into believing things that are simply false. If you see and think them often enough you will them into reality. Your first act of free will must be then to believe in free will.

It is hard to imagine at first that our life is a sum of our intentions and choices.

Why did I choose so badly I have to ask? Truth is sometimes it was easier in the short term to settle for very little, perhaps I grew up thinking that was all I deserved. “Life ultimately means taking responsibility to find the right answers to its problems and to fulfill the tasks which it constantly sets for us” wrote Victor Frankl during the Holocaust.

Truth is many of us create our own personal genocide every time we betray our hopes and dreams for the path of least resistance.
The mind has paths like a well-hiked mountain. If we get used to feeling sad trudging along the time-worn path of feelings and thoughts – no one cares if you are miserable so you might as well be happy! Give your mind some fresh paths and suggest there is always hope which is the opposite of despair. It is all about choosing to believe - hope is an emotional state, a powerful belief in a positive outcome in the face of facts.

One fact I am sure of is the law of attraction is a constant ongoing process that takes place on both a conscious and unconscious level.
Like a magnet our thoughts attract more of the same because they are most comfortable with similar thoughts not new thoughts that do not fall into the existing pattern or path. Forge a new path but first sit down and get clear. Become clear in our mind about what we want out of life. Make a list - be wild, draw pictures nothing is impossible. Thoughts become actions which become things, which become patterns which become minutes, days and lifetimes.

If we examine how thoughts become things we realize that thoughts have frequency.
Scientists can measure your thoughts they carry a charge and that charge creates the experiences we have. Thoughts then have the power to send the parallel back to you. In conclusion “what you think about- you bring about” You cannot have universe without mind, body and spirit shaping it.

So what shape is your world?

Of all the potential possibilities what experiences do you want for yourself?

What material items do you need to get this outcome?

Choose your visualization and affirmations and all can be yours – unlimited.

It has been proven that an affirmative thought is 100% more powerful than a negative one. To aid you there is a time delay a gap between wish and delivery which often serves to help you to reassess and fine tune what it is you really want. Choose thoughts carefully and you will create a masterpiece in your own experience.

When you have 60,000 thoughts a day tracking them all is really a challenge.BES-WhatMindCanConceive
Once you begin to do traffic control of your thoughts you will realize that applying censorship to each of them is a spectacular task. Thinking without awareness is probably the main dilemma of human consciousness. The easier route is to choose your feelings and keep them on track. Examples of off track thoughts can be found in bad vibe frequency varieties like fear, worry, jealousy and revenge. The trick is to replace or pivot these with positive choices like love, joy, excitement, gratitude and celebration.

Focus on breeding thoughts of possibility not limitation.
Whatever you feel about your world it is true. When you feel your life is made of love, health and prosperity you will be right. Feeling will get you closer to the truth than thinking.

When I have a worried thought I think is that true?
Can I absolutely prove that is true? Who am I if I believe that? Can I think something else that will be more positive? Sing a song of beauty and truth and the universe will provide the orchestra if you are open. Thoughts and feelings create life shifts that allow you to create the universe as you go along. Fake it till you make it. Just because yesterday didn’t deliver does not mean you get to give up, believe in yourself and bold forces will come to your aid. 

When I was ten I got the lead in the school play I was the Genie in the play Aladdin. I remember one of my lines was “Your wish is my command”. Life has always been that way and the only limit that is placed on this is the power of your imagination.


There is however a three step process that aids the process and it looks like this:

  1. ASK speak out loud or write it down in present tense – place your order.

  2. BELIEVE IT IS YOURS and trust the unseen and have unwavering faith it is on its way.

  3. RECEIVE feel it now see a fantasy turning into a fact by virtually test driving your dream. Experience thru your senses the feelings of what you want.


You provide the feelings and trust that your current reality is about to change because it always does. Make your thoughts like Gandhi dream the change you want to see in the world.

All that we are is a result of what we have thought. It is a helpful tool to make a list of gratitude because appreciation attracts support. Write it out in feeling ink using your heart to move your pen. My top ten list looks like this:

Thank you for a healthy body that supports my adventures

I am grateful for the people that love me…and to have souls to love and grow

I appreciate my horse and all he has done for me.

I have work that I love and look forward to more challenges and money

I have nice clothes and feel beautiful

I have the tools I need to write and the inspiration to make it worth the paper.

Thank you for good ideas and courage to speak them.

I am grateful for positive energy that draws the best to me

I am grateful for the unseen powers that guide me to serve the world

I appreciate the power I have in my spirit to make the world a better place.

When I coach riders I use a visual motor rehearsal to help them give their best performance. I tell them at a halt what we are going to do I get them to make it a movie in their minds and then walk them through it. Just as I have watched professional figure skaters practice their entire performance in their minds flawlessly, then they perform it on dry land, and only then do they put on skates and dresses and hit the ice. Astronauts have hours on a simulator before launch because they train their bodies just like Olympic athletes thru visualization. That is the trick – visualize the outcome you want and watch it materialize. When attached to a scientific gadget it is proven that brainwaves create muscular reactions fired. Descartes discovered “I think therefore I am” which loosely translated means that the mind and body are not separate entities any more that the spirit has a location in the body. Our energy is one holistic system that is all inclusive and all encompassing.

Wrap your hands around the wheel of your life by using mind practice to visualize the end result.
In other words put yourself in the feeling place and use the power of joy and happiness to just do it. When we feel loving and abundant we can access the inner seeing to open the doorway of our fullest potential. What this power is I cannot say all that I know is that it exists. How it shows up from your thoughts to the material realm is a beautiful mystery that we do not have to fully understand in order to put it to work in our lives. When we turn over our need to control and understand we open up a dimension that is dazzlingly full of surprises.

Done daily the visualization practice can yield exhilarating results.

      • Make a habit to use the magic that is available to you.
      • Literally HOLD THAT THOUGHT and trust the law of attraction and use it to its full capacity which is limitless.
      • Believe you have already acquired it.
      • Use joy as the measurement of your success.

Try this Four Step process

    1. Decide.
    2. Believe.
    3. Focus on gratitude.
    4. Check on personal values that trust you are indeed worthy of every single dream coming true. 


Set a goal so big it would blow your mind if you achieved it! Declare it and then act as if it is a true release of intention. 

Visualize with minute detail as it has been achieved.BES-Beacon of Light
By believing in the dream you set out to make it a reality. It is like a work out for your spirit to soar but I know it can become a habit to be the light you seek from the world. The most fascinating thing I have discovered is that when I close my eyes to visualize all I really want is already mine – love, laughter, joyful moments that outweigh the moments when I want to holler. The wishes I make are based on some wild morality for example: I am shocked to have the new truck flash on the screen of my mind only to be ruled out by the greater wish to have a healthy planet. The fancy dressage horse would mean less time for the big brown brother Fargo who adores me.

On this snowy evening I dream of a renaissance a fresh as falling snow.

What the world needs now is people who have come alive.
There is no way to tell people they are all walking around shining like the sun but I want to try.

Einstein says “The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance, and even our very existence depends on it” It’s a wonderful life and yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus and he is in you!


Note from Heather -
My friends and family know I am a non-fiction junkie and have spent countless hours reading “self-help books” from Freud to Anthony Robbins. I am not really sure if it has made me a better person but all that research was meant to be shared. I have cobbled it all together (shamelessly plagiarizing) to be my solstice gift to you all – with love.

heatherand mom_cruise_200

Heather Roderick - Heather lived and worked at Providence Farm on Vancouver Island British Columbia for seven years teaching therapeutic horseback riding to children and adults with disabilities www.providence.bc.ca. During this time she had the opportunity to get a degree in Psychology and English that she hopes to use to serve the world with inspirational words. http://www.wildwoodfarm.com/about.html

To Our Readers,

A friend of mine sent me this lovely holiday document. Her summary of how to create what you desire is so well written, I wanted to share it with more people. I believe Heather just has some kind of destiny to be heard! I was watching the first podcast of Oprah and Echkart Tolle discussing the principles of A New Earth this past fall, and one of the first people they skyped with was Heather! Last time I had seen her was on a cruise ship where she was vacationing with her lovely, 80 year-old Mother. They were "strangers", but their combined joyful energy made Dr. Brown and I want to know them better. That was 4 years ago, and we are all still good friends. Don't you just love it when the Universe presents you with these kinds of gifts - people who are just delightful and wise to boot? I hope you enjoy this great letter she wrote!

Virginia Brown 

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