How Foxes Prove Electrosensitivity is Real

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

What do http://Foxes and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Have in Common?

What http://Foxes Can Tell us about Electromagnetic Fields

Imagine acres of frozen white, and suddenly a fox diving headlong into a blanket of snow. Hidden under the 3 feet of snow, a field mouse snuggles warm and cozy, safe and protected. Unless the fox is diving using the magnetic compass that all animals use for navigation. It turns out that the red fox is most successful in hunting when using the earth’s magnetic field.
Researchers recorded 592 jumps, and found that when the fox used the North-South axis, jumping from the north, they were successful in 3 out6 of 4 jumps! When they pointed in any other direction, they came up with no mouse in their mouth more than 80% of the time.

Fish, Birds, Rats, Dogs and Cows

And just so we’re not leaving out other animals, these same researchers documented a magnetic sense in many different animals. In a rather odd, and somewhat amusing recent study, they reported that dogs prefer pooping in North-South axis as well! We’re all aware that migrating birds use magnetic fields to fly thousands of miles to winter or summer habitats. It starts to get interesting when another study found that when EMF’s from high tension power lines disrupted the alignment of both cows and deer when pooping. The effect diminished after 150 meters from the EMF source.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

The fox is using the earth’s electromagnetic field to facilitate his hunting attempts. The gentle electromagnetic field has a very low calming frequency. Artificially added frequencies that are used in WiFi, cellular phone communication, Smart Meters use higher frequencies. These frequencies are felt more keenly by some people, namely, those who are electromagnetically sensitive. When we look at the spectrum we can see how much faster these frequencies vibrate than the earth frequency. If you look at this chart, you’ll see that our modern technology utilizes the RF – radio frequency spectrum. These frequencies are invisible to our eyes, but our cells can feel them.

EMF chart
Given the animal studies, Abe Liboff, former editor of “Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine” says there is extensive evidence that electromagnetic hypersensitivity should be taken quite seriously Robert Adair, a Yale University, scientist wrote that these studies don’t prove external ELF EMF’s can affect biology at a cellular level, yet, we get calls every day from people who are being affected by WiFi, Smart Meters, and even low levels of electromagnetic radiation. Why wouldn’t these stronger EMF fields disrupt some people’s individual biology?

If you are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation from phones, WiFi, 5G and other sources, you’re simply very tuned into electromagnetic fields – and sensitive to fluctuations in these fields. The fox uses these to catch meals, but when the fields are far too strong, the body will start to experience biological breakdowns. These include headaches, fatigue, insomnia, Fibromyalgia and more.

To read more about EMF sensitivity(aka electrosensitivity) visit our Electrosensitivity section.

If you want to learn more about protection from EMF radiation, we suggest you take our EMF Exposure Quiz.

*photo by ID 1948213 © Valeriy Kirsanov | Dreamstime.com

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