EMF Safety and You — Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

EMF Dangers & Research

Man with cell phone radiating headIt may not be plainly obvious to the average American, but we are bombarded daily with more electromagnetic radiation than is healthy for our bodies. It’s not just a theory, either — according to a study conducted in 2012, chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields produced palpably higher physiological stress levels in the cells of exposed individuals than were observed in those with less exposure. Scientists also found that it only took about one or two years of exposure to EMF for the symptoms of chronic exposure to occur. In less severe cases, it was found that bioeffects from cell phone use can occur in only minutes.

We know the effects of exposure to EMF can be harmful, but we as a society are not exactly sure how harmful they are. Experts advise we exercise more caution than we currently are, due to the unknown nature of the long-term effects of EMF exposure. Others believe that harrowing trends have already surfaced among other data sets indicating chronic EMF exposure to be an issue we are already feeling the effects of.

The number of medical patients with a brain tumor of unknown origin has been growing exponentially since 2008 when observers first noticed the trend. As of today, there has been an observed 30% increase in patients of this nature, though it has not been reflected in the national cancer registry. Use of cellphones and laptops worldwide has undergone similar growth in a similar time period, suggesting to some that this increased exposure to EMF is the likely culprit behind increased numbers of brain tumors in Americans.

Many Americans aren’t waiting until it’s too late, should our use of mobile phones and other devices be identified as a serious risk to our health. Many citizens who exhibit symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity are opting to wear devices that block out EMF, exposing them to less potentially harmful radiation than they would get if they had no protection.

Sometimes called “BioElectric shields” or “EMF blockers,” these devices are available in a few different variations, some of which lay dormant in the home while others are worn as EMF protection jewelry.

If you take EMF safety as seriously as some Americans or are planning to after hearing about how much exposure we’re getting as a country, share your thoughts and concerns. Spreading awareness may be the only way to fully protect those with electromagnetic sensitivity.

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