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Today is gonna be a good day EMF Protection PendantLet’s talk about what you CAN do today to make your life better, healthier and more positive without giving up anything! To every problem, there’s ALWAYS a solution – sometimes a simple one, sometimes more complex. Sometimes the solution to one problem actually solves another one along the way…let’s look at the best solution we know of, the BioElectric Shield is an EMF Protection Pendant that can give you full-body protection and balancing.

The Shield (BioShield) works on many levels to balance and strengthen your entire energy field (aura) down to the level of your DNA, the EMF radiation, and even fear and negativity from other people is both neutralized and deflected. You are no longer being bombarded and affected by all the technology around you.

While you may purchase the BioElectric Shield EMF protection pendant to deal with the dangers of EMF, it has many other benefits that may be a solution to other issues in your life.

Enhanced Overall Health with HSP/Empath &
EMF Protection Pendant

  • Wearing a BioElectric Shield is not only protective for your energy, but it’s basically the equivalent of getting a general acupuncture treatment 24/7.
  • The Shield balances your energy meridians the entire time you wear it. Yes, if you have a specific acute issue, go see your acupuncturist, but our research shows that anyone wearing a Shield for more than 2 weeks, had much greater energy flow – as measured by their acupuncture points.

Improved Focusing Ability

  • Have you been having more difficulty focusing lately? You very probably don’t have ADD if this is a relatively new issue. So what’s happening? Simple, the increased electronic input and EMF radiation is causing an overload in your energy field. Your energy is working overtime to stay at its normal healthy frequency. Choose a Shield that is best suited for your lifestyle. Read Is it ADD/ADHD or EMF Sensitivity
  • If you or your child do have ADD/ADHD, we have a specially designed Focusing Shield that will give you even more help in focusing.

Less stress, better “go with the flow attitude”
How does the Shield help with the flow? There are a number of reasons for this.

  • Stress Affects Your flow When you get stressed, your energy field literally fragments and gets scattered, making it even more difficult to get things done or go with the flow because you can’t even recognize or find the flow. The Shield is constantly bringing you back to balance, resulting in a greater flow. Wearing the Shield EMF protection pendant when you get stressed and your energy gets out of whack, the Shield brings you back to your center.
  • Other People’s Stress Has an Effect on You. You probably aren’t even aware of this, but when you’re around people who are under stress, upset or fearful, you are affected by their stress and negative emotions. When you’re wearing the Shield much, if not all, of this energy, is being deflected away from you. You are now able to be in your own positive energy flow. Although you might not qualify as a “Highly Sensitive Person” you may still relate to some of this info. Think about times that you were in a positive mood, and then “suddenly” you were angry, frustrated, sad, or even tired, was it all you, or was it someone else’s energy impacting you? You may be a Highly Sensitive Person or Empath.
  • News drags you down. Even more surprising for many people is that you can also be affected by the news, things you read, and the internet. Again when wearing the Shield a lot of that negativity is deflected or neutralized, AND if you get triggered by something you see or read you return to “normal” much quicker.
  • Energy is more Coherent. Our technology puts out EMF radiation that also affects your energy balance and sometimes impacts it greatly causing a lack of coherence…i.e. you feel spacy, disconnected, “off”, unfocused. With the Shield, your energy remains coherent and balanced. 

Stronger immune system with EMF protection pendant

  • Peace of Mind – freedom from planetary fear.
    You probably aren’t even aware of it, but there is a layer of fear surrounding the Earth that has a huge impact on many areas of your life, many of these feelings and issues may simply be your reaction to feeling this fear 24/7: anxiety, exhaustion, negativity, lack of focus, hopelessness, depression, sadness Read more about The Increasing Impact of Fear on Your Life (it’s not all yours and you may be surprised at this…or not)
  • More than just an EMF protection pendant, The Shield lifts you out of this blanket of fear, and you are able to remain in a more positive space.
  • If you are a world server, you are doubly benefited
  • You aren’t being exhausted by this energy, thus you have more resources available to be of service.
  • You can be clearer about where your priorities are and where you can help.

Easier decision-making

  • You are no longer as affected by the fears, desires, and agendas of everyone around you.
  • You are much more able to check in with yourself about what feels right to You and make choices accordingly.

Spiritual Advancement

  • You are Shielded from all the outside “chatter” and thus much clearer and more centered. Meditators find that it’s much easier to slip into that meditative state and find their experiences are deeper and more profound.
  • Your energy is more centered, and much more quickly releases issues, upsets, and other negative states.
  • It’s easier to maintain a spiritually rich life when there is less outside influence, more clarity, and easier connectedness, plus you have the advantages of being in a space that allows easier energy shifts and change.

If you already have a BioShield, you may not have even realized that some of the things that have been better in your life have anything to do with the Shield. When you think back, it may become obvious.

If you don’t have a BioShield, please consider ordering one today.

Get Energy Protection with our personal energy protection pendant

Discover the BioElectric Shield. The BioElectric Shield EMF protection pendant can help reduce what can sometimes be an overwhelming bombardment of energy from people, electronics, and other sources – greatly reducing your stress and energy drain. The BioShield can be an HSPs best friend.

  • Click here to read “How the Shield can help you the Double Whammy of Electrosensitivity and Other People’s Energy”
  • Click here to read “Testimonials of how the BioElectric Shield EMF protection pendant has helped countless HSPs and empaths since 1990
  • Click Here to take our EMF Protection Quiz and/or our Empath/HSP Quiz At the end of the quiz, you’ll receive a recommendation for the product that matches your energy profile.
  • Click Here If you’d like a free individualized recommendation by using our Photo Analysis process
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