If you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity You are Also Probably Sensitive to Electromagnetic Radiation

Christine Tourtet presented the following information in a report representing the Breakspeak Medical Group. Because her report was copywrited, we suggest you visit the Breakspeak Clinic website article on electrosensitivity.

Key Points

  • The Majority of persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity environmental illness are Also Sensitive to Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Small electrical fields (millivolts) will cause a reaction in sensitive people.
  • Tiggers from one sensitivity can trigger other sensitivities: chemical, biological, nutritional, electrical, electromagnetic.
    Pesticides and herbicides appear to enhance EMS
  • If you reduce your body toxicity, your EMS can be lowered.

Most doctors worldwide do not understand of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS). Powerful political lobbying, and anti-EMS campaigns of misinformation by the industries worldwide, they are very resistant to officially recognize Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) as an illness, induced by electromagnetic radiations in the environment.

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