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Millions of people all over the world have developed the painful and devastating illness of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) as a direct result of massive global electromagnetic pollution.

The disease has spread, and is spreading daily at an alarming rate worldwide, in the US, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Czech Republic, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, and numerous other countries.

People, from all over the world report to have developed EMS, following exposures to cell phone towers, installed near their residences, computer screens, cell phones, WiFi video games and more.

Click here to read some of the symptoms and Causes of Electromagnetic Radiation Illness (electrosensitivity)

The dangerous world of technology has made it almost impossible for persons with EMS to be able to survive, since electromagnetic radiations are everywhere, worldwide, in the form of computers, cell phone towers, cell phones, portable phones, power lines, televisions, recorders, remote controls, telephones, car electronics, radios. pagers, audio and video recorders, digital cameras, airports, aircrafts, marine radars and radio transmitters, irons, refrigerators, washing machines, electric clocks and watches, VDU and countless other electronics.

Contrary to the worldwide public belief that cell towers, cell phones, video games and computer screens, laptops, and numerous other wireless technologies do not present any health dangers, they do emit radiations quite hazardous to health, resulting in many diseases, such as EMS, and in an increase in cancerous brain tumors for cell phone users, and in childhood leukemia for those who live near cell phone towers.

People using their cell phones not only put themselves at risk, but like second hand smoke, put other people around them at risk of developing EMS, cancerous brain tumors and other diseases.

As a matter of fact, the doctors from the Physicians Association for Life, Vienna (Austria) genuinely concerned about the terrible health hazard of cell phones, have given the following information on radiations:

"Radiation from cell phones is far from being as harmless as we have been told by cell phones companies.

Therefore, in order to act responsibly, the Chamber of Doctors, in Vienna, Austria, has decided to inform people about potential medical risks".

10 HEALTH RULES Concerning mobile phone use.

  1. As a rule, use your cell phone as little and as briefly as possible. Children and teenagers under 18 should never use one!
  2. Never hold the handset near your head when calling!
  3. Never use in vehicles (car, bus, train…radiation is higher)!
  4. Hold your cell phone as far as possible from your body when sending a SMS!
  5. Always keep meters distant from other people when calling, in order not to irradiate them!
  6. Never keep your cell phone in your pocket, radiation may affect fertility!
  7. Always switch your cell phone off at night and never keep it near your head!
  8. Never use your cell phone to play games!
  9. Headsets may also be unsafe; cables may conduct radiation!
  10. All wireless networks, local networks, WiFi and/or UMTS produce high level of radiations - either get wired, or turn off your WiFi at night!

(We have expanded this list - Read our Ultimate Cellphone Safety Guide)

For additional information on the BioInitiative Report

Unfortunately and tragically, the majority of Health Officials at Health Agencies worldwide, who are supposed to protect the health of the public, have been for years siding with the industries, and have been denying the reality of the disease of Electromagnetic Sensitivity, (EMS), cancer and other diseases caused by the harmful radiations, emitted by computers screen, cell phones, WiFi, cell phone towers, and other modern wireless technologies.

For more numerous years, the industries have spread powerful campaigns of misinformation about EMS in the entire world, to doctors, hospitals, clinics, the public, the media, Health Agencies, so that this disease does not get medically recognized, with , in most instances, the full support of some of the highest public health officials. Industries are in control of what scientific studies will be published, or not, what health reports on Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) and other diseases such as the increase in brain tumors, leukemia, should say, and have mislead the public on the safety of their products. For money and profit they have suppressed scientific studies/findings from sources other than their own, and present to the public, to the media, to doctors, and Health Officials worldwide, their own studies, which of course, as one will expect, contradict the findings of scientific studies from other sources that show the terrible health dangers of their products, and mislead the entire world, on the safety of their technologies.

With millions of cell phones, computers, and other technologies, which the public, (unaware of the terrible dangers to their health), are buying, their business is blooming more than ever, at the expense of millions of people who have developed Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS), and countless others who have developed cancerous brain tumors, leukemia, and other serious diseases as a result of the dangerous radiation emitted by the products of the wireless technology. Since they are making sure that the public, media, doctors, health agencies and their officials, the Judicial system, have access to scientific/medical information that are only to their advantage, they are escaping liabilities, and potential huge loss of profit.

And as mentioned earlier, whenever scientific studies showing the health dangers of their products are available, they suppress them and debunk them by coming up with the argument that their own scientific studies or other studies, (which of course are financed by them) do not show the same results, and they falsely claim that these studies show that their products do not present any health hazards to the public.

At present time, public manifestations are taking place, all over the world to put a stop to the endless proliferation of cell phone towers, the harmful radiations from computer screens and cell phones, radio frequencies and other technologies, and there is a petition on line, to support the Worldwide Bioinitiative Report´s recommendations for Electromagnetic Radiations, (EMR) exposure limits, to protect the public from EMR hazards.

The public is shaken worldwide upon knowing, through the BioInitiave Report of the health hazards of electromagnetic radiations they are exposed to, in their daily lives. To protect yourselves, your children, and others, please read and sign the petition at: petition.next.or

To read the entire BioInitiative report and to get yourself acquainted with the terrible health hazards of Electromagnetic radiations, please visit the award-winning site : MCS Homepage, International MCS/EMS Awareness at: MCS Homepage

The symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) are painful, numerous, and can vary with each individual. Computers screens and cell phone towers, are on the top of the list to induce EMS. Even though the symptoms of EMS can be numerous, there is a worldwide pattern of symptoms most reported upon electromagnetic radiation exposures, and they are as follows: (Note: see above for a more comprehensive, up-to-date listing)

Dermal changes/dermatitis, characterized by severe tingling, burning pin and needles sensations all over the body, a very unpleasant feeling of warmth/burning sensation to the head similar to a severe sunburn, pressure in the head, heart rate changes, such as tachycardia, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, headaches, profound malaise, visual changes, blurred vision, nausea, tiredness, exhaustion, tinnitus, loss of concentration and memory, tightening in the head, neurological and respiratory difficulties, gastric problems.

Other important symptoms have also been reported such as: noise sensitivity, vertigo, restlessness, alteration of sleep patterns and of appetite, moods swings, tearfulness and eye pain.

Clinical observations include: Pupil dilation, perspiration, changes in respiration, heart rate changes, muscular weakness, speech difficulty, convulsions, loss of consciousness, loss of visual acuity.


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