The Evidence - EMF Radiation Can Be A Factor in Diabetes 

Posted by Brad Weeks, MD on July 14, 2009

and republished by Next-up Organization 11 07 2009

The connection between exposure to artificial electromagnetic radiation in high and low frequencies and the changing health of diabetics and MS sufferers is an established fact that has been demonstrated beyond doubt in numerous scientific studies 

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Taking a new approach and taking charge of one’s health often means making changes in one’s life-style and in one’s environment, in particular taking simple steps to ward against the worst of environmental pollutions, artificial microwave radiation. Doing this boosts the immune system naturally and rapidly, producing positive results in one or two days for diabetics and for the Electro-HyperSensitive. Hence the urgent need to create White Zones and Refuge Zones for the EHS who desperately need to refresh themselves or simply to exist in peace, a right that is at present denied them.

REFERENCED  [1] Scientific publications Bioelectromagnetics, “An Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field Attenuates Insulin Secretion From the Insulinoma Cell Line, RIN-m” [2] Biomed Expert: Bioelectromagnetics, “Exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields affects insulin-secreting cell

With all this evidence that EMF can cause Diabetes and even MS you owe it to yourself and your family to reduce your risk. 

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