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Fibromyalgia? Chronic Fatigue? MCS? EMF Sensitivity?

Fibromyalgia? Chronic Fatigue? MCS? or EMF Hypersensitivity?

What is really wrong with you?

Fibromyaliga Chronic Fatigue MCS EMF Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • fatigue or exhaustion
  • allergies and sensitivities
  • difficulty concentrating
  • mild to severe headaches
  • gastric and abdominal problems/nausea
  • joints that ache
  • tooth and/or jaw pain
  • sleep issues
  • swelling and itching in facial area
  • memory problems
  • problems with memory
  • balance problems
  • dizziness
  • difficulty breathing
  • ringing in ears/ear pain
  • tingling, burning, pins and needles sensation
  • eye discomfort-burning

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromylagia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and EMF Sensitivity share the SAME symptoms!

Most doctors will diagnose you with one or more of the first 3 conditions. But what if they are wrong?
Chances are you will not go home with EMF Sensitivity as your diagnosis and what’s more, you could easily have a fistful of prescription drugs, including anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication.  Worst of all, the chances are, the treatments wouldn’t be effective and would have serious side effects.

It’s interesting to note the number of skeptics there are who claim that there is no such thing as EMF Sensitivity.  Then again, the same thing was (and still is in some cases) said of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Click Here to read about Electromagnetic Sensitivity - the Silent Epidemic

Click Here Read - "Electromagnetic Sensitivity Is Recognized as a Serious Health Issue by World Health Organization - (WHO)"

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Electromagnetic Sensitivity - Symptoms & Causes



Millions of people all over the world have developed the painful and devastating illness of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS)

Researchers predict that by 2020, 25% of the population will be showing significant, debilitating symptoms.

Visit our Electrosensitivity Section

It takes decades before harmful effects can be absolutely proven.

  • Up to 6% of the world's population has been diagnosed with electromagnetic sensitivity illness

  • The WHO ( World Health Organization) reports that Upwards of 30% are already affected but don't realize it's from Electrosensitivity.

Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation
Everything that plugs in, has a battery or is wireless produces EMF

  • cell phones

  • electrical equipment

  • power lines

  • televisions

  • computers

  • remote controls

  • tape recorders

  • video recorders

  • telephones

  • car electronics

  • pagers

  • Tablet computers

  • iPods or MP3 players

  • Video Games

  • Laptops

  • airports

  • aircraft

  • washing machines

  • electric watches

  • clocks

  • VDUs or other electronics

  • Smart Meters

  • Cell Towers or Base Stations

  • blue tooth technology

  • Smart Meters

  • microwaves

  • Wi-Fi - yours, your neighbors,

    the coffee shop, school

  • WiMax (city-wide Wi-Fi)

  • Appliances
  • radio transmitters

  • Airport Scanners

  • Cordless phones

  • Irons
  • Computers

  • MRI, CAT Scans, Xrays

  • Radio Waves

  • Baby Monitors

  • Printers

  • CPAP Machines

  • Smart Carsmarine radar

    Everything that plugs in or has a battery, or is wireless....
    • cars now have WiFi, "On Star" and other
      electronic devices radiating constantly
  • the list goes on and on and on.......
    and it's growing.

When people have acquired a high degree of sensitivity to many things, they are very likely to have an abnormal sensitivity to electrical stimuli.

Highly sensitized people may find:

  • weather changes and impending thunderstorms troublesome
  • Fluorescent lighting may make shopping difficult, particularly if inhalants, such as preservatives on fabrics, provide the initial trigger.
  • Additional sensitivity to the emotions and stress of others

You might be fine one day, and a trigger event will put you over the edge. Read more about how this buildup could be affecting you

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Is Our Environment Making Us Sick

Toxins in Our Environment Are Making Us SickToxins Environment Making Sick

by David O. Carpenter, M.D.

From "Your Health First" with Dr. Galati

This week, Dr. David Carpenter will join Dr. Galati and discuss environmental toxins and human health and wellness. Dr. Carpenter is the Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at University at Albany, Albany, NY. An expert in this field, he will discuss the safety of cell phones, and other environmental toxins.

The Institute for Health and the Environment was created with the primary purpose of promoting interdisciplinary research and grants in this broad area. Our faculty is drawn from several schools and colleges of the University, and other local david_carpenteruniversities and medical centers. Faculty who have research interests in environmental health, environmental sciences, environmental policy, environmental law, ecology, geographical information systems, hazardous waste management, occupational health, risk assessment, risk management, risk communication and social and psychological aspects of environmental pollution regarding human behavior are encouraged to join.

Regarding cell phone safety, Dr. Carpenter has the following to say:

What is radiation, and what are the most common sources? Radiation refers to energy that occurs in the form of electromagnetic waves (produced by man-made sources, such as X-rays) or particles (found in natural radioactive substances, such as uranium). All radiation is part of an electromagnetic spectrum that has various frequencies and wavelengths, ranging from high to low.  Scientists agree that high-frequency (ionizing) radiation, such as that found in X-rays, can break chemical bonds in the body and damage DNA, potentially causing cancer and birth defects. Ultra-violet (UV) rays from the sun, another form of ionizing radiation, are known to increase skin cancer risk. But there is controversy about the health effects from lower-frequency (nonionizing) radiation. This includes radio-frequency radiation from cell phones and extremely low-frequency radiation from power lines and electrical appliances.

Why don’t scientists agree about the health effects of exposure to nonionizing radiation? In my view, there are many reasons, from the economic and political clout of the communications and electrical power industries to our society’s heavy reliance on technologies that emit these types of radiation. But one primary reason for the controversy is the assertion by many physicists that nonionizing radiation cannot have a biological effect because it does not have enough energy to heat tissue -- what is called a “thermal” effect. Cell phones, for example, must use radio-frequency radiation levels that do not cause measurable heating.  However, there now is scientific evidence suggesting that nonionizing radiation can have biological effects -- even if radiation levels do not produce a thermal effect. These include breakage of DNA structure, which can lead to cell mutations and, in turn, to cancer. In addition, studies have linked cell-phone radiation to poor sperm quality and/or reduced sperm count.

What is the scientific evidence linking cellphone use to cancer? Earlier this year, the American Journal of Epidemiology published findings from researchers in Israel who compared the lifetime cell-phone use of 1,300 healthy adults with 500 adults who were newly diagnosed with benign or malignant tumors of the salivary gland. The researchers found a 50% greater risk for such a tumor in heavy cell-phone users who usually held the phone on the side of the head where the tumor developed. Also recently, Swedish researchers who analyzed several studies found a doubling of risk for acoustic neuroma (a tumor of the auditory nerve) and glioma (a potentially deadly brain tumor) after 10 years of heavy cell-phone use.

Why do you believe this research is more credible than that cited by the wireless industry and some doctors who say there is no proof that cell phones are harmful? It’s true that there are no definitive studies showing that cell phones cause cancer or other health problems, but there also is no proof that cell phones are absolutely safe. The existing evidence is based on observational studies that look for health effects associated with certain behaviors, including cell-phone use.

The research results have been mixed -- that is, some studies have found no health risks associated with cellphone use, while some other studies (especially the more recent and longer-term ones) have. A definitive study -- though admittedly impractical -- would have to measure all aspects of electromagnetic field exposure (including that from power lines, appliances, cell phones and radio and television transmission) over a decade or more.

Based on the current evidence, do you believe that people should take steps to limit their exposure to nonionizing electromagnetic radiation? Yes. There is no reason to wait until scientists have dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” before you take action to minimize your exposure. Young children -- whose brains and bodies are still developing and therefore are more vulnerable to electromagnetic exposure -- are particularly at risk.

What are your recommendations for cell phones? The key principle to remember is that exposure to electromagnetic radiation declines as you increase your distance from the source.

For cell phones, I recommend using these devices only when absolutely necessary and when a corded landline phone is not available. Cordless phones use electromagnetic technology similar to that of cell phones.


Read more about Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Read more about the WHO findings on EMF sensitivity and electro-smog and how it may be impacting your life.

These findings bring the entire issue finally to a new level of credibility. Until now it was far too easy for warnings to be dismissed as implausible or even silly. But that's no longer the case, WHO, Parliamentary Council and our own FCC have made statements that there are serious health concerns from cell-phone, wi-fi and all wireless or "always on devices".

If you've been trying to explain the dangers to people and they're turning a deaf ear, please pass these articles on. Statements from WHO, the FCC and the Parliamentary Council finally bring this subject into the main stream, and it's no longer just us pioneers out there beating our drums.


Steps to Staying Safe

  • Wear an EMF Protection Pendant What Level of Protection will fit your lifestyle? Consult our EMF Protection and your Lifestyle Chart
  • Put it on speaker. Because your exposure drops exponentially as you move the phone away from your head, you don’t have to keep the phone very far away to reduce your exposure by 1,000 to 10,000 times.
  • Put Cellular Phone radiation protection directly on your cell phone. This will redirect some of the radiation. If you are wearing a BioElectric Shield AND use the WaveShield you have extremely strong protection from the cellular phone radiation.
  • Store it. Unless you’re on it, stow the phone in your purse or bag. If you keep it on your waist, keep it turned off. Studies have shown that keeping a cell phone in your pocket can decrease sperm count.
  • Save it for a strong signal. When reception is bad (such as in rural areas or when you’re driving) use your phone for emergencies only. The weaker the signal, the more the radio frequency has to boost itself to get connected, increasing your exposure.
  • Protect the kids. Do not let children use cell phones next to their heads. For older kids, it shouldn’t take much encouragement to get them to text more than they chat.


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EMS - Electromagnetic Sensitivity - a devastating Illness


GlobalPolution IllnessChristiane Tourtet B.A. – American Chronicle – February 19, 2009

Millions of people all over the world have developed the painful and devastating illness of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) as a direct result of massive global electromagnetic pollution.

The disease has spread, and is spreading daily at an alarming rate worldwide, in the US, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Brazil, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Czech Republic, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, and numerous other countries.

People, from all over the world report to have developed EMS, following exposures to cell phone towers, installed near their residences, computer screens, cell phones, WiFi video games and more.

Click here to read some of the symptoms and Causes of Electromagnetic Radiation Illness (electrosensitivity)

The dangerous world of technology has made it almost impossible for persons with EMS to be able to survive, since electromagnetic radiations are everywhere, worldwide, in the form of computers, cell phone towers, cell phones, portable phones, power lines, televisions, recorders, remote controls, telephones, car electronics, radios. pagers, audio and video recorders, digital cameras, airports, aircrafts, marine radars and radio transmitters, irons, refrigerators, washing machines, electric clocks and watches, VDU and countless other electronics.

Contrary to the worldwide public belief that cell towers, cell phones, video games and computer screens, laptops, and numerous other wireless technologies do not present any health dangers, they do emit radiations quite hazardous to health, resulting in many diseases, such as EMS, and in an increase in cancerous brain tumors for cell phone users, and in childhood leukemia for those who live near cell phone towers.

People using their cell phones not only put themselves at risk, but like second hand smoke, put other people around them at risk of developing EMS, cancerous brain tumors and other diseases.

As a matter of fact, the doctors from the Physicians Association for Life, Vienna (Austria) genuinely concerned about the terrible health hazard of cell phones, have given the following information on radiations:

"Radiation from cell phones is far from being as harmless as we have been told by cell phones companies.

Therefore, in order to act responsibly, the Chamber of Doctors, in Vienna, Austria, has decided to inform people about potential medical risks".

10 HEALTH RULES Concerning mobile phone use.

  1. As a rule, use your cell phone as little and as briefly as possible. Children and teenagers under 18 should never use one!
  2. Never hold the handset near your head when calling!
  3. Never use in vehicles (car, bus, train…radiation is higher)!
  4. Hold your cell phone as far as possible from your body when sending a SMS!
  5. Always keep meters distant from other people when calling, in order not to irradiate them!
  6. Never keep your cell phone in your pocket, radiation may affect fertility!
  7. Always switch your cell phone off at night and never keep it near your head!
  8. Never use your cell phone to play games!
  9. Headsets may also be unsafe; cables may conduct radiation!
  10. All wireless networks, local networks, WiFi and/or UMTS produce high level of radiations - either get wired, or turn off your WiFi at night!

(We have expanded this list - Read our Ultimate Cellphone Safety Guide)

For additional information on the BioInitiative Report

Unfortunately and tragically, the majority of Health Officials at Health Agencies worldwide, who are supposed to protect the health of the public, have been for years siding with the industries, and have been denying the reality of the disease of Electromagnetic Sensitivity, (EMS), cancer and other diseases caused by the harmful radiations, emitted by computers screen, cell phones, WiFi, cell phone towers, and other modern wireless technologies.

For more numerous years, the industries have spread powerful campaigns of misinformation about EMS in the entire world, to doctors, hospitals, clinics, the public, the media, Health Agencies, so that this disease does not get medically recognized, with , in most instances, the full support of some of the highest public health officials. Industries are in control of what scientific studies will be published, or not, what health reports on Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) and other diseases such as the increase in brain tumors, leukemia, should say, and have mislead the public on the safety of their products. For money and profit they have suppressed scientific studies/findings from sources other than their own, and present to the public, to the media, to doctors, and Health Officials worldwide, their own studies, which of course, as one will expect, contradict the findings of scientific studies from other sources that show the terrible health dangers of their products, and mislead the entire world, on the safety of their technologies.

With millions of cell phones, computers, and other technologies, which the public, (unaware of the terrible dangers to their health), are buying, their business is blooming more than ever, at the expense of millions of people who have developed Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS), and countless others who have developed cancerous brain tumors, leukemia, and other serious diseases as a result of the dangerous radiation emitted by the products of the wireless technology. Since they are making sure that the public, media, doctors, health agencies and their officials, the Judicial system, have access to scientific/medical information that are only to their advantage, they are escaping liabilities, and potential huge loss of profit.

And as mentioned earlier, whenever scientific studies showing the health dangers of their products are available, they suppress them and debunk them by coming up with the argument that their own scientific studies or other studies, (which of course are financed by them) do not show the same results, and they falsely claim that these studies show that their products do not present any health hazards to the public.

At present time, public manifestations are taking place, all over the world to put a stop to the endless proliferation of cell phone towers, the harmful radiations from computer screens and cell phones, radio frequencies and other technologies, and there is a petition on line, to support the Worldwide Bioinitiative Report´s recommendations for Electromagnetic Radiations, (EMR) exposure limits, to protect the public from EMR hazards.

The public is shaken worldwide upon knowing, through the BioInitiave Report of the health hazards of electromagnetic radiations they are exposed to, in their daily lives. To protect yourselves, your children, and others, please read and sign the petition at: petition.next.or

To read the entire BioInitiative report and to get yourself acquainted with the terrible health hazards of Electromagnetic radiations, please visit the award-winning site : MCS Homepage, International MCS/EMS Awareness at: MCS Homepage

The symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) are painful, numerous, and can vary with each individual. Computers screens and cell phone towers, are on the top of the list to induce EMS. Even though the symptoms of EMS can be numerous, there is a worldwide pattern of symptoms most reported upon electromagnetic radiation exposures, and they are as follows: (Note: see above for a more comprehensive, up-to-date listing)

Dermal changes/dermatitis, characterized by severe tingling, burning pin and needles sensations all over the body, a very unpleasant feeling of warmth/burning sensation to the head similar to a severe sunburn, pressure in the head, heart rate changes, such as tachycardia, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, headaches, profound malaise, visual changes, blurred vision, nausea, tiredness, exhaustion, tinnitus, loss of concentration and memory, tightening in the head, neurological and respiratory difficulties, gastric problems.

Other important symptoms have also been reported such as: noise sensitivity, vertigo, restlessness, alteration of sleep patterns and of appetite, moods swings, tearfulness and eye pain.

Clinical observations include: Pupil dilation, perspiration, changes in respiration, heart rate changes, muscular weakness, speech difficulty, convulsions, loss of consciousness, loss of visual acuity.


Shield Yourself.  Tens of thousands of people have been relying on their BioElectric Shields since 1990 - See wearer reports.

Read even more articles about EMS Sensitivity

Cell Phones

Critical EMF News

If you're sensitive to EMF you may also be sensitive to other people's energy and stress

EMF may be harming your children and even a factor in ADD/ADHD or Autism

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Diabetes and ElectroMagnetic Fields: the evidence

The Evidence - EMF Radiation Can Be A Factor in Diabetes 

Posted by Brad Weeks, MD on July 14, 2009

and republished by Next-up Organization 11 07 2009

The connection between exposure to artificial electromagnetic radiation in high and low frequencies and the changing health of diabetics and MS sufferers is an established fact that has been demonstrated beyond doubt in numerous scientific studies 

Read the evidence

Taking a new approach and taking charge of one’s health often means making changes in one’s life-style and in one’s environment, in particular taking simple steps to ward against the worst of environmental pollutions, artificial microwave radiation. Doing this boosts the immune system naturally and rapidly, producing positive results in one or two days for diabetics and for the Electro-HyperSensitive. Hence the urgent need to create White Zones and Refuge Zones for the EHS who desperately need to refresh themselves or simply to exist in peace, a right that is at present denied them.

REFERENCED  [1] Scientific publications Bioelectromagnetics, “An Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field Attenuates Insulin Secretion From the Insulinoma Cell Line, RIN-m” [2] Biomed Expert: Bioelectromagnetics, “Exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields affects insulin-secreting cell

With all this evidence that EMF can cause Diabetes and even MS you owe it to yourself and your family to reduce your risk. 

CLICK HERE for Shield Buyers Guide

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EMF Protection & Empowerment with Level 4 - 14K Gold Shield

Customers Wearing all Gold Shields Speak

Below are comments about wearing a gold shield. We include these because wearing a gold shield brings a level of experience that is different than wearing a Level 2 or 3 Shield. Not everyone needs a Level 4 Shield, but if you want the best protection and balancing possible, you'll go for the gold.

Video - EMF Protection and Empowerment Wearing Gold BioElectric Shield

John Upgrade

In this video technical support wearer, John, describes the increased energy he felt wearing a silver BioElectric Shield. Upgrading to a gold, he experienced a surge in personal power and creativity

Below are comments about wearing a Level 4 - 14k Gold Shield. Wearing a 14K Gold Shield brings a level of experience that is different than wearing any of the other Shields and the benefits often go beyond what you might expect to get from a Shield that is simply stronger. We’ll let some of our customers tell you why. Watch the Video


More Energy after Upgraded to a Gold
I have upgraded to a Gold shield and yesterday while wearing it for the first time I have noticed a significant difference in the energy flow and much more energy than before, it was quite noticeable. The shield feels very wonderful while wearing it. J.B., Wisconsin

International Yoga Teacher
I would like to mention as well not only about the Shield also I am very impressed with the customer service that I have received with the shield a year later. and from the whole dynamics, I thank you All in the BioElectric Shield Company."
With Lot's of Gratitude
Geva Alon, International Energy and Yoga Teacher

Customer From Germany feeling balanced
"In our ,experience the shield works excellently. We feel absolutely fine and balanced, it’s very hard to express it in words. And this extends to the whole body: For example we hadn't any cold or flu since wearing the shield, and we spent over 2 months in rainy, cold and gray Germany."
Joerg Heuer, Germany

emf protection shield

Upgraded to a Gold – more energy

I have upgraded to a Gold shield and yesterday while wearing it for the first time I have noticed a significance in the energy flow and much more energy than before, it was quite noticeable. The shield feels very wonderful while wearing it.
J.B., Wisconsin

Increased Intuition
"I upgraded from a brass tab to a 14k Shield when they first came out in 1998. I'm normally pretty intuitive, but I was amazed at the difference in my intuitive perception. I was at a trade show selling the BioElectric Shield. I was able to very clearly feel what was happening when people tried on a Shield ...I could sense the changes in both their physical and ether ic bodies in ways I'd never done before and totally without effort. The big plus for me, even though I was very tuned into each person, I didn't take on any of their "stuff" and was still energized at the end of a long day. In fact, that weekend for the first time ever, I went out to one of the vendor parties instead of crashing in my room."
Carolyn Nau, Nau Consulting

The Story of Kori -The Gold Shield Transformed her Life

Last week we received the most dramatic feedback of our 19 years of being in business. A woman called Cindie called to tell me that she had purchased a gold shield for herself and when it arrived something incredible happened.

Here is the background to the event. She and her husband have 4 children, all of whom, were born with the ability to see auras. Neither parent is able to do this. One of their daughters, Kori, has had a particularly difficult time with this gift. She is 15 years old and is so sensitive to energy that she physically FEELS the radiation from wireless networks in the are. Her sensitivity had gotten to the point where she was also hearing voices, and feeling very uncomfortable with daily life.

When her Mother received the Shield and put it on , Kori stared at her in amazement. "Mom, you no longer have any radiation around you - you are clear of it. May I put that on and see if it works for me?". Naturally, she let her do this. Kori put it on and took a very deep breath. "Mom, I no longer feel the radiation. And the voices have stopped. I can't believe this. It's so great. May I please keep this on?".

Two days after she had been wearing it, the Cindie asked them if their sister’s aura looked any different. The sister said her aura was brighter- lacking the gray tinge it had before,and the brother said it was a happier aura. Kori reported than she felt happy again,the first time since she was 9 years old.

Kori went to bed wearing the Shield, After the 2nd night, her Mom checked in on her sleeping. Her back was to the door. Cindie told me that this was the first time she had seen her daughter sleeping this way since she was 9 years old. You see, she was afraid someone or something was going to harm her since the voices were always present. I spoke with Cindie after Kori had been wearing the Shield for 2 weeks. She told me: "Kori's life has completely changed."

Stronger - Having more fun! - Upgraded from Level 2 to Level 4

Helps me deal with difficult people. I do feel like it has helped a lot in terms of helping me deal with people - and this is especially important because I work with someone who is not only very negative, she is also very bigoted and quite aggressive about her opinions and her opinions about me .... I don't fall apart around her anymore! 

I don't believe the shield is like a magic bullet but I do believe it aids in our own awareness and helps bring out inherent abilities that we really all have inside of ourselves. I think it's really fascinating how it (the Shield energy) seems to so smoothly surround me - I "never leave home without it"! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the changes in being able to deal with people."

C.D., Hospital Administrator

Increased Compassion, Calm, Focus

"I noticed a subtle change when I began to wear my Go

ld Custom shield. I felt calmer, more organized and focused. I also felt more compassionate towards others. The gold tab had enabled me to work long hours at the computer, but with the gold, my energy seemed to just flow better. I also have found myself laughing much more, and not taking life so seriously!"
Virginia Brown, BioElectric Shield Company

Stronger - Having more fun!

"More energy immediately, energy more evenly throughout the day. I feel stronger. Moods have been more consistent. And I have take steps to move forward in areas where I was suffering for not taking any action. Therefore I have more freedom, and am having more fun!"
Suzanne Zeman, Director of Business Development

Helps me deal with difficult people

I do feel like it has helped a lot in terms of helping me deal with people - and this is especially important because I work with someone who is not only very negative, she is also very bigoted and quite aggressive about her opinions and her opinions about me .... I don't fall apart around her anymore! I don't believe the shield is like a magic bullet but I do believe it aids in our own awareness and helps bring out inherent abilities that we really all have inside of ourselves. I think it's really fascinating how it (the Shield energy) seems to so smoothly surround me - I "never leave home without it"! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the changes in being able to deal with people."
C.D., Hospital Administrator

Video -Powerful EMF and Energy Protection Tool

Lori Tierney, Company CEO says: "The EMF Protection Pendant, BioElectric Shield, is the most profound healing tool she has ever used. It protects me from other people's negativity as well as EMF". Watch the video

Customers share their experience of wearing the Gold Diamond shield

Life purpose becomes Clear
"The morning after I started wearing the diamond Shield I woke up from a dream in which I realized that the diamond was all about achieving my life's purpose. I had been unaware of that when I purchased the Shield, I'd simply known it was the right one for me. Less than a year after I started wearing the diamond Shield, I changed careers, moved to California, started finally writing the book I'd always wanted to write and met my true soul mate a few years later. Wow, to all of the above. I don't know what would have happened without the Shield, but I can't help but believe that there was some force working strongly to assist me in making a lot of very big decisions without a lot of stress or angst. Thanks
C. Benares, Sunnyvale, CA

Consistent Energy Level for Corporate Trainer
"My energy level ‘smoothed out’. I seem to have a consistent energy level instead of so much ‘up and down’. Before I got my Shield I was experiencing a periodic high-pitched ‘whine’ sound. Within a day of wearing the Shield, the sound stopped and I have felt much calmer."
T. Parker, Training Consultant for Insurance Co., PA

Read More about some of the reasons and benefits you might expect by upgrading to a stronger Shield

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Click Here Is Upgrading your EMF Protection Right for You?

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Click Here How do I upgrade?

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Electrosensitivity and the Boiled Frog Syndrome

Boiled Frog -  by DonkeyHotey - FlickrTitleAre you Suffering from Boiled Frog Syndrome?

by Electrosensitivity Support - ESS

Our exploitation of electricity and its manifold uses for energy and communications, following Faraday, Maxwell and the other scientific pioneers from over a century ago has been manic and extraordinary. And still nobody has ever seen any!

But it ain't half good ma!

Most fantastically useful stuff around, totally essential in our own bodily atoms, molecules and nervous communications and also to exploding galaxies across the dark infinity of the cosmos.

Electromagnetic forces are the fundamental of the universe, matter is composed with it, space is full of it, and the sun sends it to us for free. No way do we really understand it, we have barely begun, apes playing with fire have nothing on us today, we are apes playing with the basic dynamism behind everything.

This is not hyperbole or exaggeration, we evolved as part of an electromagnetic universe but are now living in an artificially generated radiation stew of our own making, as the modern built environment. See "The Boiled Frog Syndrome" ISBN 0-470-84553-8 by Thomas Saunders

"A frog jumps into a pot of water which is gradually being heated. As the water gets warmer, the frog adjusts its body temperature and continues to adjust to the increasing water temperature until ultimately the frog is boiled alive". Read Wikipedia explanation

500 people are telling me they feel like these frogs, somebody notices it first, we are not all built the same.

Louis Slesin, editor of 'Microwave News' says in the preface to

"Dr Robert Becker's prescient book 'Cross Currents' (ISBN 0-87477-609-0) was published twelve years ago and has even more resonance today as our environment becomes increasingly saturated with electromagnetic signals. Today, some 150 million Americans - and more than a billion others worldwide - regularly use mobile phones, irradiating their brains and their eyes.
...the ambient microwave levels in urban areas are now ten times higher than in the pre-wireless age.."

This was before the massive global expansion of the last five years.

"The experience with power-line electromagnetic fields strongly suggests that we should be paying more attention to the possible health impacts of mobile phones. When Dr Becker was writing this book evidence was accumulating that power-line EMFs are linked to cancer. Though the electricity utility industry denounced this association for years..."

And there is our dilemma over 'the science' in a nutshell. Positions are taken according to interests and paymasters, not only on 'the science' and evidence itself.

In 2001 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) unanimously classified EMFs (electromagnetic fields) as a "possible human carcinogen" with some panel members arguing that the scientific evidence warrants an even stronger public warning. (Note Read Updated Report 2011

If such EM fields can promote cancer as leukemia among children, what else can they do?

Well 500 people are telling me it makes them ill with a range of similar symptoms to each other, as Dr Becker knew, but few authorities want to know.

And scientists argue, and say more research is needed, they always do, if they listen at all.

A handful of dedicated researchers are following in Dr Becker's footsteps and are trying to work out how weak fields influence living systems, it is an uphill battle. He was twice nominated for the Nobel prize, many believe he was such an upright standing nail the industry and their friends were out to stop him getting it.

NOTE: Article originally quoted in 2008 - as of 2013 we have been unable to re-locate website - ElectroSensitivity Support ESS USA: http://www.electrosensitivity-support.com/  If you Google Electrosensitiity support you'll be surprised at all the links you find.

 Here's is a list of Global EMF Websites courtesy of the EMF Safety Network

Shield Yourself.  Tens of thousands of people have been relying on their BioElectric Shields since 1990 - See wearer reports.

Read even more articles about EMS Sensitivity

Electrosmog - Electropollution

Cell Phones

Critical EMF News

If you're sensitive to EMF you may also be sensitive to other people's energy and stress

EMF may be harming your children and even a factor in ADD/ADHD or Autism

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Electromagnetic Sensitivity Recognized as an Illness by World Health Organization

EMF Sensitivity WHO

Electromagnetic Sensitivity Is Recognized as a Serious Health Issue by World Health Organization - (WHO)

The World Health Organization has released their findings that between 3 and 6% of the population is ill from electromagnetic sensitivity, but these numbers are growing continuously and upwards of 30% are affected and don't even know it.

This is good news. I know it doesn't sound like it, but our hope is that people will start taking the subject seriously, but also that those who are being impacted will begin to discover the causes of their problems and be able to find healing. EMF sensitivity is a serious issue with symptoms that are so wide ranging it's staggering to think of.

SUMMARY OF THE MEETING AT THE GENEVA, MAY 13th 2011, and the findings and concerns of the experts at the World Health organization.

In May of 2011, the IARC - International Association for Research on Cancer declared Radio Frequency radiation as a possible cause of cancer. In this video, you will listen to excerpts from the press conference and the related microwave Radio Frequency radiation emitted by cell phones and cell towers. You will then be able to determine for yourself that living close to cell towers might be a possible risk to your health.

Click Here to watch the virtual press conference for the Research on Cancer. Dr. Jonathan M. SAmet, M.D. He will summarize the research presented by 31 international scientists at the W.H.O Working Group meeting.

This acknowledgment from WHO is great news for people who have been severely affected by EMF and have been trying desperately to find an answer or even someone who doesn't think they are crazy. Imagine being truly ill and not having anyone believe you, or if they believe you they think the cause is false or that it's all in your head.

Millions of people have been fighting this battle and may feel somewhat vindicated by this recent report from WHO.

Another similar report was released in May 2011, Parliamentary Assembly - The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment

It's not just cell phones - it's also DECT-portable phones

Also of note in this article, it's not just cell phones and wi-fi that are an issue, but also DECT-type wireless telephones, baby monitors and other domestic appliances which emit continuous pulse waves, and all electrical equipment that is left permanently on standby.

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Click Here to read more about the symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity EMS

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Electrical Sensitivity & Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

If you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity You are Also Probably Sensitive to Electromagnetic Radiation

Christine Tourtet presented the following information in a report representing the Breakspeak Medical Group. Because her report was copywrited, we suggest you visit the Breakspeak Clinic website article on electrosensitivity.

Key Points

  • The Majority of persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity environmental illness are Also Sensitive to Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Small electrical fields (millivolts) will cause a reaction in sensitive people.
  • Tiggers from one sensitivity can trigger other sensitivities: chemical, biological, nutritional, electrical, electromagnetic.
    Pesticides and herbicides appear to enhance EMS
  • If you reduce your body toxicity, your EMS can be lowered.

Most doctors worldwide do not understand of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS). Powerful political lobbying, and anti-EMS campaigns of misinformation by the industries worldwide, they are very resistant to officially recognize Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) as an illness, induced by electromagnetic radiations in the environment.

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