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Do you have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity? ES - EHS

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Electromagnetic Sensitivity - The Silent Epidemic

Does your doctor know about EMS?

  • EMF Hypersensitivity is not well-known by most doctors - they may offer you anti-anxiety medication, thinking you are just stressed out.
  • The World Health Organization recently recommended that Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity be included in the International Classification of Diseases. (ICD). EMF Sensitivity has been classified as a disease in the US and Europe. Read Report
  • Prolonged exposure to EMF can have detrimental cumulative effects.
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Read more: Electromagnetic Sensitivity - The Silent Epidemic

22 Tips to Reduce EMF in Your Home or Office

If you are Electrically Sensitive or suspect that you may be, consider multi-layer protection and take a look at some of the Home and Room Protection solutions especially the Satic units for dealing with the Dirty Electricity and issues discussed in item #10. Electrosensitivity usually happens gradually. Most ES's start as healthy working citizens and through chronic and acute exposures to electric radiation, they became electrically sensitive with little warning. Their message: it could be you next.

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Read more: 22 Tips to Reduce EMF in Your Home or Office

EMF Protection Quiz Results

Congratulations on Completing the Quiz!

Note: if you didn't click "send my results" you didn't get an automatic email and it may be several days before you get an email with the full results as we need to import your results differently. If you did click "send my results", do a search for bioelectricshield in your email program in case it's in one of your other folders.

Did you get a recommendation...??? If so, you may be wondering, how might your life be different with energy shielding?

happy wearing shield

You've taken the quiz, and if you received your recommendation, you know that your EMF exposure indications you need to Shield yourself from energy drains and the increasing intensity of EMF and WiFi.

I don't know how wearing a Shield will show up for you because everyone feels these energies differently...but here's what people have been saying since 1990.

A summary of what Shield wearers report:

  • PROTECTS AND STRENGTHENS YOUR ENERGY: the Shield deflects draining energies by providing shielding from EMF and other unhealthy energies (people, places, things). "I experience more balance and strength wearing the Shield."
  • IMPROVES MY MOOD: The Shield does its job so that you can have the energy on what's important to you. "I simply get more done, am happier and healthier."
  • BALANCES MY ENERGY. IMPROVES MY FOCUS. "I feel more balanced and more productive and that feels great!"

Get protected now!

With our 90-Day Money Back Guarantee,
you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Thank-you for taking the quiz - get 15% of your entire order - on us!
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Products for People with Electromagnetic Sensitivity - ES - EHS

Products we Recommend for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP - empath) or those with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EMS)


How do you know if you are Electrosensitive?

At first, many people just think they might be getting the flu. Or they think the headaches they get in the afternoon relate to stress or fatigue. But in time, many of you recognize that when you use your Smartphone, or laptop or walk into a place with WiFi, you start to feel bad. Or you feel anxious. There is a list of symptoms you might recognize:

  • problems with concentration, memory or even dizziness
  • headache and nausea
  • aches and pains in muscles or joints
  • heart palpitations
  • tingling or prickly sensations in your hands, arms, face or other parts of the body
  • flu-like symptoms
  • dry mucous membranes.

All these symptoms are messages from your body that it's under extreme stress. The amount of EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) coming into your own energy field is overwhelming your personal energy field.

Do you have a Smart Meter or 5G?

Many people do not realize they are Electromagnetically Sensitive until a Smart Meter is installed on their home. If you upgrade your WiFi router, did you know that all of the new routers are twice the frequency of your old 2.45 GHz models? This means they are more dangerous since you are getting double the radiation. 2.45 GHZ is the same frequency as your microwave oven uses to cook food - and now your WiFi router is dousing you with higher frequencies for the entire time you have it on. 

How do you begin to protect yourself?

Because Electromagnetic Radiation is present everywhere you go, we recommend that you start with personal energy protection for your whole body. It can lessen and even remove symptoms from ES serve to prevent electromagnetic sensitivity as well as prevent ES from developing.

emf protection coccoon

First Step: Get Whole-Body Personal Energy Protection

  • People who are electromagnetically hypersensitive need EMF protection 24/7. The BioElectric Shield places a cocoon of protection around your entire body.
  • We take a medical approach to protection using Nobel Prize-winning physics to protect you. Our research shows the results.
  • Take our Quiz to find out which level of whole-body protection is right for your body and your sensitivity level.
  • Once you know what level of protection you need, Click Here To Visit our Whole Body Protection Page.

    Second Step: Use Targeted EMF Protection from Your Electronics: 

    Click Here To Visit our Targeted protection for electronics product section. You will find products that will lessen and even stop radiation from: 

    • Computer, Laptop, Tablets, TV's, Remote controls
    • Spray your WiFi Router with an anti-radiation spray
    • Appliances -Refrigerator
    • EMF blankets when using a laptop - great for anyone, but particularly if you are pregnant.
    • Cell and portable phones



    Third Step: Purify Your Home and Living Spaces

    • Dirty Electricity flows through your home 24/7. A Satic Whole Home Line Conditioner will flatten the electrical spikes which product bursts of EMF. If you live in a condo, townhouse or apartment, you can use their plug-in version which covers a smaller area.
    • Smart Meters - If your meter is on an outside wall, hang a Room Shield opposite the meter on the inside of that wall. If the meter is inside your garage or utility room, hang the Room Shield in the same room with it - about 3 feet away.
    • Click Here Visit our Work and Living Space EMF Protection Product Page

    What else can you do?

    • Get EMF Protection in your Clothing. Once you get a Shield, you can also add a layer EMF protection in your clothing by adding a special protective rinse when you wash your clothes. It's called the Aegis Fabric Rinse. Very useful if you work in a hospital or building with universal WiFi, or are traveling often since airports and airplanes are filled with EMF.
    • Turn off your WiFi at night - get a simple lamp timer to do it automatically.Plug your timer into the wall socket where you currently have your WiFi router plugged in. Plug your WiFi Router into the timer. Set the timer to go off at night - say 10pm - or whenever bedtime is... and not come on until whatever time in the morning you will need your WiFi. Does not interfere with your telephone or TV service if this comes in via cabling (99% of them have hard cabling into your home from the street).

    • Why electronics need to stay out of the bedroom. Your body uses night and sleep for REST AND REPAIR so you don't want your WiFi bombarding your body at night. If you are SUPER sensitive, also use a Room Shield. It will greatly reduce any EMF in your bedroom.

    What if you can't turn off your WiFi at night?

    • Use a Room Shield in your bedroom. If you have a Smart Meter, we recommend the Premium Room Shleld instead of the standard one.
    • EMF is greatly reduced by the Room Shield which breaks up EMF waves, making them far less dangerous.

    Where to learn more

    Visit our Electrosensitivity Learning Section, where you will find other useful information. (It's under "THE PROBLEM" tab at the top of each page.) After you take our Quiz, you'll have a recommendation for EMF protection.

    To purchase, visit our Whole Body Protection Product Page now. 

    Do you have special sensitivity or physical issues? Use our free Photo Analysis process. Our Occupational Therapist will provide specific recommendations for you.



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    National Radio Quiet Zone - Sanctuary for Electrically Sensitive

    Welcome to the Wireless Free Zone in Green Bank, WV

    Although the radio quiet zone wasn't created to provide a sanctuary for extremely electrically sensitive people, it's proving to be a safe haven for many who are able to get back to having a normal life.

    Following is Posted from GottaBeMobile

    Posted by Josh Smith | 09/15/2011 |

    If you travel through the Allegheny mountains into West Virginia, you may find your cell phone signal start to fade, and a noticeable lack of free WiFi hotspots.

    You’re not about to star in a Deliverance 2, but if you see a sign welcoming you to Green Bank West Virginia, you are in the middle of the Radio Quiet Zone. This may sound horrific, but to individuals who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity it’s paradise.

    GreenBankTelescopeThe National Radio Quiet Zone is a 13,000 square mile area where cell towers don’t dot the landscape and WiFi is almost as illegal as moonshine. You see, back in the 1950′s, when the Green Bank Telescope was built, the FCC blocked off a rectangular area which is free of WiFi, Cell towers and other wireless communications that can disrupt or damage the sensitive telescope.

    Radio Quiet Zone

    The reason for the Quiet Zone

    The BBC recently investigated the area, interviewing a number of EHS sufferers who have moved to Green Bank, not for the beautiful scenery, but for the lack of WiFi and cell phones which they claim produces a wide variety of ailments. Many doctors are skeptical of the disease, but sufferers swear that the these wireless protocols and stations produce harmful radiation.

    The local Realtor tells the BBC that he gets a call at least every other week from prospective buyers who want to escape from the radio wave filled cities that surround the Quiet Zone.

    For a look at what lengths the keeper of the Quiet Zone goes to keep the airwaves free of stray signals, check out Wired Magazine’s trip to Green Bank back in 2004. The sensitivity of the telescope is so great that a heating pad with a short is enough to catch the eye of the man in charge of policing the wireless spectrum.

    If you plan a trip to the area, you can apparently bring your cell phone and WiFi hungry laptop and iPad, but you may get angry looks if you try to use them in town. No word on what happens if you plug-in a Wireless router, but the punishment would likely come faster than you can download a movie from iTunes.

    Image via r.j.wagner on Flickr

    Information on the Radio Quiet Zone from Wikipedia.

    The United States National Radio Quiet Zone is a large area of land surrounding the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) at Green Bank, West Virginia, and especially the large Green Bank Telescope radio telescope. The Radio Quiet Zone is a rectangle of land approximately 13,000 square miles (34,000 km2) in size that straddles the border area of Virginia and West Virginia. It includes all land with latitudes between 37.5°N and 39.25°N and longitudes between 78.5°W and 80.5°W. This area was chosen because it has a hilly topography that screens out most incoming radio signals, allowing the Green Bank telescopes to receive signals that are otherwise too low in power to be heard over the normal radio background in North America.

    The National Radio Quiet Zone also protects the antennas and receivers of the U.S. Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC) at Sugar Grove, West Virginia.[1] The NIOC at Sugar Grove has long been the location of electronic intelligence gathering systems, and is today said to be a key station in the ECHELON system operated by the National Security Agency (NSA).[2]

    The Radio Quiet Zone was established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1958 to protect the observatory's radio telescopes from harmful interference. Omnidirectional and high-power transmissions are very restricted. Furthermore, fixed radio links are often built as tight-beamed directional links that do not illuminate the sensitive radio telescopes and electronic intelligence-gathering stations there.

    Not all radio transmissions are prohibited in the Radio Quiet Zone. For example Citizen's Band radios, police and ambulance radios, and fire department radios are used there. However, large radio transmitter owners must typically coordinate their operations with representatives of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and the U.S. Department of Defense. The Allegheny Mountain Radio company operates the only broadcast radio stations in the inner core of the Quiet Zone, with just one station in the AM band, and several low-power FM stations. Most radio transmitters within the area are licensed by the FCC (just as they are in the rest of the United States). Exceptions to the Radio Quiet Zone restrictions are usually determined on a case-by-case basis, with preference given to public safety concerns, such as remote alarm systems, repeaters for first responders, and NOAA Weather Radio. Due to the restrictions, the area has attracted people claiming to suffer from Electromagnetic hypersensitivity.[3]

    Counties inside the Zone


    You may not be able to move to the Radio Quiet Zone, but you can find out what you can do to protect yourself
    Link to
    Complete List of
    Cell Phone
    Safety Tips


    Extreme southern Garrett County


    Western Albemarle County

    Alleghany County

    Amherst County, except for the southern quarter

    Extreme northern Appomattox County

    Augusta County

    Bath County

    Extreme northern Bedford County

    Northern Botetourt County

    Northwestern Buckingham County

    Northern Craig County

    Western Greene County

    Highland County

    Nelson County

    Western Page County

    Rockbridge County

    Rockingham County, except for a small area in the extreme eastern part

    Western Shenandoah County

    West Virginia

    Barbour County, except for a small area in the north

    Extreme eastern Braxton County

    Grant County, except for an area in the north

    Eastern Greenbrier County

    Southwestern Hampshire County

    Hardy County

    Southeastern Harrison County

    Eastern Lewis County

    Extreme southern Mineral County

    Northeastern and east central Monroe County

    Extreme eastern Nicholas County

    Pendleton County

    Pocahontas County

    Two areas in extreme southwestern and southeastern Preston County

    Randolph County

    Extreme southern Taylor County

    Tucker County, except for an area in the extreme northern part

    Upshur County

    Central and eastern Webster County

    Cities inside the Zone


    Buena Vista

    The western half of Charlottesville, including much of the University of Virginia Grounds






    West Virginia




    White Sulphur Springs

    Clarksburg, West Virginia, and Lynchburg, Virginia, are just outside the Quiet Zone.


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    Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Quiz

    Find out if you have Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity (EMS)

    Take the Quiz

    Do you think you are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation from WiFi, tablets, Smartphones?

    Do you have these symptoms after you use electronics - or even when you are around them?

    electromagnetic sensitivity

      • Extreme fatigue or sluggishness
      • Physical symptoms like headaches, eye pain, light headed, or dizziness
      • Can't think clearly
      • Muscle pain
      • Sleep issues?

    You might be suffering from EMS - Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. The quiz tells you what level of protection you need based on your answers.


    Photo credit Boggy | Dreamstime.com - Young people in the office


    The above quiz helps you determine the level of EMF protection you need.

    For a more in-depth quiz for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs, Empaths) take our all new Energy Sensitivity Quiz.

    You'll get an overall score, plus scores in 5 sub-types, along with coping tips and techniques to make your life easier.

    HSPInvite to quiz

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    Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) - by and for hypersensitive people

    Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)

    Below: EHS in the view of Canada, Switzerland and Sweden

    List of some of the problems reported

    • ListofProblems

    Click to Read Electrohypersensitivity: view from the Netherlands

    There is help. Many thousands have experienced relief wearing the BioEelctric Shield. Read more

    Read More ElectroHypersensitivity - the new Epidemic

    The Shield has helped many people regain their health and get their life back.

    Read Testimonials from people who have been helped by the BioElectric Shield

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    Has a Trigger Event Caused Your Sudden Illness?

    How can you Suddenly be sick?

    It may be that a Trigger Event has overwhelmed your system.

    Dominos-triggerEventYou may be going along seemingly just fine, then suddenly one day you are sick! It's really not all that sudden, it's been building up over time.

    Symptoms are often set off by a trigger event such as a new cell phone or computer, installation of a Smart Meter, moving to a more dense area, a new cell tower, installation of citywide WiFi, many things can change in a city without you being aware of it. It's just like toppling the dominos, the chain reaction touches everything.

    Some of the symptoms can be put down to lethargy and possibly stress but they are all obvious signs of an autoimmune reaction to something in your life. Too often we just write off these symptoms as part of normal life. Is it really Normal to be this tired, sick, depressed, etc?  We don't think so. 

    To determine if the issue may be electromagnet sensitivity (ES or EHS) think about what has changed in your environment?

    • Did 5G just get rolled out in your area?
    • Do you have a 5G router?
    • Did you or your neighbor's get a Smart Meters?
    • Have you or your workplace purchased some new electronic equipment?
    • Have you or a neighbor installed a home Wifi system?
    • Did you get a new cell phone or computer or other technology?
    • Was a Smart Meter recently installed? Have you moved? 
    • Is there a new cell tower or installation of citywide WiFi.
    • Bluetooth -
      • Did you install a Nest or other home security system?
      • Do you have Alexa?
      • Bluetooth or other electronics in your car? Including "OnStar" type systems?
    • Do you have an electronic or hybrid vehicle?

    Many things can change in your environment without your being aware of it, and even if you are aware of it, you often don't relate it to what's going on.

    In addition to EMF, there are some other factors that you should be aware of. Each layer of this burden reduces our body's ability to heal itself naturally and exposes us to more illness and stress.
    What relieves your body's burden?
    Read more about EMF sensitivity and electro-smog and how it may be impacting your life. 
    Once symptoms are triggered, you tend to continue to remain more sensitive, even if the offending trigger is removed!
    Electropollution is affecting everyone to some degree. Some people simply notice it sooner or more intensely than others, or they relate how they are feeling to their environment while the vast majority of us have no clue why we feel so awful. EMF It is invisible and the effects, just like smoking, are cumulativeIt may take decades before we are fully aware of the consequences.
    Next Steps
    Protect your health and restore your body’s own natural healthy frequency with the BioElectric Shield. The Shield contains a matrix of all-natural crystals that have been specifically designed and activated to work with your energy field to strengthen it, deflecting the harmful electromagnetic frequencies all around you. Read more about the Shield
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    Electro-hypersensitivity Experience

    We've published a number of articles about electrosensitivity.
    Here is a first person explanation of the devastation EMFs can have on one's life.

    Electro-hypersensitivity (ES / EHS): what is it like?

    List of some of the problems reported

    • Headaches
    • Nausea
    • Joint pain
    • Heart pain
    • Severe muscle pain
    • Pins and needles in hands and feet
    • Light headed
    • Eye pain
    • Can’t think clearly
    • Feel like air is heavy and thick
    • Disrupted heart rhythm
    • Fatigue
    • Sleep issues
    • Vertigo – dizziness
    • Internal bleeding
    • Reduction in melatonin
    • DNA breaks
    • Symptoms started with mobile phone, then progress to cause by any type of electrical device

    ‘My life has been turned upside-down. Read the Rest of the Article

    Click to Read EMF Sensitivity Stories From Hypersensitives – Resource: BLACK ON WHITE E-Book


    Read More ElectroHypersensitivity - the new Epidemic

    The Shield has helped many people regain their health and get their life back.

    Read Testimonials from people who have been helped by the BioElectric Shield


    EMF Sensitivity Stories From Hypersensitives – Resource: BLACK ON WHITE E-Book


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    How is Environmental Illness Affected by The Load Phenomenon?

    The Load Phenomenon and Environmental Illness

    from Breakspear Medical Group, Ltd

    Learning about Allergy and Environmental Illness by Understanding the Load PhenomenonLoad Phenomenon is not just one issue, it can also be intertwined with various sensitivities and exposures.

    Your body may be going along just fine, and then stress, toxins, electromagnetic radiation, illness, stress, lack of sleep, allergens or other issues may read a threshold that is simply too much for your body to handle -  this is what we call The Load Phenomenon.

    That “Load” may include things like air pollution (indoors and out), impure water and food. If you are sensitive to certain foods or chemicals in your environment, that threshold may be reached quickly and suddenly you are sick

    Read more from Breakspear Medical about Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Allergy and Environmental Illness

    Read more about the EMF Electromagnetic Load Phenomenon, EMF Sensitivity, autism, ADD, cancer, tinnitus and other issues

    Reduce your EMF Load - with BioElectric Shield EMF Protection device 

    Order Shield Now


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    3. Reduce EMF in your home

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    • Less Stressed and Happier

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