Dirty Electricity is An Invisible Pollutant in Schools Causing Health Issues, ADD and more

Dr. Magda Havas, an engineer, is known for her research on the effects of dirty electricity, which produces electromangetic radiation. EMF's, a term that refers to the electromagnetic radiation that comes from the uneven flow of electricity from power sources and travels through homes, schools, businesses...in short, any building withi electricity. When you get a power surge, not only does the surge damage electronics, but the bigger the burst, the larger the amount of EMF radiation.

In 2012, 29 scientists from all over the world, published reviews and summaries on more than 1800 studies done on the effect of electromagnetic radiation. If you visit www.bioinitiative.org you'll be busy reading for the next several months. The news is not good news. Radiation causes all kinds of problems - including issues with paying attention. ADD/ADHD are rampant in our schools. Some say that the WiFi in the schools as well as dirty electricity is a contributing factor to the problem.

The article eported on a teacher who after three years at Mindoro Elementary School was ready to quit. She had been suffering from chronic illnesses and eventually diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in April 2002. Other teachers were reporting health issues as well, and 37 students had developed asthma.

“Even after treating the school twice for mold, rampant illness persisted and its source remained a mystery."

Click here to read original article - Biological Effects of Exposure to DirtyElecrtrcity

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The issue in the school was discovered to be dirty electricity and was solved with Stetzerizer filters

An important question that needs to be addressed is, “Is dirty electricity in homes and schools contributing to ADD and ADHD?”

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Here's a link to Dr. Havas YouTube Channel


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