Your Children Are Wired - Are They Protected?

Wired childDid you Know?

The UK Chief Medical Officers' advice: children under 16 should not use mobile phones except for short essential calls.

The French government is banning advertising of mobile phones to children.

All the independently-funded scientific studies of longer-term mobile phone use have found an increased risk of brain tumors.
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WiredChild is a charity run by a group of concerned parents, raising awareness of the potential risks to children of exposure to radiation from mobile phones and other wireless technology. They hope to enable other parents, schools and children achieve a better balance between safety and convenience.

"There is reason to believe that children may be more susceptible to the effects of EMF exposure ...and they may be more at risk of DNA damage and subsequent cancers. Growth and development of the central nervous system is still occurring well into the teenage years so that neurological changes may be of great importance to normal development, cognition, learning and behavior."

Bio-Iinitiative Report
PLEASE MAKE SURE your children are protected. First, either have a BioElectric Shield hanging over their bed so it can wrap a protective energy cocoon around them while they sleep. This will stay in their energy field all day. An all silver or silver with brass shield is an excellent choice for infants, toddlers and school-age children. (IF they have ADD/ADHD issues, there is a Shield designed to protect and focus their energy simultaneously). Parents of Indigo and Crystal children- you kids will really thank-you for the protection, because they are particularly vulnerable to these energies. ALSO we strongly recommend- putting protection on their cellphones if they have one.  Ask us for ideas on how to do this easily.


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