Our Son Had Tantrums and was too Difficult to Handle - We went from Ritalin to the Shield - Our house is finally calm

For six years, we had reports from the teachers that our son, "John" now almost 10 years old, was difficult to handle at school. He required a TantrumToCalmdisproportionate amount of their attention and had a lot of behaviors that looked like ADD or ADHD.

We tried all the non-drug options that I learned about, including therapy. Nothing seemed to be helping and, although I was resistant, his therapist strongly recommended that we try Ritalin. In the meantime, we had an educational consultant observe him at school, and she echoed the things that the teachers said: Transitions were difficult and he was often disruptive. He was often at loose ends, easily distracted, uncooperative with even the most basic instructions, among other comments.

He had a reaction to Ritalin so we took him off that and I learned of the Shield. I was intrigued by the ADD/ADHD information on the website.

When he was young, he was a very happy baby and toddler. We didn't watch much TV but when we did,  he would have a temper tantrum within 24 hours. So I knew that he was impacted by electromagnetic fields.

I got a BioElectric Shield for him and one for me.**

About 5 weeks after he started wearing the Shield (in the morning, after school, and sleeping with it on his bedside table at night), the educational consultant returned to the school for two more days of observations.

Her report: He does not stand out at all. He has his quirks, but if you look at him in a group of students, he doesn't stand out in any significant behavioral way. He is focused, able to complete worksheets and not out of control in any way. She felt like our work together was done.

She asked what we had changed, what drugs we were trying, and I was thrilled to explain the Shield. She may have had her doubts, but her words were,
"Whatever you are doing, keep it up. It is helping him."

Even he can see and feel the difference, so he has no objections at all to wearing it, and our home is much calmer, too.

Antonette, Cambridge, MA*

*Actual name withheld to guard child's privacy.

**Although "John" exhibited signs of being ADD/ADHD the regular Level 2 Shield make a world of difference for him.

Why did this work instead of an ADD Shield? In his case his behavior and attention issues were caused by his extreme sensitivity to Electromagnetic Radiation. A regular, Level 2 Shield reduced his exposure and allowed his system to go back to normal.

The difference between this and other types of ADD/ADHD is that some kids like John are simply in reaction to the way the EMF "scrambles their energy field", others have a different issue in that their energy field is also extremely wide and open, allowing, simply put, too much energetic stimuli. The ADD specific Shield, protects from EMF and pulls in the energy field to reduce the over stimulation.  Read more about ADD/ADHD.

Both conditions can be present and it's hard to know for sure what to choose.

With our 90 Day Money-Back-Guarantee you can try one and if it's not doing the job, send it back and exchange it for the other one.

Or you can send in your Child's photo for analysis and we'll let you know which Shield is best before you order.



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