Is Your Child Highly Sensitive?

IsYourChildTooSensitiveDoes your child seem overly sensitive, shy, seem intuitive, startle easily, prefer quiet play or even a bit picky? They may be a highly sensitive person. Just understanding this can be a huge help in helping your child through life.

Overwhelmed - Your child may often be overwhelmed by emotions, sensations, lights, noise activity. Often these children are seen as overly sensitive, fearful or shy due to their reactions to certain situations. In some cases they may have even been misdiagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. Read this article by Elaine Aaron for more details

Highly Sensitive People react to EMF and Other People's Energy - Do you or your child need EMF Protection?


Special Children - Indigo, Crystal, etc - there are many descriptions and categories given for highly sensitive children including Indigo and Crystal.

Read some of the stories of children who have experienced life-changing support wearing a BioElectric Shield.

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The rest of this article is from the article we wrote about adults, but all this can equally apply to your child. 

Take the test for your Child and if you believe you or your child is highly sensitive, give us a call or email us and let us recommend a Shield for you today. 

Photo Analysis- You may also want to use ourfree photo analysis for personalized recommendations for you and your family. 

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